Thursday, November 19, 2015

On Short Fuse

The man had just lain on the sofa hoping to catch a morning nap. It was 10am and it was a really lazy morning. As his mind begins to drift into an unconscious state, he hear voices from outside. As the doors and windows were closed and the curtains drawn, whoever is speaking out there must be speaking out loudly and the man deduced that someone must have not been happy with the new security arrangements the Residential Association has put up; venting it out towards the security guards on duty - nothing really to be alarmed about as such commotion is expected and should last only a while. But then the man begin to hear horns from several cars and several messages came through the phone and the man read each. Forcing himself up, he heads towards the front door and later the gate, stopping a moment to pick up a large piece of wood about the length of a baseball bat.

As he walks out the gate he notice a long queue of cars and the cause for it: a stranger had parked across the road, blocking the passage of traffic. With the wood firmly in his right hand, the man walk towards the stranger. The stranger, upon seeing the man approaching, ended the blockade by driving off. The man continue his walk towards the Guard House, ignoring the alarmed looks of drivers, passengers and a resident or two. Perhaps it was the blaze in the man's eyes, perhaps it was the sight of the wood; whatever it was, the guards felt relief that the stranger is gone.

When several toll concessionaires announced that they are enforcing electronic payment only on their highways, I was riled up and sent text to several people including politicians. Though I hardly used the highways involved on the matter, I was really angry that the bastard managers were allowed to do so bearing in mind that there are thousands of road users who still eke a daily living and now forced to make payment upfront for the use of those highways. The only reason I can think of those bastard-ly people is that they want to make a quicker profit and be damned to the users, forgetting that their very existance - those bastad-ly cronies and all - are there for the convenience of the users and not vice-versa. Damn to you too, you bastard-ly authorities for approving this. May any inconvenience and suffering the users face make all of you poorer and the users richer. May your greed lead to the fall of this lecherous and treacherous  people in Putrajaya and huge triumph for the people who seek a just and righteous government.

This curse and prayer extends too to the Plus Management. Though they issued a statement they will not enforce electronic payment, they actually are heading towards it if the toll gate of one in Damansara is to go by. There, they have squeezed the cash gate and 'tambah nilai' into one. This has led to a longer queue if it is not already. Damn all of you but the users and the people. Oh, this is not the only matter which I'm pissed off at and I'm very sure Malaysians well know about the whole shitty situation of our country.

There was a report that a terror group plans to assassinate and kidnap the Putrajayans. I strongly believe many Malaysians would welcome the latter and even laud such a move. As for the assassination part, don't bother as those Putrajayans are not worth a single bullet, believe me.

A Stork moves out of the way of an approaching Monitor Lizard. Though ML are generally carrion eaters, they have been known not to miss a live prey when available.
Location: Sungai Damansara
Theme: Nature/Birds
Exif: F8 / ISO100 / Telephoto Lens 70/200

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