Wednesday, August 12, 2015

A Strain

There's a line in a trailer of a TV series which haunts me. In the trailer, a girl said "I use to keep fish. Then, one got sick and the other ate him". The first thing that came to my mind when I heard it the first time was "Oh no! Not the Swimming Dead!".

Comical as it may sound, these Swimmers as I call them - in line with 'Walkers' of a horror/drama TV series - have been around for a very long time. But instead of feeding on the flesh of a human, they feed on the wealth of our nation. Sadly, not unbeknownst to the population who at one point of time, just could not care less. Now that the people do, the Swimmers are changing tune quite like rats jumping ship. More so as the ship is listing at the bow.

Never before today, all throughout this ordeal our nation, which if one were to look back, stretched right to Day One, had these Swimmers thought of anything but themselves. All these while and especially the latest, the only thing they worry about is their stupid organisation and how to save it. "Save our organisation! Save our orgaisation!" they yell from one meet to another. Never "Save our nation!"...till today. But don't put your hopes up high.

The Swimmer who finally did utter what may have been taboo, was thrown overboard sometime recently. He's got nowehere to go and nothing else to lose.  A last ditch effort perhaps, but not quite like the Ardennes. That, the Ardennes here, will be the organisation last desperate attempt to save themselves. Pity we don't have The Hague here.

As have been said by many before, this strain of mutated human has to go. Their shell may well look human but that is about all that can be said. Would there be a need for me to write what I feel about them?

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