Monday, December 31, 2007

Oh, What a Night!, I Mean, Day!

Hey! Who changed part of the lyrics here? Should it not say, day? No? Oh, well. Hmm...

But it was a day...a day of mishaps, funny incidents, and unexpected meets. After taking everything into consideration, I'd say it was not bad.

The day started quite wonderfully, in fact! The sun was shining its best, and there were no more dead fishes in the pond. So I guess my theory on male dominance in it might be true after all! I mean, with all the new males Swordtails dead, that macho guy in the can have his pick of the day! It can't get any more primitive can it? Still, it might appeal to some...

Soon after I finished my personal errands for the morning, which include being a birthday delivery man to Emi, my eldest brother who is in Bukit Rimau, and who will be celebrating his 49th year on the 2nd January, I made my way to see a doctor. No, honest I did! She took a look at my leg and said:
"I will not give you a clean bill of health for the GMI Protest..."when she paused there, I took the opportunity to take out 2 larges slices of Chocolate Indulgence cake which I had bought earlier, with the very intention of giving to her as a mark of, shall we say, fondness. Oops! No, I mean gratitude! Anyway, when she saw the cakes, she smiled and continued her statement "unless you use a tandu, crutch, or better, if you are in a wheelchair!". Ok, I get the message and walked out of the treatment room.

Later, as I was walking out of the clinic, I glanced around. Through the small window opening of her room, I could see 4 figures crowding her table. It must be the cakes, I thought and smiled by myself. But as I was driving away, a thought suddenly flashes across "Hey! What's a tandu?"

Anyway, soon after Zohor, I picked up Wak Kasiran to begin our interviews; there was a miscommunication! It seems this would not be a street interview as I thought, but getting political personalities to have their year-end say. "Ok", I said then asked "who are we meeting first and what am I to ask them?"
Wak gave me the questions written on a piece of paper and said "I don't know. I have just only received their phone numbers, and have yet to be able to get anyone on line!"
"Great!" I thought! And each of us began making calls to the names. Somehow lady luck was not with us that day and our calls came to nought. Still, we decided to bulldoze our way to DSAI's office and managed to interview 3 of the people there - Nik Nazmi, Nathaniel Tan, and Din Merican; they make pretty good interviewees, I'd say. Only, the interviewer, or the reporter, was ill prepared! Hmm...

Woopsie! I do have to leave now, and I do hate leaving things hanging. Since I may be held back a while - and I do want to put this entry before midnight - I'm just going to put a picture of myself below and continue writing later when I get back.

By the way guys, I have to admit, I do not celebrate the Gregorian New Year as I do not see much in its celebration. Still, for those who does, here's wishing you the best! Happy 2008!


Kerp (Ph.D) said...

sooo...the mysterious blogger is a she and even the doc's of a fairer sex. trust me shah, get yourself a freakin wheelchair and you'll attract more chics...hehehhhehe...

*seriously, whats a tandu?

Kata Tak Nak said...

Go home, knock your head against the wall, not too hard, then you have an excuse to meet her again or you could always ask her out on the pretext of wanting to know what a tandu is, which I myself don't, or you could stop over and ask her for directions to Lucknow or Rawalpindi or you could use the old method: you airconditioner's broken and you wonder if she could fix it.

cakapaje said...

Salam kerp,

Bro, I might just follow your advice instead of hobbling around and try to act like some macho fool I am :)

Tandu...? Well, you'll just have to wait for 2nd part of the entry. I have just only reached home from an exhausting day interviewing some political too bushed to write this moment.

cakapaje said...

Salam Cikgu,

Lol! Of the 4 excuses you gave me, I think I like the last one best - ask a doctor lady whether she knows how to fix my airconditioner! :) But I can also imagine her reply:

She'll knock my head against the wall, then whisper what a tandu is, then put me one a train where I will later literally hear some shouting "Lucknow! Lucknow!" and even later "Welcome to Rawalpindi!" :)

Nanti I sambung cite ye.

Mior Azhar said...

Hmmm, a good start to the year, kaki sakit notwithstanding. Anyway, isn't a tandu some sort of transporation where a Chinese bride in the olden day used... you know the ones carried by by men.

cakapaje said...

Salam Pak Mior,

Why is editors are more intelligent than writers? lol!

But you are right, as I put in my new entry, thank you :)

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