Thursday, October 04, 2007

A Tribute to Classical Rock.

Since downloading limewire, I've sort of gone haywire a wee bit. Prior to this when I do my online work, I have been able to do so in calmness and total control of my thoughts and actions. But, not now. Well, at least not for the given moment. Now, at this very moment, I what you may call a 'beruk kena belacan'!

My online work is another one of those voluntary thing which I, well, volunteered. Part of the work involves skimming from one blog to another, looking for interesting political writings, digest them, and send them for mass circulation. All was working fine, till I downloaded limewire; every once TOO often, my head and body would go swaying and shaking like an ecstasy junkie. Soon after this, it will get worse...

Now, again in the line of work, I found this blog. And whoa, if anyone's a great fan of Classical Rock, then surely it must be this guy TJ Classic Rock. Check him out, but be prepared to have your peace blown away!


tokasid said...

Salam shah cakapaje:

Memang betoi,kalau dah hookedkat limewire...susah nak stop. So many songs, so many genre.

Ant TJ's blog is rock kapak habis. If I'm not mistaken, TJ is from Sarawak kot.

Lapa said...


He has, also, translated into Portuguese the Wealth of Nations by Adam Smith.

He has been awarded several prizes.

Don't forget the name of this great author, you'll be hearing of him soon.

Thank you for spending time in Universal Culture.

Thanks for visiting.

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

i seriously think NIRVANA qualifies to be in the classical rock category.

eh, how come nobody mention anything abt aerosmith? they were part of the 70s, 80s, 90s and even tho their sound is getting crappier, they're still pretty much part of the current rock scene. they've become legendary, man.

cakapaje said...

Salam Doc,, I'm really becoming an internet junkie!

Oooh! I do love blog TJ! And I think you're right, for he listed Sarawak in his profile.

cakapaje said...

Hi Senhor Cristovao!

I'm honoured, obrigado(thank you)!

cakapaje said...

Salam bro Kerp,

I don't really know, but perhaps Nirvana is much too young - for now. In year to come, may be the younger generation will venerate Nirvana.

Good q on Aerosmith. But again, I have no answer.

Come to think of it, is there really a body - a loose one at that - which decided what or who goes where and when? Hmm...

cakapaje said...


Cikgu ada tambah komen for you kat "The Way I Feel Tonight".

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

bro shah,

i dont think ada la. but i think the rock & roll hall of fame comes the closest. based in cleveland, theyre responsible in recording history of the best known artists/bands.

Mat Salo said...

Bro' Shah... again you seemed to open up the proverbial Pandora's Box.. haha.

Is it "Classic Rock" or "Classical Rock?" I remember that there was a time when they meant different things. The latter was a separate musical genre in which the likes of ELO and Rick Wakemen were slotted. Even Deep Purple had a classical rock album called Live at the London Philarmonic. Classic Rock, on the other hand are entirely subjective collection of what people consider "classic". I tend to agree with Kerp, Nirvana f'rinstance is classic. I think TJ is stating his opinion anyway.

In my case, being a music and hi-fi buff, I usually wait for Stereophiles end of year editions. Every year the best hi-fi gurus and recording engineers will vote in a special feature issue called "R2D4" or "Records to Die 4" - and will least the the best CD's in terms of BOTH musical accomplishments and the recording arts. I then use this list to make my listening choices. Not to worry, they will scour albums as old as 30-40 years ago and as long as that album or cd remains in print, and if it's good enough it can make the list. This is how I discovered Thin Lizzy's 'Live & Dangerous ('76) as the greatest live album -ever. That time Gary Moore, as they say, masih beringuih and was just a two-bit guitar player with Phil Lynott's T.L. Guess who wrote all that classic tangkap leleh slow rock tunes - Parissiene Walkways, Still Got The Blues? Phil Lynott lah. Sayang PL OD'd in the mid-80s... But basically all rock groups today (U2 for eg) look to them for inspiration. Sor for TJ to omit Thin Lizzy is rather starnge, since he put TL's anak buah Gary Moore in there. So don't worry, Kerp. TJ's list is not exhaustive!

Speaking of Phil Lynott, I just heard that Gary Diordan of CSI will play the lead in a movie on Lynott's life. The movies is called "The Rocker" as was one of TL's hits. That's how important he was, man... Apparently Lynott's mum, when Diordan knocked on her door somewhere in Ireland, was convinced that he was the best for the part and she then gave the producers the long-awaited permission. Haru, eh?

tokasid said...

Tuan rumah,minta jalan eh...


TQ for the update esp on TL. I've never listen to their music yet, will do so soon( speaker kat klinik kong pulak dah...nak Raya lah dia nak kong!)

You can be our musical guru on the net bro.
ps-bila hang nak buat a post pasai Jaco Pastorious tuh?

cakapaje said...

Salam Matsalo,

Goodness! You are very well informed on many matters, and especially matters relating to music! I agree with Doc and think we'll elect you as our music guru. (Cuma jangan bawa music sesat dah le :))

Yup, the ever ongoing debate between classic and classical, each holding its own weight in gold and platinum.

My personal take is that classic rock is when a number need not be necessarily vintage, but is exceptionally good and becomes a musical icon. Classical rock, as you mentioned, is when a number is honoured and reverbrated with the full philaharmonic sounds, which I had bought a long time ago. That, along with 3 boxes of lps and 2 boxes of cassettes, I gave to a friend when I experienced a personal crisis sometime in 1995. Still, I don't make much distinction between the two.

