Friday, December 07, 2007

Salam, From Doc Tokasid

Ok. Our dear Doc Tokasid has safely arrived in Egypt. He texted me a message earlier this evening saying he just discovered a new pyramid and is about to enter it just like that Indy Jones. He also mentioned that soon after discovering untold wealth there, he'll climb up the Sphinx and challenge it to a new riddle.

Supposedly, the Sphinx is all too confident that no one can answer the old riddle like: What goes on 4 in the morning, 2 in the afternoon, and 3 in the evening? But the Sphinx fella did not count on our dear Doc being able to answer it. In fact, Doc will even challenge the Sphinx to another riddle which off course, the fella may not find the answer to. Well, what can you expect from a half lion and half what ever, who has been doing nothing but sit all day long for centuries! Padan muka Sphinx! Doc will be cutting off the fella's nose as a trophy for us all soon! Very kind of our Doc, eh?

So now, for the record, the new Riddle of the Sphinx reads as below:

Hehe...sorry all. But I just could not help making up the story above. Please excuse my feeling good and jovial :)

But honestly, Doc did text me and it is as below:

Salam bro. Apa Khabar? Aku tengah cruise river nile dari Aswan 2 luxor. Pg tadi ke abu simbel. Lagi 10min stop komombo. My salam 2 our felo bloggers. Tokasid al misri :)


Yup! Our dear Doc is having a swell time there. Hmm...I thoughy Luxor is the name of the jelly gamat and...did not know the egyptians eat sambal (ok lah they wrongly spelled it as simbel). And, thought komombo is the capitol of Sri Lanka. No? Hmm...:)

Anyway, regarding my last posting, Farina from Princess Journals tried to help us out with the Bari-Bari, but could not get definite answers. So, I too then tried searching under Urban Legends as stuff such as these would normally be listed, and found nothing too. But not finding anything does not mean they are not there (Ok, now I pecah tembelang that I am an X-Filer). So, the best thing is to just be careful.

The one thing I do find rather skeptical about the whole matter is that there were no reference made to the farm or laboratory where those Bari-Bari are.

Ok, time for me to hit the sack now. Take care all :)


Kata Tak Nak said...

Of course he conveniently forgot to mention about the belly-dancers and how he danced with them.

He sure is having a swinging time and I am happy for him. Should he text you again please send him my salam.

As for that wheel thingy, I guess I am now in the third row. Gotta remember that.

cakapaje said...

Salam Cikgu,

Oooh, belly dancers! Hehe, I would not mind being in his shoes now :)

InsyAllah, I will send your salam next. my mind, I'm still in the 2nd picture of the first row :) Being young is ALSO a matter of the mind and hearts, I believe. Though I seriously do not know how long such a belief can linger within me anymore.

elviza said...

I hate TA, I hate TA, I hate TA.... arghhhh jelesnya...

cakapaje said...

Salam Elviza,

Your statement, its almost like being love struck! lol! :)

Mat Salo said...

Shah.. bro' kita tu on hepe dia ke? Mampuih roaming. Nanti aku try. Betui kata Chegu tu. Mana citer gelek nya? Ha-ha. In the meantime kem salaam kat dia naa?

PrincessJournals said...

bestnya ronda2 kat egypt!
another x-filer ya? im an ardent fan of shows like 'a haunting', 'ghost hunters' and find crop-circle very interesting. Very the conspiracy theorist. lol!

cakapaje said...

Salam Matsalo,

Hepe dia memang on, cuma sim card je dak le...think our Doc bought a prepaid there kut.

Citer geleknya nanti dia bawa balik ngan gambar sekali...fuyo! Cayalah sama dia :)

InsyAllah, I will pass him your regards.

cakapaje said...

Salam Princess,

Aha! So we now have more in common. Keep it under your hat ye, I'm also deep believer in conspiracy theory myself! lol!

But if you're into crop-circle, you should try to get an old book entitled 'Wheels of God' or something like that. The book traces those Naztec (can't remember how to spell it) sketches and paintings on the deserts of South America as well as a painting of an astronaut by the Incans. Read it when I was 15 and thought it was awesome.

tokasid said...

Salam Shah:

Thanks bro for this entry about me.
Aku dah boh new entry sebagai lepas gian.

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

he enjoyed the belly-dancing as much as visiting abu simbel if not more i tell ya...kahkahh...

hey, if you cant find anything from the list of urban legends then you know there are some truth in it. so this bari2 could well be the real thing.

cakapaje said...

Salam Doc,

It was my pleasure, sir.

Tapi tak pueh baca entry Doc tu...tambah le sikit lagi. Bab belly dancer pun jadi le lol!

cakapaje said...

Salam Kerp,

Tu le...yang kita kat sini dok meleleq ayaq lioq no? :)

Hmm...tang Bari-bari tu, that, is what I fear.

waterlily said...

Wah...very happy tuan doktor kita...belum p tengok entry dia lagi.Harap2 ada la gambar mumia buat jamu mata :D

cakapaje said...

Salam WL,

Hate to disappoint you, tapi Doc lum lagi upload gambar dia le...kita kena tunggu sehinggalah dia balik.