Tuesday, October 02, 2007

The Way I Feel Tonight.

I should not have but I did. Now that I have, this strange emotion has begun to envelop me again, soaring me to heights I once felt when I was younger; the age where emotion control the very thoughts in your mind, and not the mind controlling the emotion.

But its a lovely feeling. False as it may be, it is a small consolation to this existence where truth and fallacy of life mingles more densely than the gaseous particles that surround our very being.

Were I now as young as I was then, I would listen to my heart and begone with the consequence that would surely follow. But I am not. Would I then, at this age, find what I could not before? Surely, only He the Most Wise know and that I a mere mortal not.

Somewhere Out There - James Ingram
Somewhere out there, perhaps another mortal too is searching what I search.

Could it Be Magic? - Barry Manilow
That perhaps we shall meet where the moment will be hold nothing but a magical feeling.

The Way I Feel Tonight - Bay ity Rollers
For such an emotion I do feel now.

Lovely Day - Bill Withers
And the lovely day we do, it shall be forever cherished.

Honesty - Billy Joel
A true moment of emotion and thoughts

Cavatina - John Williams
And surely we would be silent as a mute, engulfing us with the beautiful sound of life.

Time and Again - David Coverdale
Where time and again we shall reflect on this very moment with joy and thankfulness.

Fly Me To The Moon - Diana Krall
And that moment shall take us to greater heights we have never even thought of.

All By Myself - Eric Carmen
For neither of us shall be alone again.

Just The Two of Us - Bill Withers
To face the joys and adversities of life togerther

Just Once - James Ingram
And if I could, I surely would ,even if it be just for a moment in time

Time In A Bottle - Jim Croche
For us to be together in eternity

You Raise Me Up - Josh Groban
For your mere presence gives me strength I know not I have

When I Fall In Love - Josh Groban, Celine Dion & Luther Vandross
Strength of a man deep in love

Hati Emas - M Nasir
With a woman as beautiful as you

She Believes in Me - Kenny Rogers
A virtuous woman of iman

Stairway to Heaven - Led Zepelin
Heavenly sent from, and to.

Is It You? - Lee Ritenour
For such is what I behold of you

Kau Ilhamku - Man Bai
The very inspiration I seek

You Can't Hurry Love - Phil Collins
And the love I long sought

Knocking On Heaven's Door - Randy Crawford, Eric Clapton & David Sanborn
And the dreams I have

I Just Want To Keep On Loving You - REO Speedwagon

You Are My Everything - Santa Esmeralda
You will be everything I have

Don't Let Me Be Misundertood - Santa Esmeralda
But kindly do not misunderstand my meaning

The Air That I Breathe - The Hollies
For the very air I breathe belongs to Him and Him alone

Forever and Ever - Demis Ruosos
And for eternity we belong to Him

Back to Life, Back to Reality - en vogue
And the words I write are ramblings of a romantic fool

Desert Rose - Sting
Mere words of a dream approaching the impossible

Red Red Wine - UB40
Drunk with songs newly downloaded with limewire

Stranger On The Shore - Acker Bilk
Courtesy of former strangers now fast becoming friends

Let's Celebrate - Rare Earth
And my way of saying thank you to them.

How Will The Wolf Survive? - Los Lobos
For without them, I may have not continue blogging my simple thoughts here

Bus Stop - The Hollies
But tis here then I shall stop, to let them rest their weary eyes.

The End.

ps. Chal Chaiya Chaiya
Chal Chaiya Chaiya


tokasid said...

Salam shah cakapaje:

wow..wow..wow...bro you are bringing back those old memories knocking 3 times on my ceiling.

James Ingram- how can one forget Just Once. And you can't listen to it just once.you've got to listen a million times bro.

Bill Withers- a deep relaxed voice which eases off you tension and drove you into a relaxing mood.

grover Washington Jr- like Bill Withers...he made me stop revising my books when he comes on air. Cool cat this old chap. He blended well with Withers in Just the two of us. And Winelight is such a gem.

