Wednesday, January 23, 2008

I Have The Right To Be...Stupid!

In an earlier entry, I mentioned about keeping quiet while attending meetings, less I be taken for a fool. I still hold to that. Off course, unless I am no longer a stranger to the group in the meeting, or it is a very small group and I find the need to keep the meeting alive before everyone falls asleep. Still, that does not make me no better than a fool.

Took on a new portfolio. I mean, I have decided to pursue a new opportunity in sales, joining the growing business of mutual fund. Not as a fund manager, mind you. But as I mentioned, selling the opportunity to invest to the public. Though I was made aware of the opportunity several years ago, it was only after reading a stranger's email last week that I decided to have a look into it. Thus I called the stranger and we met where he briefed me on the matter. It looks good to me plus the fact that I need something flexible enough to allow me continue my work on the net.

Earlier yesterday, I went to the Agency Manager's office where I began learning about Mutual Fund. The guy seem to be a good in sales and have accumulated an impressive portfolio. But as usual, when you have a guy who's skull is as thick as they come, things can bog down a little. And I certainly do not mean the Manager having the thick skull here, rather, its that cakapaje bloke whose blog you are reading now.

I mean, get real! I have not been in a classroom situation for a very long time. And no matter how good the tutor can be, things can get somewhat...sleepy? Thus, I said to myself: I want to be a fool now, or later? After a short while, I decided its better to be a fool now and presented a host of questions to the Manager. Poor guy, he looked somewhat drained by the end of the session. But hey! I do have right to be stupid...for now!

ps. I nearly forgot to add this: The main reason why I decided to be a stupid fool...for now, is because of this lady's blog I have been reading. Undoubtedly she's a brainer while I'm not. But her tenacity to pursue her studies makes me feel so small. I have come to admire her greatly not only for this, but for several other reasons as well. If by chance she drops over to my blog, I have no shame to admit my admiration for her.


Kata Tak Nak said...

Now who is that lady that really got you going? Is it only her tenacity or other attributes?

I see things in another way. If the briefing or explanations or whatever you want to call it is clear enough, then there will be no more questions about the contents of the briefing. There may be follow up questions which the briefer should be glad and competent enough to address to. If the questions is more regarding the content of the briefing then I would say that the briefer is not competent enough.

cakapaje said...

Salam Cikgu,

Apart from her tenacity, she's got great looks; beautiful pair of eyes; shy but not to be mistaken for meek as she can be aggressive; witty; quite matured for someone her age - as opposed to yours truly :); she's kind and humble, and she cooks! But perhaps the most important thing I found out now is she knows hukum quite well, what else can I look for?

cakapaje said...

Oops! With regards to the briefing, you do have a valid point there. But for the moment, I do not want to damper my wanting to develop myself in the field and I chose to overlook it. Perhaps later when I'm competent enough, I may need his expertise.

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

this shah has been very secretive about girls especially. here's a secret brother, i tried to guess who the mysterious blogger was but still not a single clue.

someone approached me about this unit trust fund thing some time back. instead of grilling him with questions, i was yawning away through out the whole session. and since i didnt want to disappoint him, the best parting words i could offer him was 'sounds good. gonna study it later and will get back to you'. its been more than a year now and am still 'looking' at it....kahkahh...

cakapaje said...

Salam kerp,

Bro, bukan secretive pasal apa but menjaga maruah dia juga. Kalau ditakdirkan jadi - tolong do'akan ye - then for certain I will inform all my friends. So I hope you understand ye.

About the mutual fund, some salesman like to force their way through which is not exactly the right way to do. The trick here - and its not an easy one too - is to talk the prospect's language and be on par. But as I mentioned, its easier said than done.

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

insyaAllah, amin. we're all gonna be happy for you, you can bet on that.

tokasid said...

Salam Shah:

Alhamdulillah.InsyaALLAh the day will come.My du'a to you( and to Kerp too).

Now, the right to be....stupid.Lets see. A bright guy acting to be stupid..thats very clever. A stupid guy acting to be clever...thats plain stupidity AND unfortunately we see them in our Parliment House.

cakapaje said...

Wa'alaikumusalam Doc,

Syukran, JazakAllah :)

Oh, those guys in the Parliament. But to be fair, a great many of them carry the tilted scales on their forehead :)

Thanks Doc.

Zawi said...

Get her to give you tutorial. You will learn things real fast since you can't be acting stupid anymore if you really want to impress her.
Having a thick skull and a thick skin are essential in sales line. Incase clients dont like the way you are trying to close a deal, the thick skull can be handy while the thick skin can help you stay sane despite of being ridiculed and chided by a potential client who thinks he is the only guy in the world who has the money to invest via you.
If you have set your mind on it, just go ahead and learn the tricks of the trade on the job. Nothing to be afraid of. Hopefully by doing it you will meet your match soon.
My neice resigned from her normal banking job to promote Mutual Fund full time, she never regretted it at all as the income is good and she has flexi time.

Zabs said...

Salam Shah,
All the best to you for both with the Mutual Fund and the lady friend.
Saya pernah join this mutual fund (SSB now CIMB). Masa nak ajak beli, dia datang ofis. Lepas tu muka pun tak nak tunjuk lagi dah. Nasib masuk tak banyak pun. Biarkan je dulu belum nak jual lagi, tapi dah ada peningkatan juga nampaknya.

cakapaje said...

Salam Pak Zawi,

Ask the lady to give me tutorials? Hmm...pretty good idea tu! Thanks, will try that. But alamak, she reads my blog le, and will surely know I got the idea from you...mati gue sekali lagi :)

Oh! Your niece joined which company? I am registering with Public Mutual.

cakapaje said...

Salam Pak Zabs,

Thank you for the kind wishes.

Regarding the agent you mentioned, I am sorry to note of his attitude. But in every industry, you will find such people, unfortunately.

bangkai said...

You got a right to be stupid, did you say?

Hmm... what an opening! Nah! I mustn't... I mustn't... :-)

cakapaje said...

Salam MB,

Don't matter MB, whether you do or don't. Afterall, you were the person who introduced me to the world of insurance then...