Monday, November 23, 2015

Hold Your Horses, Hombre.

"On whose authority?" asked the motorcyclist (not verbatim).
After trying to get the man's cooperation nicely, the resident felt that the question was more of a challenge and shouted back "I'm trying to be nice and polite and you want to pick a fight?"
The motorcyclist clearly taken aback at the reply showed signs of backing down and the resident pointed to the main street and said "Go, get out of here!", ignoring the motorcyclist subtle plea for calmness.

Sometimes, people are so strangely stupid and arrogant. I'm sorry to be writing this but that seem to be the way of the world now. In a place where there's a Police Traffic Headquarters and a law that require motorcyclist use safety helmet, minors are riding not only without helmets but without licence too. Worse still, many times, 3 riders on a single bike. For a place with a name that means a city or fort, this place surely does seem like a kampung area. Mind you, I have no disrespect for any kampungs but this is the situation. Added to the 'insult' the Police conduct roadblocks on monthly basis looking out for errant drivers and guess what...motorcyclist without valid permits! What a laugh! But that's life here when even the ruling regime does not understand the meaning of law...or order. What more it it's Law and Order.

Some many years ago, I had the opportunity to interview the illustrious RPK. Yes, I do know he's fallen out of favour with many but back then, his, was a writing many could not give a miss. I don't think I can be a judge to a man who had given almost everything but would like recount 2 interesting episodes with him. One, as mentioned, was the interview. Well, not exactly, but a few moments after the interview was over.

On the way out, I asked him about the 1987 Team A and Team B fiasco: "Was not the ruling regime illegal already as that party was banned by the judge (who was later disgraced and replaced)".
"It was", replied RPK, "but no one in the opposition took the legal course (of forcing a snap GE)".
 This, simply show why we have no law and certainly no order here.

The other episode is a bit hazy for me. No, not the episode itself but the time and place it took place. Anyway, RPK said, much to my shock, I admit "Even when the opposition takes over the mantle, we will always be the opposition" - not verbatim.

The shock I had was simply because I was being politically naive and very much supporting an opposition party as evident in the layout of this blog. But that was then. Now - with the strong exception of the Putrajayan regime - I give support to the man or party who is doing what is right for the people and the country.

The above is especially with regards to the recent event in Penang about the reclamation law. You do have to excuse me for I did not follow the matter from the beginning but when I read the sole DAP stand on the matter and his citation of the late Karpal Singh "In politics, there is no friend or enemy; only principles..." - not verbatim (I can't trace the news at this point of writing); I give him my support. The phrase by the late Karpal is also in line with a hadith which states "There'll come a time when holding on to your belief will be like holding on to (the embers) of coal". Simply put: A man has got to stand on his principles...ta da. (Whoever is reading this, please remember I am just sit-down comedian wannabe ya).

So dearly esteemed CM of Penang, kindly hold your horses, work around the perimeter and enjoy democracy as is should be. In truth, I respect you for all you have fought for in the past and hope to continue respecting you in the future.

Now, back to the idiot motorcyclist at the beginning of this entry:Except for the Sikhs who wears the turban, you people of other belief, why can't you set an example to the young of the nation? There is no law in your religion saying that you should not wear a safety helmet and in fact, all religion encourage safe practice in our daily affairs. So do be a good fella before a green monster appear before you and...whatever.

ps. The Resident Association decided to ban motorcyclist without helmets from using our road here to deter non-residents using it as a short-cut to other places. In the morning rush hour, residents find difficulties going out of their house simply because of the long queue to the junction caused by non-residents.

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