Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Just a Sit-Down Comedian Wannabe

Now, how shall I begin this? OK, got it!

Do watch the video below. Many may have while many more may have not. It's one of the best vids I've seen in recent times and it made me laughed silly all by myself.

That guy up there, his name is Trevor Owens and he's one good Stand-Up Comedian. We have our own too with the likes of Harith Iskandar, Jit Murad and a host of other names I can't place for now. Apart from those well known S-UCs, we also have our Cabinet Ministers who, many would are more like clowns than not. Anyway, all of them are well opposite to what I am. Yes, unlike all of them, I am what is known as a Sit-Down Comedian Wannabe: I sit in front of my Laptop, and try to be funny to an empty audience.  Now, don't get me wrong, please.

Reason for this almost cynical opening is that I do notice still a fair amount of visitors coming via Pak Bakaq Blogspot and it makes me feel guilty as hell. Really guys, I do not know why this nonsensical blog of mine is listed there but I really do hope Pak Bakaq would take it down. I, am not a politician nor a political analyst. Not even a soothsayer. Just a Sit-Down Comedian Wannabe. And I do hate to disappoint visitors who drop over from there only to say :Oh no! Not this comic!

So there, it's done. All of you have been warned and I should feel less guilt after this and I can continue being the loco here.  Till next.

UPDATE: It seems the video did not come out right, I was told. Due apologies to Malaysians as it seems it is under BBC Copyright and we are not allowed to watch it here. How ironic, when you consider the content. Look it up under 'Trevor Owens at the John Bishop Show'.

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