Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Hmmm...another Dawn?

Hmm...this seem to be another begining for me, of sorts. Here I am, infront of the screen, I must add yet again, in another attempt at relieving my tormented soul of the small displeasures of life. Hey, right or wrong, it is my point of view. And, like those many other tormented souls out there with a blog of their own, we write what we feel...or think!

I used to be a copywriter; then I thought I was in heaven, happily tapping the keyboard to try and fit into the customers' brief. That too, had the suits - those Account Executives - got it right. But that's an old story. Now, a friend has inflenced me to put my own blog, for whatever its worth. I'm quietly hoping that it will be a new start for me. Dawn, are you there?


binx said...


thanks for the link..
will be looking forward to read more frm u..

=) said...


=) said...

i`ll waiting for the next one from u.....