Thursday, November 26, 2015

A Leter To Myself

Way before broadband and even dial-up internet services came into existence, I read somewhere about writing to oneself if any, just to give a pat on the back or, at other times, to be self-critical of one's work or accomplishment. I tried it several times, writing to myself, that is. But I got nowhere as each time I reach half a page, I would just crumple the paper and either mumble or smile at myself. This time though, I hope to be able to finish it.

To do so, I would need a new pseudo identity in hope that no one will recognise me except for the bloggers and friends I met. Otherwise, it will certainly be embarrassing with all the mistakes I am prone to make when writing. So, here goes nothing...or everything.

Dear Iddin,

I hope you are in high spirits when this letter reaches you. Coming at a time which I hope you do not find it an inconvenience at the very least. Having read the position you have been put in, I do have to admit I sort of understand the tumultuous moments and anxiety you are going through. Permit me then to part some words which perhaps could put you to ease even for short while, or help you in the direction which only you can make, but one that would definitely affect many.

Iddin, I think you still remember a mutual friend of ours. Having landed a position in a small organisation, he thought his luck had changed for the better and did try his level best to bring some changes that would propel the organisation to greater heights. But somewhere along the line there he made several wrong,,,shall we say, turns? And let's not use the word 'wrong' too. Rather, let's just use 'misguided'. For in truth, many of use, if not all, are misguided fools who stray from a path. Who knows why we do it. Sometimes it's due to greed, sometimes ego, and yet sometimes, it maybe due to sheer foolishness. And still, with all the misguided turns we took, there are some things to be gained. Oh, I do not mean ill-gotten wealth or worldly pleasures, for those would be far too obvious.

A cliche now as it may be, but someone once said "To defeat your enemy, you must know them".  I could not understand it before but our dear mutual friend brought me into the light. Just as he did with me, and so I hope to be with you. But by now, I am very sure you already have grasp the idea. Wily fox that you are, how can you not, eh?

Back to our mutual friend, when the clouds descended upon him, blotting out the sun and put him in mental and emotional disarray, he fought back with all he had. Oh, those clouds were not brought down by angels, but the devils who were angry with him for not toeing the line. He thought he was alone in his battle but surprisingly received support from unexpected quarters. To bring the story short, with their help, Alhamdulillah, he won. Those devils had to turn tail and their names tarnished forever. And can you guess what our mutual friend did when he was standing triumph? Even before the dust settled and smoke dissipates, he tendered his resignation. Yes, he quit. For he knew he was as guilty as the devils themselves. Apart from those misguided turns, he chose to keep quiet  about the evil deeds he knew committed. That's right Iddin, having knowledge of a wrong and not doing anything about it makes one an accomplice. Hmm....think I heard that in a TV show. 'Law and Order', perhaps.

It is still not too late Iddin. If you do not make a bold move now, it might though. And if that do happen, it might be too late for many too. Think carefully, Iddin. No, don't! Don't think at all! Act on it! Now! Do not let the list of Serial Victims grow longer.

Your Otherself,


Oh Iddin, do not cry over spilt milk. If it's any consolation to you, everyone makes mistake. Perhaps this old video and song may cheer you up a bit. And yes, Iddin, I know a few might laugh at the props and dressing but like I mentioned, it is an old video.


Horrors! Iddin, I was drifting into slumber land when it occurred to me that some might think our mutual friend is that Doctor Guy. No, no, it can't be. While our mutual friend may have been slightly wayward, he tried his best to be a good law abiding person as opposed to that Doctor Guy who did as he pleased. Some even said he initiated the Serial Victims list. So I hope, Iddin, you do not get more confused as you already are now.

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