David Sanborn: Sanborn, the only person on earth who can play the sax like he did. My all time fav saxophonist. His sharp high pitch alto sax will just blow of your mind.( I have an mp3 cd of him)

Billy Joel; Honesty is one of the best song ever written. That album is my alltime Billy Joel fav. Others that came after it, just didn't have that ummph!

Kenny Rogers- in 80-82 just like KR soo much..then suddenly refuse to listen to him anymore. Now...just on and off visits a restaurant with his name on it.

M.Nasir with Kembara- I still believe Nasir's songs with kembara(and his 2 solo efforts after that) was his best time. Now his songs are okay but somehow doesn't have that Kembara era quality.

Lee Ritenour: Rainbow will always be my fav Rit song. And his boss Dave Grusin'w Mountain dance album recorded live in studia using the digital technology( the first among Jazz/fusion album to do that) is just fantastic and funtastic.Made my hair stand when first heard it.

REO Speedwagon: that album Hi-Fidelity was the only album I like from REO. And all the 10 songs are good.

Santa Esmeralda: You're my everything was the best love song ever written in the whole world!
Leroy Gomez's voive will just made you feel your heart tpuched even after you've listen to this song a million times. I still do feel that.
Don't let me be misunderstd and the house the rising sun..a marathon of a song. In full version lasted almost 10 minutes each. The latino arrangement and musicianship is awesome and spellbinding to this day.

Then there's Queen's Bohemian Rhapsody which made you feel for the poor kid.

Dire Straits Sultan of swing is a gem. Those guitar licks by mark Knofler is genius at his peak. I'm sure matsalo will agree with me.

Police(with Sting dah tentu)- they shouldn't have broken up.

Earth wind and Fire: their horn section is the best there is.I have a complete box collection.
Chicago; Another good horn section. But unfortunately after Pete catera left...Chicago fizzled out.

Steely Dan: this duo is 'berhantu'. Their melody and high end lyrics just make you want more. matsalo can testify to that. How can one forget Aja, the Haitian Divorce and Larry carlton's guitar licks in Kid Charlemange?

America: the first folk group I like. The Horse with no name and others just show how 3 voices can be blended together and sound like sugar.

Spyro Gyra: A very tight fusion group with sweet melodius songs. Old san Juan is my fav.

Weather Report with their Birdland. You just froze when listening to Birdland.

And I justlove the Blues( not only Clapton or JJ Cale). There's muddy water,Robert Johnson, John Lee Hooker. Buddy Guy, Keb B Mo, Johnny Winters and others.

cakapaje said...

Salam Doc,

Whoa! Somehow I suspected we are on the same wavelength - FM Radio! :)

I really had problems remembering songs and artistes names as I had put a stop to buying (and somewhat listening) back in 1998, confining music listening only when I am driving. Hence, I was and still am, experiencing sort of musical amnesia. But now you provided more names that I can relate to, thanks!

Though jazz, fusion, rock and R&B rank highest, I do listen to any kind of music I fancy including punk! Hmm...that's supposed to be past tense to present.

Now, I need to learn how to be able to put selections to my blog, can you help me?

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

whoaaa...ok i admit, i dont think i'm on the same wavelength as u guys. no offense but these r way too 'oldies' for me mann..

let me see.

knocking on heaven's door. u guys will never agree with me but axl rose did brilliantly on this that dumb kids back in the 90s thought Guns n Roses was the original artist.

Red red wine. Neil diamond was the original artist but first heard it when I bought Ska Mania CD, a reggae/ska musician by the name of tony tribe did the cover version of it. UB40’s version was done for mainstream audience. It was rather too polished for my liking.

Punk? Now you’re talking my brother…hahaha…the Ramones should be worth mentioning right? Hey, they’re from the 70s too, only not much of a sellout, preferred to do shows in small clubs such as CBGB, which went on to become legendary in its own right.

