Friday, November 30, 2007

Out of Work!

Pity the fella up there. Times must be so bad that he's forced to call it quits and balik kampung. Guess after this, he'll have lots of time on his hand to spin his web. that I mentioned it, I think its time I start searching too as I am just about to finish a job which had taken lots of my time for the past 2 weeks. Late this afternoon, I walked into the client's office and handed the final draft. So, unless there's some serious amendments, I too will be having lots of time on my hand soon.

Now, that's good and bad. Good, as I'll be able to put more time on another project. Bad, well, I do love writing for a client. Except that last piece was, a wee bit over my head and had me into late and sleepless nights. Er, not so true there, as there was only 1 sleepless night. Now you see where this is going to get me? I'll be able to blog more! Hehe...

Hang on, hang on! Hold the party yet! I'll only know the news - good or bad - on Monday. Bad news would be like there'll be tons of rectification, uurgh! Good news though, will be like more writing jobs from them and hence, more cheques!

Have to admit though, initially I was like having a phobia to even look at the client's reading materials. I mean, its like stepping into a whole new world, a world I am not, or was not, familiar with! And I kept postponing doing the job until, a lovely friend gave me some encouragement. Alhamdulillah, with that I was able to keep to the schedule. To that lovely friend, thank you from the very bottom of my heart, and may Allah s.w.t. bless you.


tokasid said...

Salam Shah:

It was sad that Spidey had to quit.But at the same time I feel proud coz Spidey's replacement is none other than our very own Cicakman, cik,cik,cik..

Its a nice feeling(relieved actually) when ne finishes his assignment on schedule. It'll be nicer one one got the cheque.

During the BERSIH streetwalk I gave a lecture about HALAL food and relations to health. 1 week prior to that I had many sleepless nights preparing the material and then struggling with the powerpoint presentation.
But today, the cheque came in. And thats the fattest cheque I ever got for giving a lecture( well...the lecture lasted for 6 hours). The next time they want me to give the same lecture,everything is in my Memory stick.I'll just need to go through it once or twice before the lecture.And they'll pay me with the same amount.LOL!!( aku kaya..aku kaya...)

I hope your client will be satisfied with your work and I'm sure they'll want you again,InsyaALLAH.

psstt....friend tu jante ko tino?LOL!

cakapaje said...

Salam Doc,

Cicakman! How can one forget him,lol!

Aye Doc! Its a real nice feeling and a very great relief! And the cheque too! :)

Wah Doc! Dapat cheque tu ke yang nak ke Land of The Mummies? Then it must have been a real fat cheque! Er...can I substitute for any of your lectures? lol! (Haram jadah satu pun tak tahu pasai medical terminology - melakaspeak)

Thank you, insyAllah, I pray too.

Ssshhhh...friend tu JanTino. lol! :)

Mat Salo said...

Shah.. I'm proud of you guys --both you and Doc TA because not easy being entrepeneurs. I know that. For me I just wield a sophisticated cangkul to korek --kengkadang malu gak citer kat orang dalam blog. Fuh! Gua caya ama you and hope more jobs coming your way beb. Eh, betui ke Doc TA nak ke land of the Firauns? Great, man. Dulu aku keje kat Sudan (cradle of civilization - tamaddun dia earlier than Egypt's) pon tak sempat visit terak segi-tiga sdr. Tutankhamun, Akhneten, Osiris & Isis... :) Salaam.

cakapaje said...

Salam Matsalo,

Bro, pasai Doc nak panjat pyramid tu, I terbaca Cikgu yang komen. But the best thing, kita kenalah tanya Doc sendiri kut :)

Believe me bro, kekadang nak nangis pun ada. Bukan sahaja kerana susah pun tidak senang pun tidak saja, tapi pasai bila berjalan tu nampak rezeki Allah begitu banyak sekali melimpah. Cuma tak terkapai disebabkan modal atau tak cukup tangan.

Kata Tak Nak said...

Yes, its nice when there is a fat cheque waiting for a job done. Are you doing translation work? coz if you are then Astro could do with some help.

I am in the middle of getting the school timetable done when all of a sudden a friend called me up yesterday. He has just been promoted to PK1, the no. 2 post in a school. He asked if I could help him with his school timetable. How could I say no? It could be quite a hassle but its a job that must be done. And they say teachers have it easy with all the holidays. What holidays?
So now more time for blogging eh. Go out there, smell the fresh air and hook someone.

Mior Azhar said...

