Thursday, December 27, 2007

Lip-synching Guitar King

He never ceases to amaze me. Everytime I listen or watch him singing, I wonder if its the guitar lip-synching him, or he the guitar. Still I guess it does not matter. What does matter is that I suddenly have this video songs craze and that this man was on my list of top performing singer. Some of his videos I found may be an old production, but the songs are still fresh and unmistakably George Benson.

Rather sad that many of his videos on You Tube has the embedding turned off, otherwise, a heck lot more of his songs would be shown. Still, all is not lost as one of his best song are made available; it is, I believe his original soundtrack of a movie about Muhammad Ali, the Greatest Boxer of the 21st Century, and the song is undoubtedly, The Greatest Love of All.


tokasid said...

Salam Shah:

GB is like a singing guitar. His riffs are clean and clear cut.He plays like a blues guitarist.

And when he scats and does the licks on his guitar its like 2 guitarist licking the same cord simultineously.

At home Paul Ponnudurai does that too and in Indonesia its Mus Mujiono.

Few months ago, Benson came out with an album with Al-Jarreau.This must not be missed by any jazz fans.

Kata Tak Nak said...

If you aint black you aint got no business singin like that. You've got to have soul to play and sing like that.

cakapaje said...

Wa'alaikumusalam Doc,

Yes, he is, that fantastic GB. I was a fan of him for quite sometime till I stopped buying music. With due respect, I will skip out the duet album as I do not intend to continue where I left off, and will patiently await their release on internet. No, I'm not being a skinflint now, mind you :) But thanks for the info.

cakapaje said...

Salam Cikgu,

You got that right, my man :) Very few caucasians can play with such soul and smoothness.

Mat Salo said...

Waah Shah.. Lu ni banyak bikin gue trip dowm memory lane. I'm sure you got the late 70's GB's live double album "On Broadway". Classic. Now time for me to re-live those songs on my Ipod. Ha-ha Chegu KTN pun minat Rare Earth kesan nya...

Tumpang lalu to Doc TA. Boss, PM kita bawak dua ekor tu private concert kat Putrajaya tempohari tak ajak pun kita. Bedawee should've have insisted they play for the rakyat for free!

cakapaje said...

Salam bro,

Hehe...gua masuk je post baru, lu pula buat komen baru. How are you bro? Saw your latest posting tapi belum buat komen lagi.

Yup! Agree Badawee should have, but afraid Doc, mungkin tak nampak komen ni nanti.

tokasid said...

Shah and Mat salo:

When I read about GB and A-J performed at Sri Perdana, I was very upset for 2 reasons.
1- PL must have used the rakyats money to bring the duo here.
2-Awat depa tak jemput kita pi tengok sama?

cakapaje said...

Doc and MS,

I believe they did, use the rakyat's money. But when cornered, they'll say its allocation, which is still belongs to rakyat.

And mungkin kita bukan rakyat dia kut, lol! Sebab tu le asyik tangkap orang kita masuk ISA jahanam tu. Yang release baru ni 4 orang tu, just as a show off konon dia baik; what about the 50 or more there? And in the first place, why ever use the ISA at all? Menyirap darah dengan depa tu.