Good stuff, man.

Kata Tak Nak said...

I didn't see no Iron Butterfly, Black Sabbath, Alice Cooper, Grand Funk Railroad, Temptations, Earth Wind & Fire, Carole King, 3 Dogs Night, CCC oh the list is endless.

I see you have been keeping yourself busy.

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

eh doc,

in bohemian rhapsody, freddie chanted Bismillah towards the end of it. i cld be wrong but whats ur take on this?


alice cooper's trash album was the only album i listened to back then, '88 to be exact as i was very new in digging rock songs. too bad grunge was stamping its mark and left alice looked ancient.

cakapaje said...

Salam Kerp,

The Ramones eh? I've only heard one of their songs way back but can't recall the number.

Ok, one thing: I do listen to just about anything, but as a matter of preference, its a totally different thing. As for grunge, yes, I can add it into my list, but only selected numbers.

With regards to the Queens using Bismillah, there was a commotion about it when the album was released in Malaysia. Can't remember what came out of it though.My personal unlearned opinion is that it is not degrading; but Islam is not about personal opinion alone, what else if its opined by a non-scholar. May be Doc has a better insight, Doc?

cakapaje said...

Salam Cikgu,

Hehe, give me a chance will you? I mean, I only got the link from you some 3 days back. Further, like I replied to Doc, I had what perhaps is best termed Musical Amnesia. But hey, thanks for ringing my bells again. I mean, CCR, 3Dogs Night etc etc, I'll download them, insyAllah. But I normally do so while I'm doing my online work. So, it may take awhile. And anyway, I can only put so much numbers in my log, and it has to rhyme with what I wanted to express.

Mat Salo said...

Bro' shah..

Looks like you opened a can of cacing here and the memories start to pour forth.. So where do we we begin? Dunno - there's a lot of music out there to suit each and every musical taste. It's also very age-specific like Kerp mentioned - I can dig that too. I can almost "judge" (or I think I can, anyway) a person's charachter by his specific playlist. If I take a look at his CD collection, I feel I can figure him out, age, level of education - even if I've never met him.

Me? I have too eclectic a taste and was very fortunate to have seen concerts by great musicians both locally and abroad...

The best thing to happen is the advent of Ipod and other portable digital player. Now we can put tons of stuff and carry them wherever we go. Just to give you a sample of what I recently added on my 8GB Ipod (copied from ori CD) 1. Peace, Love & Respect - GIGI
2. Planet Earth - PRINCE
3. The Very Best of - DIANA KRAAL
5. Wild One (The Very Best) THIN LIZZY
6. Live & Dangerous - THIN LIZZY
9. The Best of KLA PROJECT
10.ANDRA & THE BACKBONE (gitarist Dewa solo album)
12.Platinum Series - BENYAMIN S & IDA NURAINA
13.Desire - BOB DYLAN
14.Echoes: Best of PINK FLOYD
15.Greatest Hits of All - G.BENSON
16.Harvest - NEIL YOUNG
17.Tembang Slow - EBIET G ADE
18.Super Hits - ToTo
19.SULTAN OF SWINGS Special Editn
20.1977 - 1987 Spyro Gyra
21.This is KEIKO LEE
23.How to Dismantle Atomic Bom -U2
24.Kind of Blue -MILES DAVIS
25.Offramp - PAT METHENY
26.Once In A Lifetime-TALKING HEADS
... Ayo banyak lagi too capek to type.. Cat Steven, Mike & Mechanics, Genesis, Fourplay, Bob James, Chicagi, Jim Croce, James Taylor, Don McLean, Sting, Police, MENDADAK DANGDUT - Titi KAMAL "Jablai" (Jarang Di Belai) he...semua ada in my Ipod.

Any of you saw Diana Kraal and Spyro Gyro at Bukit Jalil a few years back? Damn! So good. Diana is married to one of my favorites -Elvis Costello. Painted from Memory, his duet album with Burt Bacharach - loved that...

