Sunday, September 25, 2005

Let's Bring Back Singapore

Johnson Fernandez's column in Sunday Mail today has a good point: Let's bring back Singapore to compete in Malaysia. I could not but agree with him. If we were to reflect back, Malaysian socer fortune did begin to take the tumble since Singapore and Brunei's exit from the Malaysian soccer scene. The intense rivalry created Singapore's presence seemed to exude the best not only for Selangor, but also all the other teams then; each bent on wanting to scalp Singapore (and Selangor) for the glory it brings.

I am certain that there'll be arguments about bringing Singapore back. For one, the matter of Malaysia Cup honours should stay within the boundary of Malaysia. Agreed! Back then, the only honours available WAS the Malaysia Cup. All teams compete in a single league format where the top eight then qualify for the Malaysia Cup play-offs. That was then. Now, we have 4 honours: League Champion, Charith Shield, The FA Cup, and the presigeous Malaysia Cup!

If the above argument does stand true, then let Singapore and Brunei compete in the Premier and Super League only. To spice things further, let there be another honours: The Champions Cup. Here, the winner of each honours battle it out against each other.

On an off-note, I sure would like to do something stupid one of these days, and this is for all the MU fans out there: if God give me the foresight to the rare defeat MU suffer, I would like to be sitting amongst them screaming and yelling "Yes!, Yes!, Yes!" Except that, I'll need to purchase a Medical and Hospitalisation Insurance beforehand :)


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i dont think so....:o)

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