Sunday, January 14, 2018

Thursday, January 11

Where do one begin when one wants to write about the dearest thing in one's life? There may be so many ways to do so but when is wrought in emotional turmoil, perhaps the best way is to come straight to the point.

Last Thursday, January 11, my beloved Emak passed away. 

Emak - for the benefit of non-Malaysian readers - simply means Mother. But being an Emak is never simple. And for the purpose of clarity, let us just confine Emak here as my mother.

Emak was 85yrs of age when she passed away. Just like everyone who passed through this world, Emak fought many battles in her life. Sometime in September last year, she had a fall and broke her Femur bone while playing with her 3yr old great grandson. An ambulance took her to the hospital where she was warded while the doctors contemplate on what best to be done. At her age, the doctors have to be more cautious on any procedure, understandably. Emak was released 2 weeks later without  having to go through surgery as the doctors feared for her weak lungs caused by an infection some 4yrs back.

About a month passed since her release, a new complication arise. She could not get up and her speech was in slur. Primary examinations suggested inadequate oxygen reaching her brain and as her other motors were responding well, the doctors concluded her condition was not stroke-related. Emak responded well with oxygen fed through face mask but for a short period only.

Since she needed close attention, Eli, my youngest sister, took Emak to her place in Melaka. Less than 2 weeks later, Emak was hospitalized again. This time, the doctors in Melaka made a thorough examination and found a few blood clots in her brain with one clot was believed to be about 4yrs old. Still, Emak fought on just as she have always done throughout her life - one battle a time. But by 7.30 am on Thursday January 11, she could no longer.

May Allah s.w.t. bless Emak. Al-Fatihah.

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