Too many laah, I loved America (Sister Golden Hair, You can do Magic). Of course, Is it You I used to be able to play on the guitar...

Is it you outside?
A Knocking At My Door
A Stranger
Somebody to Love?

tokasid said...

Shah cakapaje:

When I first heard Bohemian Rhapsody I was captivated by the melancholic melody and Freddie's powerful voice. Was also shocking to hear Bismillah.
Up till now, I still can't figure out why Queen used Bismillah.
Maybe if we follow the story, it is appropriate if the court is a Muslim court for any punishment is usually read by te name of ALLAH. had what the kid did is a capital punishment even in hudud law.
( During this time there were rumours that Freddie was a Muslim, which I doubt)
Bohemian Rhapsody made me like other Queen's songs like Fat Bottom Girl,The Bicycle, We are the Champion, Mustafa etc.

My affection to English songs came late. It occurred when I was in MU in the 80's.
During my SAHC days in Alor Setar, my only song selections were from a friend's RM10/- transistor radio, mostly Malay songs from RTM. Those days the top ones are Hail Amir,Uji Rashid,DJ Dave and Latif Ibrahim. Don't forget Daud Kilau too. And before Black Dog Bone,Carefree,Allaycats and Sweet Charity came..it D'Loyd of Indonesia that controlled the airwaves.
Occasionally we get to listen to Ring My Bell(Anitar baker) or Donna Summer's Hotstuff or EWF's Fantasy and September.
Then came Saturday Night fever with the characteristic Bee Gees gigling singing and followed by Grease which ShaNaNa became a hit in our hostel( a few of our Yayasan Sabah friends had fat allowances and they can buy walkman which just came into the market.We budak kampung practically meleleh ayaq lioq upon seeing the walkman!)

But campus life made my music awakening,albeit a late one. I started to sing in hostel get-together and concerts( mainly Kembara and blues). It was unfortunate I didn't learn how to play the guitar in SAHC, coz non-of us could afford to buy the guitar tong and I just can't open my mouth to mak or bapak for a guitar tong, there were too many mouth to feed those days.Kalau tak aku jadi macam Lee Ritenour la shah!!

Later when recording companies re-issued CCR, Doobie Brothes, Allman Brothers, John Mayall, Cream I added them to my collection( banyak dah lesap kawan2 'pinjam')
And finally the ultimate rock outfit which was different from the rest: Pink Floyd esp the Wall album.
For the Wall ,I have a full double CD album with a DVD Wall concert(Roger Waters) in Berlin and Wall the movie VHS and DVD.

I still listen to Led Zep, Deep Purple and the German rock kapak outfit The Scorpion

As for Gun 'N Roses or Red Hot Chilli pepper or the grunge outfit, there are some that I can listen too, but to buy their albums I don't think so.

Sekarang tengah tunggu the latest Sohaimi Mior Hassan's album sampai ke melaka.

tokasid said...


Minta izin ye.
Matsalo, hang tau dak baru2 ni George Benson and Al Jarraeu buat show kat Sri Perdana. Invited guest only!
Ni yang aku hot ni...awat Pak Lah tak bagi tau aku..aku sanggup bayaq LAH.

And don't you forget PADI , Matsalo.
Iwan Fals? Doel Sumabng earlier works are hillarious bro...esp the song Che Romlah.

Kata Tak Nak said...

Tumpang lalu,
Doc, New suhaimi Mior album or new compilation? I love his songs.

tokasid said...


Brand new album with a new acoustic rendition of Cinta dari bromley.

Ada baca dalam sunday mail 2 weeks ago and kalau tak silap ada review in soathabaq Melayu yg hari minggu. Sabtu ni aku nak pi town and cari .
# minggu lalu beli album adik dia, Meor(Yusuf), independent guitar playing solo.Adik dia lagu sedap tapi sora kureng. Sohaimi lagu dan sora power. jantan habih.

