Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Two of A Kind?

I'm still trying to put things in perspective here. When Totally Depleted persuaded me to get my own blog, I thought he's as crazy as they come. I mean, who the heck would want to read from a nobody? I wouldn't! Well, truth is, I'm just to lazy to be searching for any nobody out there. Most especially from a nobody who has not written anything decent for the past 3 years.

Not that it was excellent or even near it, but my English has deteriorated way beyond salvage. At the time when I need it most, I am now constantly lost for the correct words to use. So, here I am, like a scuba diver trying to rescue the (uuurgh!) Titanic and getting sucked into deeper water every single second.

But hey! I do love writing, if anything just to be able to pour my soul out onto the paper...er, screen, keyboard...whatever. Just that, for the present moment till - hopefully - sometime in November 2005, I have to do my pouring in the voluminious and sometimes horrifying din of a cybercafe. For a guy who's used to being cocooned in the solitude of what Totally Depleted would call 'a cell in an assylum', this cc is proving to be more than a culture shock for me. In fact, its damn irritating and downright maddening here.

This CC has about 30 consoles or so. Now, imagine yourself immersed deep in blissful thoughts of er, whatever :), with the screen and keyboard infront of you at your dispose, the Sprite can in your left hand and the index finger of your right hand sms-ing away to friends who somehow pick this exact time to be bugging you. All of a sudden, boom! The nearly empty cc burst to life with, now, let's count: 1) Some form of music - Malay, Chinese, Japanese and English, in a cacophony of Malaysian culture? 2) Some very loud sound effects eminating from some 7 consoles 3) Laughters of several kids as they battle out in a make-believe world they desperately want to believe its real 4) Shouting and screaming of profanities and abuse by the very same kids thinking that such language is a portrayal of their close bonding. 5) The welcome sound of Yahoo Messenger (just because I was a Chatter in it bring back memories).

You put all those in a single sheet of A4 paper and hand it to Leo Burnett or some reputable advertising advertising agencies and voila!, they'll turn it into an excellent masterpiece of an advertisement. Only thing is, they've got to find a cc with RM1,000,000 to spend! Good luck to them, me, I'd rather my cocoon anytime. Except, I can't :(

Just like Rhumbaaddict, my mum and I have just moved into a new area. Don't get me wrong, I really do not have any complaints at all about this new area. In fact, I would rate it close to an excellent neighbourhood minus several notches. My main setback here is that there is no ficed-line yet! Hence, there's no Streamyx or any other internet service providers at all! Sitting in this cc, I cannot even hear myself think at all!

Rhumbaddict, wherever you're shifting to, I pray you'll have internet access there. Otherwise, we're really two of a kind :)


Anonymous said...

I like your style, dude! But you could do with a little more structure. I said 'structure', not 'restraint'.

More, dude. More...

Totally Depleted said...

hey anonymous!

this is cakapaje's blog, he can do whatever he damn well pleases...

binx said...

no internet connection sucks.. i cannot do without my 24/7 wi-fi.. i'll be brain dead, i tell u.. hehehe..

we'll be moving to to a place with connection :).. it's just 5 minutes away frm our current house. am sorry that u have to succumbed to the cc environmet though..

and do keep writing.. u r good at it..