Sunday, January 18, 2009

From A Need, Comes A Want

The Giant looked out from the window to the tree where, in a prolonged winter not so long ago,
a boy had melted his heart and awakened him from his selfish attitude.

Once, before meeting the boy, he had chased children out children and refused to allow any to play in his beautiful garden. Then winter set in his garden with a duration he had not seen before.
Till one day, when the world around him had been celebrating spring much earlier,
a corner of his garden looked cheerful with colours
and the lively chirping of birds and the buzzing of insects,
a little boy was in tears trying to climb up the tree.

Perhaps it was the colours of spring that did it. Or, the Giant's dislike for the dull and
bitter coldness of winter. Or, the cry in the boy's voice. Or perhaps, the combination of all 3
where each were in contrast to the other, nobody knows for certain.
But whichever of the 3, or in any combination one would like to think, the scene moved the Giant
and he lent a hand for the boy to climb the tree.
And no sooner after that, he realised that he has been selfish,
denying the village children their need to play, and their want to play in his garden.
And so, he broke the walls surrounding the garden along with the gates too.
And when the children saw the Giant was kindly with the small boy, they came slowly,
one by one, still uncertain of the Giant's temper.
But when the Giant does nothing towards those first few,
the children at the rear began rushing into the Giant's garden, one which they loved to play in.
Soon, the entire garden was a picture of gaiety with children's voices and antics,
and the vibrant colours of spring which followed the children into the garden.

Out of the children's need, comes the Giant's want.
- adapted from The Selfish Giant, by Oscar Wilde.

Although it can be considered just a stone throw away, today, I walked for the first time into the recently opened Giant in Kota Damansara. And had it not been for the need to buy some bread for tomorrow, perhaps I would never have. I mean, what's the big deal, a mall is just like any other mall. Having been born and bred here, what is there to see anymore? But the need, which led to a want.

Perhaps similarly, when some people came to realise that another groups of people had a need to survive in a world that viewed them harshly, came a want to provide.

Zam Zam Cola. Mecca Cola. 2 out of the many names and brands that has emerged not to compete with the traditional and established brands in each respective market, but to provide an alternative for the mass to decide and choose from, of brands which are closely linked to brutal mass murder of a people, a nation, who was found guilty to be living in an area which yet another group of people who lives in a farflung land, came to a conclusion that the land belong to another. Then came the butchery and inhumane treatment of not only Muslims there, but the Christians as well; both, belonging to the Palestinian group of people. Men, women, children, and even the old were murdered in cold blood, some while sleeping in their own bedroom. And the world just stood and watched. But not all.

It may have had its roots since the early 1970's, during a period known as the Oil Embargo. Short-lived as it was, the idea soon hatched to another: instead of denying sale of supply, could denying purchase be as or, more effective? The boycott.

From the vacuum created in denying the purchase of goods either linked or owned by individuals and corporations of the illegal entity, rose new products which are not only owned by people of the opposing idealogy, but people who found a want to provide for a need. The tough part is in making people switch brands and products which they are accustomed to. And slowly, more and more people are realising the need to switch. And from there, it may ultimately lead to a whole new economy, one that is not repressive, feeding like a leech on the very people it was meant to serve. One, that was introduced more than 1,400 years ago.

For a growing many, this need has now become a want.

* As silly as some people make out of the Boycott effort, sillier are they who tend to forget that a similar effort helped bring about the downfall of the apartheid regime in South Africa.

** Do visit Innovative Minds here for a more comprehensive listing of products and reasons why we should boycott them.


Kata Tak Nak said...

I was at BJ yesterday where young Muslims use to throng and for once I saw MacD with many empty tables on a busy Sunday.

Eskapisminda said...

Salam CA,

Eden Cafe in Amcorp Mall was not fabulous. But it's the only other alternative for a breakfast gathering other than Starbucks (they were opposite each other). So Eden Cafe it is.

p.s: And may all the Palestinian mujahiddeens found their eden.

An-Nimr said...

Salam Shah,

Starting a petition to ICC (I know probably many out there, but I cannot tahan, and maybe the more, the more pressure), feel free to comment, add, suggest etc esp how to make it online.


hegira said...

Ya. sedang cuba.

tapi dari dahulu pon saya tidak minom coke. hanya di petronas.

dan sedayanya tidak makan mekdi.

cakapaje said...

Salam Cikgu,

Alhamdulillah, hopefully, more and more people will join this effort.

cakapaje said...

Wa'alaikumusalam Intan,

That's the spirit! InsyAllah, for the lesser bounty of taste we get here, an abundance will be readied in heaven.

Yes, may all the Mujahideen find the blessings of Allah, and the reward of heaven.

cakapaje said...

Wa'alaikumusalam Tehsin,

Alhamdulillah! You may count on my signature on your petition; will be there.

cakapaje said...

Salam Alina,

Syabas! Dan jika dapat tingkat daya itu lagi, elakkan sama langsung! Tahniah!

An-Nimr said...

Tehsin asks you to sign the Petition to ICC to Investigate War Crimes by Israel in GAZA here:

Shah, tolong war2kan...tq

cakapaje said...


Done! Think I'm no.6 there. InsyAllah, later today I'll do a posting on it as well as distribute it in email.

Mat Cendana said...

"Arguing this and that till the cows come home"...

Or diverting and muddling the issue with laments that "The problems between Jews, Arabs etc have its roots in the history of hundreds and thousands of years ago. It's a complex issue that will be around for many tears to come yet."

And they do nothing...

What's so complex about it? It's about "Palestinians being killed by a brutal regime, including in 2009" - just the latest round of killings. Oh, these `will end' not too far in the near future as the Israelis sense that the West start to reach the point of exasperation.

But not to worry - they will continue another time. What have they to fear? NOBODY - especially the US - will do anything about it. Except "Condemn"; which I'm sure the Israelis will surely be broken-hearted to hear.

Each one of us can do SOMETHING about this. If we really have the will and desire. And it's NOT limited to "talking".

cakapaje said...

Salam MC,

Well said!