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

mcm cikgu, aku pon mintak tumpang lalu.

i am totally lost here. everyone's on a (rockn)roll here. i'm trying to find the bridge to gap between my generation and yours lar guys...errm, how about the glam rocks? warrant, motley crue anyone?

the clash? darn.

tokasid said...

Minta laluan ye tuan rumah:

Kerp...sorry bro. Bila orang tua-tua tulis pasal music ni memang lah nampak ancient atau zaman dinosaur gitu.
Unfortunately, when the music world evolve, kami yang otai-otai ni refuse to follow suit.

How about.....mawi? kah3...aku pulak tak boleh tolerate budak botak tu...

Okay lah maybe Anuar Zain or Shaun Ghazi ot Shanon boleh kot?

cakapaje said...

Hmmm...the first word I can think of is: WOW!

So much has been said and much more want to be said, kepala den pun fenin :)

Mat Salo, yup, a can of cacing indeed! But the kind of cacing we all like. Seriously, you can play Lee Ritenour? Tabik!

Diana Krall was in KL? Alamak! I'm really behind times in the area. And I didn't even know she was married at all!

Burt Bacharach IS one of my favourite composers too!

Doc, Cikgu, I like Suhaimi Meor too! Along with Roy (but very few of his songs)and a few more of our male singers. But Mawi, hmm...ok ok lah, nothing outstanding to me.

With regards to Al Jarreau and G Benson, yup, it was a black tie affair for the cream of our society. Hmm...perhaps should add sour there - sour cream! I mean, that's our money paying for them!

Bro Kerp, I do like Limkin Park. Anyway, I need your help abit le - that guy Kurt Cobaine, how do you really spell his name? I want to download several of his songs.

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

bro shah, celah sikit for tokasid,


i had to go through exactly what you guys went through. when grunge was born, i told myself i'm sticking with with the old metallica stuff, but nirvana and pearl jam of the said genre made it difficult to ignore. i jumped in on the craze but that was as far i cld go. people started to listen to the new rap/rock generation but i stayed put. no more man, no more. call me ancient too, i'm cool.

bro shah,

i do listen to new stuff, the likes of linkin park, MCR but no way i'm downloading and store them into my phone, let alone buying their CDs.

anyway, all songs Nirvana are worth downloading bro. i can list all but it will take the whole night. its kurt cobain btw. to my generation, this fella was as huge as Hendrix in the 60s. talented, twisted and a junkie.

a little trivia- the 3 Js, hendrix, joplin and morrison passed on when they were all 27. well, cobain too, only that his name started with K.

mat salo bro,

eh, mintak telek sikit boleh? i have complete collections of the Ramones, pearl jam and Rancid. what kind of character am i u think? hihi...

thanks for the space, bro shah.

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

sorry, lupa nak tambah sikit...

not that i have anything against him but mawi is one over-rated entertainer.

thank you.

Mat Salo said...

Bro' Shah - Jangan salah faham. Back in those days I got a 1001 songbook so ada lah chord lagu 'Is it You'. Can play chord only lah but whether betol or sedap tak sedap tu lain cerita!

Pak Doc - Aku sedar ada concert Al Jarreau / George Benson tuh. Siol betul. I don't mind depa main kat Putrajaya tuh. Tapi duit sape? Wang rakyat kah? I understand it was sponsored by Naza, Vincent Tan and the like. Itu bukan dianggap the 'R" word ke?

Mmmm, takda orang minat God Bless, Eddy Silitonga?

tokasid said...

Minta laluan lagi ahh....


God Bless and Achmad Albar is the grandpapa of the rock scene in Indonesia.Many of Achmad Albar songs were re-recorded : Gadis Melayu,Aku Harus Jadi Superstar are some of it.Last year Astro had a programme hosted by M Nasir.Nasir went to jakarta and in that segment he went to look for Achmad and God Bless. They are real grandpa and still jamming!!
And Achmad still perform in concerts in Indonesia. With leaher jackets and pants lagi....

