Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Kindergarten RA

There were 13 people seated around 3 tables arranged in a row. Each man and woman present did not have the bored look on their face and nor were they busy with their smartphones communicating with other people on perhaps the other side of the world. In fact all of them either showed eager anticipation of something or were serious with their looks. This was a meeting, after all. And as they waited for it to begin, one guy started his coffeeshop talk.

The guy, Nigel, is well-liked by many simply because he loves being a comic. As he went on he was suddenly stopped by another when he mentioned '...kindergarten in Kota Bharu.
'No way! The Lady Fatima Kindergarten?' interrupted the other man.
'Yes way. Back in late '60s and early '70s, that was the only kindergarten in Kota Bharu' quipped Chong, one of the two practicing lawyers in the group and also the youngest of the trio by about 10years.

Having graduated from the kindergarten to Primary School, it took more than 35years and the forming of a new Residential Association for the three to know each other - a kindergarten that's more than 500 miles away!

There's a big oaf in town. One who is more talkative to strangers than he is with his friends. One who walks with a limp but walks the distance if it's needed, and sometimes when it's not too. Normally quiet in a group, this big oaf has been known to shoot from his hips when prodded only to bite his lips after that. Perhaps that was what dragged him into a new Residential Association Security Commitee. He also blogs in Talkonly.Blogspot. Oops!

Finally, after more than 7years in the waiting, the new Residential Association for this area looks all set to take off after the old one withered rather mysteriously. The Pro tem committee appointed several residents to steer the Security Committee and together, the 2 groups went along their merry ways along the streets of the area in an attempt to recruit more residents in.

The launch of the RA more than a month ago managed to get slightly more than a third of the 300houses in the area known as Phase1. Along with the SecCom members, the membership reached a more satisfactory number of 180, alhamdulillah. InsyAllah, we will continue the drive to reach at least more than 3/4. What is inspiring is that the people of both committees are made up of different background, race and belief. More than that, we even have a member walking with us, one who is currently seeking treatment for Stage4 Rectum cancer. I am unable to mention his name but how I wish I could, especially to the other residents who expects the best from this community but contribute the least, I'm sure you know what I mean.

"We can be like Kindergarten Cops!" the second of the three laughed quietly to himself.

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