Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Shoes For Men aka Footwears

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Beside being a jackass, I am also a romantic fool; I can't deny both. A lady reader stumbled across my blog and requested I put up her article and link. Don't know why she chose my blog or perhaps a few others but being both of the above I readily agree. Hmm...a Marc Anthony in the making? I think not. The subject matter in which this lady requested to put up however, is rather important. Well, at least for someone like me, who, when in need of a new pair, is all blanks when he's at the store.

Picking the right footwear is very important, which is why I am grateful for having been in the Military Cadet during my schooldays. Well, at least for the tip one Army Sergeant told us: pick a tight-fit boot to avoid bruises. He, however, never touched on matters relating to fashion nor casual wear. For him, the footwear must always be black and hard. Much like the safety shoes many heavy industries used, I guess. And many of us who were there. followed his words. Even to this day.

But honestly, picking the right shoes is as important as the other wears. I mean, imagine a guy wearing something fancy on top and at the same time put on a shiny golden pair where the tips curl inwards like some Jinni's shoes. OK, the fact he was heading towards a fancy dress party is irrelevant but can you imagine yourself wearing something like that to an important meet? I'm exaggerating, as usual but there's some truth there. I think.

 OK, here's what the nice lady wants me to put up:


Men are simple but men also share the same love towards shoes as the ladies do. Although men hardly buy shoes compared to women, they still find nice shoes to match with their outfits every time they go shopping. Whether you are a man who follows the fashion or not, there are three must-have shoes that is compulsory for every men to own. For the individuals who hardly have a clue what types of shoes for men to own, check out these three suggestions.
  1. Leather shoes
Leather shoes are perfect for men who work in a professional corporate setting. However, leathers shoes also come in handy when you are busy job hunting, attending multiple interview sessions, formal events or even dinner invites. Match a classic black or brown leather shoes with your trousers and step out in confidence.
  1. Loafers
Men can also add loafers into their fashion wish list as the footwear serves a perfect combination of casual and sophistication. Besides that, loafers are versatile to be worn to any occasion without looking out of place. Mix match the loafers with jeans or casual shorts and still appear dashingly handsome. It is also easy to slip on and you can rock in style without wearing socks.

  1. Sandals / Flip flops

Men always prefer simplicity but never forget looking stylish at the same time. Spend your casual days during the weekends or days off work wearing a pair of sandals. Some men prefer flip flops as it lets their feet breathe and affordable. No matter what you choose, the sandals or flip flops definitely gives you the comfort after a long day. There are many trendy designs of sandals and flip flops you can opt for which can show off your fashion taste without making you appear sloppy.


So now that it's up, guys like me can always use this as a guideline. Just one thing though: Do not ever start throwing shoes at people. But if you have to, throw them at those I do not like ya :)

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