Friday, January 11, 2008

Badan Amal Kami Prihatin

Last night I was able to attend the Kelab Kami Prihatin meeting in KL. After missing 2 consecutive meetings, it was great to do so. And alhamdulillah, it was most certainly great to meet familiar faces there; we exchanged greetings and hugged. The lady members were especially concerned when they had a look at my left foot and soon many, the men included as well, began giving their 'medical opinions' on how it should be treated. With so many caring people around, there was nothing I could do but smile and nod to each advice. Then the ladies began hugging my dreams, off course. But it certainly is nice to be back in action, and most certainly great to know that you are missed.

The meeting which was scheduled at 8.30pm could only begin at 10pm due to the weather causing several latecomers, and ended at 12.45am. Hmm...well, at least it ended early.

Anyway, one of the good news for the night is that Kelab Kami Prihatin is now officially a Non-Government Organisation and is now named Badan Amal Kami Prihatin. I have put the logo and some information on the left banner, which was scanned from our newly published calender for 2008. InsyAllah, once we have finalised the Corporate Image, I will put it up. Though some may not think much about Corporate Image, it is an important feature, one that would give a distinct identity for the public to recognise. Without the identity, some may even say they do not know us, even though they may see the logo every day. It would then be a cause for consternation whenever our members need to liaise with officials of other organisations, especially the administrators of such who rarely venture out of their office, save to go home. The identity would also make it easier for the public to remember and respond to any call for volunteers at a later stage, insyAllah.

Talking of volunteers, several members of KP, along with a few volunteers, responded to the flood situation in Pekan, Pahang, quite recently. There, they distributed some RM10,000 worth of foodstuff and daily needs to the victims. It may be of interest to note that this area is the Parliamentary seat for a certain elected official in the Parliament. However, the the condition there leaves much to be desired. And in certain offices of the official, at least 2 large stacks of supplies meant for the people sits ideal, and perhaps will never be distributed. This, off course, was never highlighted by the media.

Back to the meeting, KP is reviving a plan to hold a concert meant for all the mat-mat in the Klang Valley - those mat rocks, mat rempits, mat jiwangs and all other mats, along with their minahs as well. We have discussed it thoroughly and understand it will be a rather controversial project but are quite adamant - and confident - to pull it off. Our objective here is to try and put some senses into these youngsters and invite them back to the right path. The performing artistes have all been briefed with regards to our intention, and they seem excited about it and have even lowered their appearance fees considerably as a token of their contribution for this project. InsyAllah, if everything goes as plan, the concert will take place on the 1st of March. Kindly do give us your moral support.

Apart from that, we will also continue giving our support to the needy and the visits to the various hospitals. But for these and other humanitarian projects we have, we do need the public to give either in kind or cash.

For those who wish to give in kind - which include school/reference/story books and of its nature - kindly do write to me of your intention. It would be preferable if the quantity is justifiably large for us to collect; perhaps you could get your neighbours to contribute as well. Your contribution here will be given to the children of the flood victims throughout the nation.

As for the cash donation, the bank account number for Badan Amal Kami Prihatin is at the top of the left banner. Kindly do note however, the name Kelab Kami Prihatin may still be used by the bank for the moment.

For those who are unable to contribute any, kindly spread the word to your friends and family members. As for the website, you might experience some difficulty for the moment as it is still new and some changes are being made presently.


acciaccatura said...

wah shah, seronoknya buat kerja amal ni. how did it started?

cakapaje said...

Salam Accia,

Salam Accia, sebenarnya dah lama tapi off and on. Prior to KP, I have never been involved directly with any organisations. Ngan KP ni pun because Dr.L invited me, otherwise I would not have known.

Kata Tak Nak said...

So ada artiste2 untuk concert to la. Jaga nanti tersangkut dengan artiste pulak, doctot tu nak buboh mana?

tokasid said...

Salam Shah:

Its nice to know that KP is officially a recognised and legal NGO now.

InsyaALLAh will help sedaya yg mampu.

cakapaje said...

Salam Cikgu,

Kalau konsert takdak artiste, susah sikit kut. Anyway, before any misunderstanding happen, all the performing artistes are male rock singers. Hence, takdak kena mengena dengan any ladies or doctors whatsoever.

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

kudos to you guys. but by having the mat rempits around seems like an idea of one very infamous organisation la. and then dengan concert, takut lagi girang jadinya.

but anything of charitable in nature, this mat wheelchair will support.

cakapaje said...

Wa'alaikumusalam Doc,

Syukran, JazakAllah. Tolong spread the word.

Er...gambar tu cam baru dari yang hari tu Doc, ada memakai ke? :)

cakapaje said...

Salam kerp,

Yo bro, I know I can always count on you there. Thanks bro.

Btw, our approach is different than that organisation. This concert is only meant to gather them in one place thus making it easier to get the message across. And we have been going around much prior to the org in approaching these mats but have met very little response. So, the reason for this concert.

Anonymous said...

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