Tuesday, March 27, 2018

At The Bay

It's 2.38 am as I begin this write. For some reasons, I just can't sleep. Perhaps it's the rain. Been raining quite hard this past few hours. It's also the first rainy night since I moved here. A new place.
Not too far from the cities but far enough for the moment.

Been here for almost 2 weeks now. The house is still messy with many things not at their place and many more out of place. But it is, as a friend would put it: 'ok-lah! It's okay!' He's not been here yet and I don't think he'll ever be. Spend most of his time juggling between his family in Batu Pahat, and his work on a few islands off the east coast. A real comic at tines but a real serious man at work. V, as in the alphabet, is what he wants people to call him.

I try to think what V would say of this place if he really gets around. No, I don't think it'll be 'ok' to him. In all probability he would scoff at the very idea of this place being called a bay. Maybe it's true because for the short time I've been here, I've yet to explore and find the actual bay as in the name. And how a supposedly fierce commander of the past lend his title to this place. Maybe I will in the near future.

'Can you continue talking, please?' asked the man to the paramedic. 'It helps my mind to keep the pain at bay'.
Having learnt slightly of the man's medical history, the paramedic smiled and said 'the city hospitals are normally staffed by young nurses. But here in the rural areas, you'd be lucky to see one'. Both men laughed through the wailing of the ambulance as the vehicle snakes its way through traffic.

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