Monday, October 15, 2007

With A Little Help From My Friends

Sometimes, when a person is down and out due to an ailment, the last thing they need is for a visitor to give give their unqualified medical opinion on the matter. It seems every other visitor has a cure - either newly found or passed down for generations - for the ailment. Er, before I ramble on, this is, with due respect to Doc Tokasid and other similarly qualified professionals.

Yesterday, on the 2nd day of Syawal, I made a long delayed trip up north to Pekan Sungai Besar, somewhere near the Selangor-Perak border. I brought emak along as I could not bear the thought of her having to serve Raya guests all by herself. As I have not traveled up the coastal road for a very long time, I mistakenly took the wrong route via Bukit Raja instead of Sungai Buloh, which is so very near my house.

We made this trip especially to visit Pakngah, whose story I logged an entry last September, and to give him a small token of RM500 from Kelab Kami Perihatin, to help ease his financial burden. Admittedly it is a small sum, but KP is not a rich organisation.

I've seen it happen many time and have even been on the receiving end of well-intended advices. No offence meant to anyone, but if the patient is in already on his way to recovery, he may just suffer a relapse. All the poor fella need is some peace and quite assuredly, and not to be rested in peace.

Though the distance from my house to Sungai Besar is longer than it is to Melaka, we surprisingly did not feel it as such. Perhaps, due to the now wider road and the change in scenery of drab city life. Another possibility is that the absence of large traffic; we left before zohor and was back home by 6pm.

Along the way, we made a short stop by Bukit Melawati; one of the best place to stop and rest on this coastal road. A majestic hill it may not be, but amid the largely flat terrain of this route, it makes a great vista point for the coastline, the Kuala Selangor river, and the surrounding land area, which makes it an attraction for photographers from near and afar. Bukit Melawati too, has its own interesting history, one perhaps I'll write at another time.

Then there's another kind of visitor, maybe some every other 3, who, out of sheer curiousity, would barrage the patient and/or his family, on how such an ailment or tragedy happened! And the poor patient and his family would have to - repeatedly - answer the questions until, as the Malays would put it "sampai kering tekak". But somehow, those well intended visitors do not understand this. Er...admittedly, I fell into this category yesterday.

Irrespective, I guess when we are down, we could use a little help from friends.

* For those well-wishers, pakngah's real name is Abdul Malek, and he can be contacted at 019-3463065

Pakngah too, has his own blog at Pak Ngah e-Book Centre and Koleksi Artikel.


Kerp (Ph.D) said...

bro shah,

ahh, the title of this entry reminds me not much of that song by joe cocker, but one of my all-time fav shows, Wonder Years where it was themed for.

you've traveled up north and back and yet you're one of the earliest to be back blogging.

we're still in the raya mood, arent we bro? i certainly am...hihi..

cakapaje said...

Salam bro kerp!

I know Joe Cocker sang it, but didn't know it was a theme song.

Off course we're still in raya mood. My trip up north Selangor was just to visit pakngah. Btw, he has been an OKU for the past 15 years or so. Just prior to Ramadhan, he was diagnosed to have kidney failure and now have to undergo haemodalysis (how on earth do you spell that?).

Anyway, my raya-ing continues either on Wednesday or Thursday with a trip down to Melaka, my mum's hometown which is coincidentally very near to where Doc Tokasid is. Hmm...wonder if I'll get any feast? Hihi...for the eyes, I mean :)

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

Bro shah, salam…

Actually the beatles were the original artists but Joe made the song famous on the American soil.

I can really feel for pakngah. Dah jatuh ditimpa tangga lagi. But he’s lucky to have known you and the rest of the kami prihatin crew, bro, as I’m very sure it has lessen his burden a bit, if not much. Aku rasa it is spelt as hemo-dialysis kot. Ntahlah. But if I’m not mistaken, he has to do it 3 times a week, 4 hours on every session. Sure hope he takes it in his stride and will get used to the weekly routine the soonest. Its for his own good afterall.

Hey, its not always u get to meet your blogger friend, esp on raya. So I say, gegar je rumah tokasid kita tu…hahaha…

cakapaje said...


Nak redah camna, exactly where rumah Doc den tak tahu. Cuma tahu clinic dia je.

But honestly, I begin to worry about him. I mean, reading Cikgu, Doc tak balik kampung. But he has not been updating his blog too! Know any one who can get in touch with him directly?

Zawi said...

This is a reciprocal visit. I have conveyed your wishes to Azuan. He asked me to say thank you to you.
Selamat Hari Raya.

Kata Tak Nak said...

After I read your comment, I called Doc Tokasid and he is fine. Dia baru nak sampai Alor Gajah dia kata. nanti dia akan blog. Dia kata dia takdak you punya email.
So don't worry, everything is fine

cakapaje said...

Salam Lebaran again Pak Zawi,

Thank you, do drop by when ever you can.

cakapaje said...

Salam Cikgu,

Alhamdulillah, thank you. I was really worried.

tokasid said...

Salam bro sahh'ayeh':

hankx for terkenangkan aku. Sorry to make U worried. I was back in Taiping since Sunday and arrived back few hours ago. I got ur hp no, esok I'll sms or call U.

Kat Tepen was a bit 'busy' berhari raya. All my siblings( kecuali yg kat US) came back with their kids. And meeting with my old kakis at a nasi kandar joint till 2 am. Went to my adik's place in Prai( but couldn't find time to visit Che'gu, maybe my next trip), can't find the time to go to a cybercafe to blog.

Anyway thanks for your concern bro.

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

bro shah,

there u go. the good doctor is back. raya is still in full swing for some of us, but he sure has some catching up to do. haha...

monsterball said...

You remind me of Sheih...another caring and sharing blogger.
Glad to hear is fine now.
Again ...this reminds is not everything. Yes we all need to work hard and earn as much respectfully and legally. It does make a person feel ten feet tall..if done that way. Life is uncertain...death is we need to be useful as long as we are live.
But nice..if we can give away much as we can to help the needy and poor.
You are a kind good soul. Bless you.

cakapaje said...

Salam Doc,

Alhamdulillah, you're a ok.

I've just only come back from Melaka and am still pretty tired. Its a pity we could not meet up, but may be, insyAllah another time.

cakapaje said...

Bro kerp,

Hehe, you're right, and I too. But that will be for tomorrow. Now, I need some zzzz....

cakapaje said...

Hi monsterball!

Thank you for your kind comment. But, don't make be blush la...nanti muka I jadi cam lobster! :) But only if that's possible.

Mat Salo said...

Bro' Shah, I've already checked out Pak Ngah's site. Will try to do my small bit, Insya'Allah. Am humbled and amazed at your Kami Prihatin efforts, 'bro..

cakapaje said...

Salam bro Matsalo,

Alamak! Totally forgot we were supposed to call each other and meet this afternoon! Apologies!

And thank you for wanting to assist pakngah. Let's each do our little bit.