Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Some News

It would be easy to forget Gaza and the sufferings of the people there since the illegal regime along with Egypt closed the borders just to punish the Palestinians for voting Hamas into office (sounds familiar, does it not?). But to push Gaza out of our life and forget the injustice there, especially now - I cannot say for the rest - would make me a much lesser human, and putting myself down on the same level as those minions of the illegal regime.

The other night when I was driving to a petrol kiosk and had to pass a McD, 2 young people were walking towards it. As I do not drive with the air conditioner on when weather permits, I heard one of the guys mentioning 'but people are beginning to boycott now...', the rest of the statement was lost as I drove passt them. Passing by the front of building, I saw a lesser number of people than usual. Sadly though, many of them there were young Muslims, obviously oblivious to the sufferings of their fellow humans in Gaza - for every ringgit one spend there, at least 5 to 10% adds to the Palestinians' tragedy. This, I was informed by Ustaz Maszlee some years back, who interestingly has an entry entitled "Not All Jews Are Zionist" (click here), and I would recommend all to read it.

Also, kindly listen to this video of George Galloway which was made available by Information Clearing House (click here).

Sad, but I think its rather absurd that while we have people like Mr Galloway and even Jews speaking out against the attrocity in Gaza, we still have Muslims partonising outlets which contribute towards it. Please, help spread the boycott news.

Also, please read and watch the links from WIP which I've logged into NYMHM for wider reach. Just click on the titles.

1. Israel Admit "No Hamas Rockets Were Fired During Ceasefire!"

2. Are We Not Human?

3. Gaza: A Scene of Destruction

4. A Message from a Gazan to the World

Last but not least, do enjoy the song below sent to me by bro Zul.


Anonymous said...

Listen to the song but do not enjoy it.

cakapaje said...


Good! Because it was not meant to be enjoyed.

:: Aku :: said...

tak bleh nak dengar lagu tu...tak tau apsal tak kluar pun kat laptop ni...

israel mmg sucks...hope the best for palestinian...

u've been tagged by ::Aku::

:) gud luck

captcalicojack said...

Salam Shah,

I 'pinjam' 'Message from Gazan' for the site :)

An-Nimr said...

Salam Shah,
Anak I nak tgk Disney pun I membebel.."tak yah nak tgk2 Hannah Montana et al, their kids are living in luxury and shallow lives pursuing fame and fortune while your sisters are dying elsewhere...that is not real life" I tell them...a bit cruel, but have to tell them what is reality.

Nak dengar lagu pun naik benci gak...sebab semua from them and we have been embracing and depa sibuk nak berebut get invite to "glamourous" Inaugural Ball filled with joy and food and drink, while people are DYING.

cakapaje said...

Wa'alaikumusalam Cap'n,

You are most welcome to take anything that may benefit, they are not mine to keep for myself :)

cakapaje said...

Salam ::Aku::,

Hehe, kena tag? Tapi rasanya tag tu dah buat le, di tag oleh rerama salju.

cakapaje said...

Wa'alaikumusalam Tehsin,

Unfortunate, but I do support what you are doing. A bit of entertainment is alright, but only when needed and not every minute of the day like what TV and radio is bombarding us and our youth today.

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