Sunday, December 02, 2007

10-11: 22 Days After.

Foremost, before going into the serious stuff, I apologise if you find the snapshot I recently downloaded a hindrance. In searching for news material, I inadvertently downloaded snapshot. Kindly bear with me awhile till I either find its correct usage - hopefully someone will be able to teach me of its proper function or help me rid it. when I come to think about it, the above is the serious stuff! Everything else after that is a joke! Take democracy for instance, its the biggest joke in the whole wide world! Only arseholes stand up for the rights of others. Well, arseholes and angels, that is. Oops! I keep forgetting I'm one of them. No, not the angel, but know what.

Now, I have a feeling this is going to be a pretty long entry. Thus my advice to you is to get yourself something to bite and come back with a glass of, well, whatever you drink. Remember, you have been warned! And I do hear a whisper or two asking how I know this will be long. Well, since I like to add nonsensical in between the real thing, believe me, IT WILL be long.

Ready? Here goes...

Take a look at the below, and tell me it does not apply to Malaysia.

I would not blame you if you say no since politics is not your cup of tea. But kindly let me fill you in on the situation.

Somewhere within the Constitution of Malaysia states that the maximum age the Head of Suruhanjaya Pilihan Raya (SPR) can serve is 65 years old. Suddenly, now that the General Election looms near, the ruling regime decided that they want his service to continue and for that alone, will seek an amendment to the constitution to push the age limit to 66! I mean, hello! Don't tell me that amongst the 26 million people in Malaysia, only that Rashid fella knows how to run an election? Hmm...let me rephrase that: Don't tell me that Rashid is the only goon in Malaysia who do NOT know how to run an election? Yup! That sounds more like it. Apart from wanting to reappoint a goon to the post, the very move smack of abuse of power: to amend the constitution suiting the favour of the regime!

Thus, in a bid to stop such abuse, BERSIH will hold a protest gathering on Tuesday, December 11. This time there will be no march but a peaceful gathering right in front of the Parliament. If you are feeling up to it, come on over and join the party! But before you do, perhaps you would like to watch this video clip which I, ahem, borrowed from ntbn.wordpress.

Do watch it to the end and I'm pretty sure you're recognise many parts of it.

As I mentioned above, this is a peaceful gathering in a mark of protest against the abuse of power by the regime to amend the constitution at its whims and fancy, and to suit its need! But somehow I suspect, the regime would not take to this. And its not that they were kind during the 10-11 March, but they faced 2 obstacles which curtailed their effort to end the march even before it began.

One, a higher authority was reportedly to have issued a warning NOT to impede the march. This in probability took the regime off guard. The other, the Police were reportedly split down the middle with the new directive and the regime feared a backlash by the people on a bigger scale. How far this is true, perhaps only in due time we will know. But so long as the regime remains in power, Malaysians can expect to be subjected as mindless serfs and nothing more.

Thus, with the HINDRAFF show of might on the last Sunday of November, and the pissed off look and voice of Abdullah on the news last night, I do expect the situation leading to the below:

To the regime, this gathering might be the legitimate excuse they need to exercise their power. And off course, the mainstream media will later hail them as the Saviour of the nation, twisting or putting half-truths of the words of an influential figure. And soon after, the regime will hold a General Election as per below:

But whether they will succeed depends on you, the People of Malaysia. For the plight that afflicts some, may afflict you later.

And so, before the below becomes of you,

perhaps it better for you to think out of the box (like the 2 cats below):

Perhaps the question that comes to you mind now is "What can we do?"

Well, it would be great for you to come and join us on that day in front of Parliament. But if you can't, perhaps you should do this then:

That's right, boycott their media! This is the first step towards the dismantling of the regimes power; the boycott of the suppression and brainwashing of the minds of the people of Malaysia! It was proved to be effective during the 1997 crisis but sadly the momentum to carry through did not follow. This time, together, let's make it work!

