Tuesday, September 29, 2015

On To Serious Matter

A few weeks back I woke up thinking I was in London. Looking out the front window, I could see the (in)famous London Fog. After years of reading novels relating 19th Century stories of the city and watching countless movies on the same period, I really did want to see and experience London Fog. It looked like fun and somewhat romantic to be walking through it. Then all of a sudden, my eczema went into overdrive and had me searching the drawers for some medication.

So, I was and am not in London. Who cares? I mean, hey! Minus the heat, this haze could very well be a good tourist attraction. I can imagine our Spin Doctors extolling to the world about the goodness of the haze. They might just come out with line like this "Better than volcanic ash!", or "If it can be good for the plants, then it must be good for you!". Then the body copy would probably start off with "Ashes of plants that had lived nearly a million years. For several months a year, the ashes of this once beautiful jungle rain down on South East Asia, bringing with them untold treasures of the wild. Come and experience this unique time in Malaysia and collect as many ashes you can."

Seriously guys, in light of the bad image we've been getting from some asses recently, this could be just the thing for our tourism industry, no? You better hurry up before our neighbours catch on the idea. But between the haze and the last rowdy walk some people did in KL recently, I would prefer the former. Really! I mean, using the eczema as an excuse to just about anything is a wonderful idea. It, however, has a downside which really irritates.

Regarding that last walk, it really had me down. I mean, I was getting agitated and real serious about it. And that serious part, is something I really do not like. Let me borrow a line from Bill Bixby in a famous TV series of the late '70s: "You won't like me when I am serious".
Oh, he used the word 'angry', did he? Well, he must have misquoted me.

Seriously, that last walk, we should do something constructive about it. I was thinking in line of a town in Spain where they let loose bulls down a street. Seeing how bulls go after anything in red, they would really love it here. And I also believe many Malaysians would love to have the bulls around that time. Oh yes! I can just imagine the red becomes redder.

By the way, Tour Operators, you can't use any of the above ideas, you know. Once I publish this entry, the Intellectual Property belongs to me. Even if it does not take much intelligence to write it.

OK, most of my friends know I normally have meals only once a day,  And since I had a very early lunch at a time when many are sitting for their breakfast, I'm beginning to feel somewhat hungry now. The thing I fear is that should I do have another meal today, I might begin to enjoy it and continue henceforth. So do excuse me while I ponder on this deadly serious matter.

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