Lama tak bloghop. I know how tough it is being an entrepreneur ( especially today). Been there done that. I'm really bad at it actually. Those sleepless nights
Anyway, tahniah for completing the job. And alhamdulillah you got a "lovely' friend nudging you to the finish line. Err, this "lovely" friend, is it of a female variety? If yes, can we start "nudging" you to the right path... hik hik

cakapaje said...

Salam Cikgu,

Tak, I'm actually afraid to do translation if its English to Malay. Bukan pasal apa, istilah BM sentiasa bertukar - you need to be a full time student of the language to understand all the time. But if its Malay to English, I don't mind.

Hari tu memang nak buat for Astro but several friends discouraged the thought due to several reasons. Still, kalau ada can later, I wouldn't mind trying.

Regarding a teacher's life, I understand it too well; my emak was a teacher since Japanese Occupation time to 1985. So I know how demanding it can be, and how frustrating it is sometimes too.

Tang fresh air to no prob. Tang fishing tu ADA prob - den tak pandai! Ingat nak le jadi orang ala cromagnon atau neanderthal - bawak club, pukul kepala then seret rambut bawa balik! But, that's against the law! lol! I'm kidding, off course :)

cakapaje said...

Salam Pak Mior,

Thank you. Yes, it is nice indeed.

I thought you were one too! I mean, editors, writers and art directors, have all taken the step at one point of time or another.

Er, tang last part tu, I can't read it le, font too small. lol! (wink!)

tokasid said...

tumpang lalu sat ...
MS: aku jadi lecturer ni pun sebab ada kawan of a kawan minta tolong. Dia dok handle kursus Makanan HALAL bagi pihal Jakim kot, so they have lots of graduates yg JAKIM hantar for kursus. All of them are lulusan pengajian Islam. So hang bayangkan aku yang mangkok tapi tak hayun bagi lecture about halal haram kat depa. Sat-sat depa angkat tangan tanya pasai hukum kat aku.Tapi pasai aku ni dah biasa dok bagi lecture masa kat spital Melaka dulu, aku buat steady la.

Fat cheque tu kalau ikut jam sebenarnya tak banyak. Aku kena bagi lecture from 9-5 with 2 hours break. tapi depa bagitau aku, kalau aku boleh selesaikan from 9-12 pun they'll pay the same amount.
Mungkin next time aku tak payah lecture pasai hukum2 la kot( sebab rupanya dah ada lecturer from JAKIM and institiut apa ntah bagi ttg hukum, aku tak tau pada mulanya).

Nak jadi entrepeneurs? Ada sahabat aku di KL cadangkan content lecture aku tu aku ringkaskan dan buat in short notes dan pi jumpa mana-mana syarikat pembuat makanan, bincang supaya depa boleh buat macam flash cards dan boh kat kotak atau botol depa supaya customers depa dapat sikit ilmu.Aku tak biasa benda-benda macam ni.What do you(and shah) think about this proposal?

Nak pi repair hidung Sphinx ni aku dapat rezeki terpijak. Mem aku belanja daa....Yahoooooo!!LOL!

cakapaje said...

Er, tuan rumah lak nak tumpang lalu ye.

Doc, I ada attend a Halal Seminar kat KL, I think it was the first Jakim had organised by a private company. I, off course, was a pest during the Q&A time asking questions which the speakers could not answer not because they can't - but it would be politically implicating for you know who.

Anyway, sometime back during the Halal Food convention in KL, I managed to interview Tn Hj Azmi or better known as Cikgu Azmi or TERAS. My grouse - as I put it to him - are 2 folds:
1) Our halal food industry seem to be greared more towards export market rather than domestic. All the halal hubs being created are placed near to ports for ease of transportation, so where does that leave the citizens? Even currently - ni keluar topic sikit - fishes caught in Malaysian waters are exported and those we eat are mainly imported from neighbouring countries.

2) Kesedaran budaya halal, as I put it to Tn Hj, is not evident at all! I mean, halal is not just about food but many other factors surround life itself. There's no point of extolling about being the no.1 halal food producer when the industry, the nation, is rifed with corruption.

Alamak! Dah terlebih lalu lak, ampun!

Anyway Doc, hari tu melancung ke utagha, la ni, lagi jauh utagha lak! Sampaikan salam kat ikhwan di sana ye - kalau jumpa and kenal le :)

Ok, bro MS, hang lak tumpang lalu.

makdom said...

'God' works in strange ways.

cakapaje said...


Makdom, welcome ma'am. Kalau tak silap, you are Pakshah's relative kan?

ps. kindly excuse the many errors in my writing. I just glance at yours, and...tabik!