There! That was long wasn't it? But before I skedaddle out of here, I would like you to read this lovely poem written by a very dear friend of mine. My apologies for not being able to disclose her identity as she wrote this not in defiance to the regime, but as a plead to all for peace and security for the homeland she knows. However, history has shown that peace and security of a nation does not go hand-in-hand with corruption and abuse of power. Sooner or later, one will have to make way. Which...? You decide.

Apakah khabarnya tanahirku?
Sering kutanya pada diriku
Apakah bahagia perihal dirimu
Ataupun menangis tidak berlagu
Kesal rakyatmu tidak sebulu
Berseteru, berkelahi , enggan bersekutu!
Sampainya hati menindas saudaramu!!
Ke mana hilangnya semangat bersatu?

Ibu pertiwi menangis lagi
“Bilakan berakhir episod ini?
Tidak cukupkah perutku ini dicemari?
Dengan dendam dan rusuhan yang tidak berhenti?
Sembahlah Tuhan, pujilah Ilahi
Insya-Allah Agama menyucikan hati
Daripada benci, dengki dan korupsi tersembunyi
Agar sama tinggi kita berdiri - satu hari nanti


Kata Tak Nak said...

Priceless and precious. I love it so much. Of course there would be people who would not agree but isn't that democracy? If only one could disagree without being branded a traitor.

Yours Arseholy

cakapaje said...

Salam Cikgu,

I like your sign off :)

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

not just that that rashid fella cant deliver a proper speech, he cant even speak well.

good write-up with pics to go along. altho i may not be in any of the future rallies, i'm with all my friends participating in spirit.

you know where i 'stand', dont you brother?

cakapaje said...

Salam kerp,

Hey bro, no prob! We know where you 'stand'. I was in half a mind wanting to tease you there, but decided its not proper, hehe. Just pray for us, will ya.

tokasid said...

Salam Shah:

Another example of 'ubah tiang gol' to win .

note to self said...

Salaam. Won't be able to join you guys (kerja lah - alasan, alasan, alasan)but my prayers are with you guys.


cakapaje said...

Salam Doc,

You summed it very well - penat den dok mengarang only to have it spelled in 3 words "ubah tiang gol!" lol! :)

Tapikan, camni nanti nak tiru Pyan Habib lak. Please, check out his blog under reads tu :)

cakapaje said...

Salam Mz,

Hmm...dah takut ek? lol! No prob, its understandable :)

Just make sure you solat hajat sekali ye.

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

shah brader,

go ahead man. what not proper? i made fun of your crippled foot some time back didnt i? haha...

i'm cool la bro.

cakapaje said...

From one bro to another.

Entah le, eventhough my condition is not that bad, I still receive lots of namecalls especially when I was in schooldays. Thus, everytime when I want to mention something physical even in jest, I have to think twice. But...since you ask for it,

you wrote "you know where i 'stand', dont you brother?"

I wanted to reply "Er, no I don't! But I do know where you sit!" :)

Mior Azhar said...

Fantastic postings, sir. I'll be there. InsyaAllah. (this time I'll take public transport)

cakapaje said...

Salam Pak Mior,

Thank you sir - walau terlalu banyak errors(haih...).

Anyway, don't think you can get a public transport there. Best thing is to park at tempak makan near Bukit Aman and walk.

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

PENGHINAAN! boycott Talkonly!!


cakapaje said...

Kerp bro,

Glad you like it :)

One for all - A Crony's battle cry.

All for one - Rakyat's cry for justice.

Roti Kacang Merah said...

Thanks for this article! Why lah paper tak masuk article-article macam ni, ya?

cakapaje said...

Salam RKM,

You are most welcome!

One Q: Camna you leh buat link kat comment box? I'm literally a caveman living in IT age :)

Roti Kacang Merah said...

aiyak, for an esteemed moderator like tuan, tuan tak pernah buat link, ya?

tak pa, there's always ruang for learning! *grins*

will email!

and thanks for dropping-by my blog, too!