Friday, June 27, 2008


Were I a visitor to my blog, the first thing that would cross my mind after reading the title would be the musical group, Bread. Well, since that maybe the same thing that cross a real visitor's mind, I thought why not I put up one of their best hits. But mind you, this entry is not about the group, nor the song.

Bread, may be one of the most common food in the world. Yet, it differs in shape, taste, and even the smell, depending on the flour one use, and the mix that goes into it. The same would go with the preparation of the accompanying dishes. However, when the bread is still hot from the oven with its aroma still lingering, it ought to be good enough to be eaten alone. Still, some have to have at least a dish of gravy, without which, then they might as well not eat at all. Hmm...this reminds me of a story about Saidina Umar Al-Khatab r.a.

One day, he was visited by a man from a village, who brought along some 2 food containers, putting them in front of the Khalifah, and inviting the him to partake in the dish which was especially prepared for him by the man's wife. The Khalifah did not say anything, instead stared at the bread, and the gravy which was rich in oil. After a moment of silence, he said aloud to himself "You look so delicious and tempting. But if I were to eat you now, I fear I may be denied of a greater feast in the world hereafter". With that, he politely refused the food.

I should stress here that the circumstance above may well be different than one would imagine, but let's not get into it (tak bertauliah lagi!).

Earlier today I went to Giant Kelana Jaya for our monthly grocery needs. And as I was rummaging through the frozen food section, I came across several types and brands of instant bread, including Roti Paratha and Chapati. Now, normally I would not buy them except that, well, I am trying to work my way to a new client who makes Roti Lebanon, which essentially is pita bread. Well, at least to me, that's what I think it is though the owner - a real Lebanese - may vehemently say its not. But, let's not get into that too.

Anyway, since emak and I are trying to avoid eating rice at night as much as possible, we had the instant Chapati for dinner. I followed the instructions as best I could, except I did not use a pan, instead, just microwaved it. And soon, emak and I tucked into 2 very unchapati bread each; it was thin, small and lacked texture. I don't know about everyone else, but to me, the Sikh community makes the best chapati ever!

There was this premise - only half a shoplot size - in Bangsar, which made real good chapati. I do not know how they do it, but I used to stop over for a meal whenever I pass the area. Unfortunately, now I hardly step into KL, and last I heard, the business had closed down due to the death of a family member. Now, I don't know where to get a good chapati.

Hopefully, not able to get any now, might assist me to a greater feast in the hereafter, insyAllah. But oops! There's still the frozen Roti Paratha to be had.


Ydiana said...

Oh.. I was about to invite you for a great cahapati either in Kelana Jaya or Subang Jaya, but.... Its oklah...

minahkaypoh said...

aje only ahhh??

what about me ahh.., ydiana??

no chapati

roti arab also can larr

with lots of cheese & mutton khema

tandoori chicken..kebab

ampang jaya pon sedap gak tau

mak aaii!

pesal word verication

umah si aje ni panjang sangat ;)

minahkaypoh said...


snow sampaikan salam manja

salam kasih & salam mesra

dia kata dia bz

laptop dia kaputt

streamyx kt area dia cam @#$%^&*


penatlah jadik middle person ni

korang berchenta

tak menyusahkan aku, boleh tak??

huahaha... ;)

acciaccatura said...

exactly shah, saya pun ingat kumpulan bread tu. david gates?

saya rasa kena panas dalam pan kot shah. microwave tak berapa jadi kot?

Ydiana said...


No problem... any-de-time. Name time, date and place. ;)

Ydiana said...


Salam. Sorry about our manners ye, tak bagi salam, tak minta izin, terux hijack you punya entry. Thousand apology.

cakapaje said...

Salam ydiana,

Chapati in Subang Jaya or Kelana Jaya? You're on! Just tell me when ;)

cakapaje said...

Salam mk,

Er...tak dapek den nak tolong pasai word verification tu ye. As for kebab, sure, I can help you finish too. Just make sure its donner, or is it shish? Can't remember, but I like the one with meatballs skewered.

cakapaje said..., kirim salam kembali kepada snow ye ;)

cakapaje said...

Salam Accia,

David Gates, off course ;)

Dan a'ah, instruction suruh pan fry, tapi den maleh nak buka pintu daput tu - dapur oven kek luar. Tapi, boleh le...janji, janji diana ;)

cakapaje said...


No problem, mein fraulein. As for the belanja-ing mk, er...can you extend your invitation to that cakapaje guy? I mean, kesian dia, bila kek luar, asyik makan sorang je :)

Ydiana said...

Caaannn... pastu doa banyak2 kat jannah pun dapek makan capati gak. hahaha.. Sorry ya, gurau.

Well, if mk and snow can join, we'll extend the invitation to you, be our guest!

cakapaje said...


ssshhhh! Don't tell the world, ok? And I'll whisper your message to that cakapaje; I'm sure he will be thrilled :)

Ydiana said...


When the time comes, we'll all go for that nice capati or marinara pizza, ya.