Bro, keep the juices flowing.

cakapaje said...

(loghat Indon) Maaf, hampir hampir saya terlupa memberitahu bapak bapak semua (saya masih dikira anak sebab belum empunyai isteri), di links saya, sila click black.

Pada diri saya yang kurang pengetahuan, keberangkalian kita sudah jumpa Bob Dylan ala Malaysian.

Not his best performance, but you should hear him sing live.

tokasid said...

Shah cakapaje:

Iya bener pak shah.
Saudara black@aminiskandar udah hasilkan satu album solo yang folkish.
Selain dari bro black terdapat beberapa lagi antaranya Mior( adik Sohaimi Mior Hassan) sudah ada 2 album. yang terbaru udah saya miliki, lagu nya bagus dari segi senikata dan musiknya. Cuma suaranya bagi saya biasa-biasa saja, tetapi lebih enak dari suara Bob Dylan. Iya benerrr....

Dulu juga kita ada Amir Yusoff..
Tapi di Indonesia memang ramai yg seperti Bob Dylan. Saya suka sama Iwan Fals dan Doel Sumbang(rekaman-rekaman awal sebelum Doel terjebak dengan genre pop dangdut buat seketika). Gombloh dan Johnny juga bagus.

InsyaALLAh akan saya dapatkan album bor Black selepas Lebaran pak.

tokasid said...

Shah cakapaje:

Sori, meor dah ada empat album. The latest yang aku ada ialah "Yang terlintas di Fikiran".

Check out Meor's website for more info kat bawah ni:-

cakapaje said...

Salam Doc,

Terima kasih pak! Wah, saya baru ke sana dan...waduh! Saya kira Meor memang mantap orangnya! Dan, bagaimana harus saya terlupa pada Amir Yusof, isk isk isk!

Apapun, jika Bob Dylan dan saya masuk pertandingan karaoke, saya rasa suara saya juga lebih enak :) Oop! Ampun, peminat Bob Dylan, ampun!

bagkai said...

You know what they say about too much LIMEWIRE, right? It makes you BLIND!

Oops! Or is it that 'other' thing that makes you blind... he! he! he!

cakapaje said...

Hi boe!

Look who's talking? Hahaha! Its been ages since you last dropped a comment, guess I can link you now eh?

david santos said...

Very good rock classic, Cakapaje. Thank you

Freedom for the people of the Birmânia!

Have a good day

cakapaje said...

Cumprimentos, Mister Santos.

Birmania, I presume that's Myanmar in Portugese? Then, yes, freedom to them!

And freedom to the people of Malaysia too!

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

bro shah,

i dont know abt others but everytime masuk borneo blues, it makes me feel so small and humbled.

our brother MAT SALO should be our official walking wiki...hihi...

cakapaje said...

Salam bro kerp,

Likewise, I'm begining to feel that way too. Then again, as muslims, we are supposed to be humble.

Hehe, perhaps there's something bro Matasalo cannot outdo us - Formula 1! don't know much about F1 do you, bro Matsalo? You don't...say lah :)

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

bro shah,

i wouldnt be surprised if he's into F1 too. he loves cars, so the possibility is so much there. this is our Mat Salo we're dealing with here.

so anyway, looks like kimi is doing his talk on the track, proving me wrong at least. but being a realist, i think its still going to be little lewis for the championship. how do u see it bro, with the last race to go?

tokasid said...


Kalau nak boh lagu dalam blog entry. go to imeem kat sini:-

Dari situ ada empty bar hang tuleh nama lagu atau artiste yg hang nak cari and pilih kat music( yg tulis everything tuh) and click search.

Akan keluar page yg ada lagu yang hang nak tu. Bawah lagu (kiri) ada tulis
Embed in your blog/website.
Yang dalam column tu hang copy and paste ke blog (entry hang).

Ataupun kat tengah sikit dia ada tulis Blog this to:...
hang tekan yang tu nanti dia akan bawa hang ke page untuk hang buat entry.Fill up yg perlu dan click. benda tu akan publish terus, you can edit kalau nak tambah apa-apa description about that song in the entry via blog kita.

Selamat mencuba bro.

cakapaje said...

Bro kerp,

Too close a call to make any. In some ways, I hate photo-finish ending. Take a look at Hamilton for eg, he was heavily touted to wrap it up in China, but could not.

Some years back - when F1 cars could not refuel - Alain Prost had to nudge his car to keep moving. Off course he did not make it to the end, but...anything could happen.

cakapaje said...

MasyAllah! Doc, thank you very much! Now, I can add a little bit of spice to my blog, thank you again :)

TJ said...

a'kum ... TJ is here ... thanx for the compliments/comments about my CLASSIC ROCK blog. Do drop in again ...

Anyway, I'm not from Sarawak (originally from from Kedah, been staying and working in KL for nearly twenty years). Been staying & working in Sarawak for nearly 2 years and my big boss just mentioned that I'll be here maybe for the next few years unless I screw up on my work.

Long Live Classic Rock.

Anyway, good info about Gary Diordan from Mat Salo.

Regards to all.

cakapaje said...

Wa'alaikumusalam TJ,

Welcome aboard bro! InsyAllah, will be visiting you more often.