Eddie Silitonga was the first Indonesian singer yg aku beli keset masa sekolah dulu. And once, masa kat MU aku gatai2 masuk singing competition kat pesta convo( masa tu aznil pun masuk), aku nyanyi lagu pak Eddie Silitonga: Bunga Pujaan. Seperti yang dijangkakan aku tak menang apa-apa.
Who can forget Lancang Kuning,Oh Melati,Bunga Pujaan,Azizah, Pilih-pilih tebu...ah the list goes on. Unfortunately, there are very few songs by Eddie Silitonga on the net.
In the 80s there was Karimata-a fusion band in Indonesia with all the top notched cats as members. Erwin Gutawa was their bassist.I like Utha Likumahuwa too back then.Recently bought a double CD album of Utha with ...(alamak lupa nama dia pulak),the Jazz Queen of Indnesia(who was the original singer of Dia(rerecorded in Malaysia by our Sheila Majid).And Mus Mulyiono who sang and plays the guitar, the george benson style.

Shah: Yes, Roy( Rauzan of Muar kan mamat ni?)has a very powerful voice. His first album Nekad memang rock habis. I like his vocal range. I still have that cassette and made into mp3(but sound quality tak best,aku tak cuci kepala keset masa nak record and convert ke mp3). His Ratnaku still haunts to this day.
Then there is Aris Ariwatan, another guy with jantan voice. And Hattan-this guy can really sing the blues. Most of his earlier works are blues-influenced.And he got Samad of the Lefthanded to make the blues guitar riff wail and cry.The last I read, he wanted to make a full Delta Blues album with Joe Wings producing it.

cakapaje said...

Roy's name is Rauzan? Hehe, I didn't even know that. But if its the Roy of Ratnaku as you mentioned, it must be him then. Incidentally, saw him at Taman Tun area some many months back, he was driving one of those Mercs! Wow!

And yes, Hattan, how could one forget him. Likewise with Aris Ariwatan, and as mentionen by matsalo, Eddie Silitonga. Now, in that same vein then, one should also not forget D'Lloyds, Black Dog Bone, and that one Singapore group that I, rather ashamedly admit, forgotten their name.

Kata Tak Nak said...

Because of all this craze, I just shared with my son to buy a used Santa Cruz acoustic guitar and baru tadi pi beli tali baru. Sebab lama sangat tak main it took me nearly an hour to change the 6 strings and tuning them I tune them by hearing saja, takdak pitch pipe.

Though I love rock, blues and soul I do listen to anything that is good to listen.

Doc, You please tell me kalau dah release Suhaimi Meor Hassan. I tak tau sebab I don't buy Gomen papers and Harakah tak dak cerita tu.

cakapaje said...

Wow! Cikgu...! Tabik!

But, watch the tips of your fingers ya. Ye lah, dah lama tak main, jadi cam baru baru dulu - luka luka.

Er...nanti I cakap kat Lutfi supaya masukkan slot musik ye (sure kena sembur kaw kaw lepas tu) :)

TJ said...

dasyat mat salo n tokasid nyer taste!!!

nak add few more thousand songs in my colelction, laptop rosak plak n free wifi dalam ofis ni a bit slow these days.

long live classic rock


cakapaje said...

Salam TJ,

Bro, if they are dasyat, then you should check out Cikgu! Ok, he's mellowed down a whole lot, but ask him about rock, and kita pun naik malu :)

Anyway, I've stopped buying for a long time already and now rely only on some collections on the net. Would appreciate though, if you happen to have Jon Lord's solo album; 2 songs namely: Before I Forget and Say Its Alright. Both I can't seem to find on the net.

cakapaje said...

ps. Bro TJ,

Ada Listenonly blogspot on the left top left panel under Personal. I've started putting up songs including Rock there, perhaps you may want to visit?