Saturday, December 15, 2007


The Saab 9.3

Trust the Swedes, they know how to make a car. Having driven one for a few hours too short some very many years ago, I fell in love with the Saab almost instantly. It was, and in all probability still is, a superb car. And if my memory still serve me right, it was the first mass-manufactured car fitted with a turbo engine - one hard press on the accelerator pedal, and the car would go flying even from a dead stop position.

As mentioned above, I did not fell in love with the Saab instantly. Rather, it took me almost 10 very long minutes (smile)!. Then, at first glance, I thought the car look too much like the old Citroen, which it too, took me some time to appreciate.

After looking at the exterior from several angles while my friend - the prospective buyer - sat in the driver's seat, I opened the front passenger's door and dumped myself into the seat. It could not have been then that I fell in love. Though the fragrance of the leather and rubber upholstery was distinctly fresh and succumbing, the dashboard was not exactly enticing as one would have thought for a highly priced automobile. Until...

The moment my friend stepped out of the car, I went around and took the driver's seat. It was then that I fell in love; the sheer holding of the steering wheel sent electricity up within me. My left hand caressed the almost stout shift-stick as my right hand did with the steering wheel, and even then, I was imagining myself driving on the open roads at full throttle. It was beautiful, the imagination that is. It was electrifying, the feeling that was. But like all dreams, it had to end. And it ended when my friend decided not to purchase the car. Still, while it lasted, the moments were almost magical.

What triggered this entry was when I read Raja Petra's 'Heal Thyself' earlier this morning, and continued on with several of the comments. Having read the posting and understanding it as I think it should be, I was half expecting some nasty remarks from the readers; I was disappointed! My disappointment though was not on the negative side, rather it was positively disappointing, if ever there are such things I should add. But, it had me laughing quietly in the hours after dawn. The comment that caught me off guard was sent by an indianputra and reads:

"indianputra wrote:
S A A B ... that should be the rallying cry during the next street march. A memo stating S A A B should be forwarded to the King..

S A A B - Sack Ahmad Abdullah Badawi

(The Car manufacturer SAAB may sponsor!!!) Just a wild thought
15/12 07:42:45"

I wonder, should Saab the manufacturing company take this as an honour, or an insult?

ps. Out-of-topic (oot): kindly watch a superb video here, and be mesmerised by what it has to say.


acciaccatura said...

salam shah,
thanks for sharing the video. i'll make sure my kids will be here to watch it too, inshaAllah. this is not something new to them. hanya agar mereka tak leka.

as for the car, kalau adanya perhimpunan haram, salah hari ada pulak kereta haram. hee...

Kata Tak Nak said...

Its very nice to be important but its more important to be nice

cakapaje said...

Wa'alaikumusalam Accia,

Thank you for watching it. Before buat blog tu, banyak lagi video ada tapi tak terfikir camna nak simpan. Dah buang, baru terfikir buat blog :(

Kereta haram ada...tu kereta yang menyeludup beras dan minyak! Biasanya kereta camni, takda passenger seat langsung dan travel waktu malam tanpa lampu. Suspension mereka lak biasanya diadjust menampakkan ketinggian kereta itu bila tak bawa barang. Biasanya kat sempadan je lah kereta ni banyak.

cakapaje said...

Salam Cikgu,

I hope I have not said anything which can be misconstrued, sir. Bila baca your komen, terasa cam I mentioned something wrong which I hope not.

Kata Tak Nak said...

No I meant that to Pak Lah. Its nice for him to be important, but it is important for the rakyat that he be nice. Nothing aimed at you. Saya kata macam tu sebab masa dok pikiaq apa nak komen, my children were watching Sa Re Ga Ma Pa and a lady said that. Bila dengaq saja dia menyelinap dalam sanubari sebab it is so apt to describe Pak Lah.

cakapaje said...

Ok...takut juga saya tersilap nyata. Btw, Sa Re Ga Ma Pa tu, cerita apa?

tokasid said...

Salam Shah:

SAAB...hmmm. Nice acronym don't you think so.

Watching the video,I can't help but noticed that apparently the Mason( Jewish to be more precise)had taken the symbols of the Ancient Egyptian gods and the babylonian( Sumeria) religion's symbols into their fold.

Then I remember about surah al-Baqarah,how the Jewish ppl acted very stubbornly towards Musa a.s. , demanding him to ask many favours from ALLAH.And when Musa a.s. left them Jewish for 40 days to munajat with ALLAH, they made the golden calf as an idol.

In the Ancient Egyptian religion, the sun(and sunrays) represents Ra. The eye ,represents Isis( if i'm not mistaken).The pyramid as the reflections of the pharoahs idea of a long lasting life.

Most probably, before Musa a.s., the Jewish in ancient Egypt held the same religion as the Egyptians, offering gifts to the Egyptians gods and godesses of Amon-Ra and others. However during Ramses II's reigns, ramses II had several wars with the people of Kadesh in the present day Palestine.The people of Hitites. The people of the same area which the Jews came from.
For this reason, I think Pharoah Ramses II became cruel to the Jewish ppl in ancient Egypt, so them Jews got the worst treatment from Ramses II.
When Musa a.s. brought to them, they had alternatives and they followed Musa a.s.As we all know, Musa a.s. saved them from Ramses II's cruelty. but after 40 years,stuck in the Sinai desert, they once again become frustrated and started blaming Musa a.s. for saving them. And as the quran revealed, most of them had become syirk, and I suspect they started to worship Amon-Ra again.thats why we see the ancient Egyptian symbols in the Masonic movement. The same thing might have occured in babylon when Nabi Ishak(or Yaakob) was there. After time, the Jewish people in Babel became syirk.

The symbols of ancient Egypt and Babylon then became part of the Jewish culture, but at the same time they uses the Taurat as their text.

That's my opinion on possibilities of them using these symbols. As fr their purpose or aim towards the world,I think most of us knew what they want.

cakapaje said...

Wa'alaikumusalam Doc,

I do recognise the names of the ancient egptian idols you mentioned, but my knowledge of their history is not that good.

However, I do remember that when the prophet Musa a.s. made a prayed requesting the death of Ramses, Allah denied his request simply because the pharoah, though he was cruel towards the jews, was loving and kind towards his own people, especially the poor. In fact, he distribute alms personally to the poor of his people.

Later, he became arrogant and vain and followed his priests influence in proclaiming himself as god!

As for using the Taurat as well as the symbols, I couldn't agree more. But I also learned that we should not exclude the templars, who were the founders of the masons. In fact, the whole thing is now spun more and more to confuse people and think THIS IS another conspiracy theory. Thanks Doc.

Kata Tak Nak said...

Shah, Sa Re Ga Ma Pa is a rea;ity program in India where they unearth new talents. The video of that boy Amir Hafeez in my blog is a clip from that program. Just give it a try. If you don'y like it you can always change channel. Its on Channel Zee (108) 7.30pm Saturday and Sunday

cakapaje said...


Oh, ok! InsyAllah, I'll try to watch it. Thank you for informing.