Saturday, June 21, 2008

It's Not Exactly Bonnie

I don't know who the baby is, nor do I know the parents. But amongst the picks available at you tube, this was the most decent and adorable. And no, this entry has nothing to do with the song, though if ever there is a bonnie, it would be nice to sing it to her. This entry is actually a short story about bones. And it has no medical reference of whatsoever.

My emak likes to tell stories of her younger days in Melaka. Sometimes it would be tales of the days whilst in Pantai Belimbing, other times it would be about Melaka Pindah. Now, I can't recall where exactly this tale took place, but its about an old man who has 2 doting sons; the younger one living with him, the other in a city.

As the tale goes, one day when the younger son was about to leave for the market, he asked the father if he needed or wanted anything. Unhesitatingly the old man said he would like to eat 'sup tulang'. Thus off went the son to the market for the day's buy, as well as some fine bones for the soup the old man wanted.

When he got back, he asked his wife to prepare the soup according to the old man's wish, with no further thoughts about it. But somehow, the old man was not thoroughly satisfied as the dish prepared was nowhere near to the recipe of his beloved wife, who passed away several years before. Thus while he was feeling sad about missing his wife, the elder son came to the house unexpectedly. Like any faithful son, the first question he would asked was whether the father has had his meal. The father, still teary eyed, replied sadly 'Adik engkau beri aku tulang je hari ni'. Enraged, the elder son confronted his younger brother who replied nonchalantly 'Dah itu yang ayah mintak!' Can't remember how the story ended, but it was quite hilarious when I heard it quite sometime back. Perhaps, the ending could have been on the same line as in an old McD TV advertisement "Where's your beef?".

Now, since we have moved on from bonnie to bones, and now beef, I don't mind telling you I'm feeling rather peckish now, even though emak and I had a meal of Otai Burger earlier; while she had a chicken, I had a double beef. Maybe after 2 days without proper meal, both our bodies are craving for some real food. Now, don't get me wrong, or confused this part with the old man earlier as emak and I are still recovering from a minor bout of food poisoning we suffered late Wednesday evening. Due to this, I was unable to assist Doc Lo'Lo' in her Parliamentary preparation. Fat good I would be there, actually, for never have I seen any parliament papers, nor have I seen any sittings. But it would have been a good experience. Talking of which...though it may not succeed, the motion to remove an old bone from the Parliament is indeed much welcome. Let's hope it goes through and with it, the removal of the entire cabinet of old bones too. With them around, life, of late, has not been exactly bonnie.


tokasid said...

Salam Shah:

I passed by Belimbing Dalam,Pantai Belmbing,Panchor and Melaka Pindah 2 days ago. Still serene and beautiful.

And saw several oldies with more tulang than muscles.

Sorry to know you can't make it to DrLo'lo' thingy.

Those boney cabinets in Putrajaya will soon be removed.And no Sup Tilang Utara is gonna buy these old bones to make soup.Their bone will make the rakyat have food poisoning.

cakapaje said...

Wa'alaikumusalam Doc,

That's the whole point! With lesser and lesser spending power, soon we will all be walking skeletons, na'uzubillah!

Kerp (Ph.D) said... wonder you went missing for a coupla days. shah, if you had tulang, i had (ubi)kayu last week. and that was the reason i farted like mad practically through out the whole day. can you imagine if all the parliamentarians to switch from rice to tapioca as suggested by whoever hell, parliament will get stinkier!

Kata Tak Nak said...

Thats it, thats it! Shah you are brilliant, truly brilliant. Can't you see? Tukar cara hidup = makan tulang saja.

cakapaje said...

Salam kerpie,

lol! Yang hang pi makang ubi kayu tu buat pa? Lain kali, ikut cam cerita cek, makang tulang ;)

Anyway, the Parliament was filled with stinking people previously. But nowadays, the stink-count has been lowered by 82 digits. Not bad for pollution control eh? Let's now try to lower it by another 50 or so :)

cakapaje said...

Salam Cikgu,

Lol! But cannot-lah! Bones and faeces are food for the alam ghaib; if we eat tulang, I fear The Jin would be angry after that :)

Ydiana said...

Hi Shah

Forgot to drop a line earlier. Hahaha ..that My Bonnie song, so long I haven't heard. I think my teacher in Std 1 asked me to sing this song at a concert, if my memory is right. Sooo many moons ago..

And Cikgu.. tulang susah nak dapat la. Cepat sangat habis.

Ydiana said...

Ooops.. forgot again. Something wrong with me today.

Yeslah, your Barry Manilow song coincide with my blog. Well, great minds think alike. hehehe.. I renamed one of my blogs to that.

cakapaje said...

Salam ydiana,

Now, which school would that be when you sang 'My Bonnie'? You never know, we may have been riding the same school bus, or used the same route ;)

minahkaypoh said...

nak sup kambing

Ydiana said...


Anonymous said...

salam shah,
hmm...teringat Aesop's tales, and then our teacher will ask, and the moral of the story is...? makan tulang , jangan makan ubi!!!
seriously shah, kalau daging qurban punya tulang memang lain sedap dia kan?

cakapaje said...

Salam mk,

Mamak! Itu kamping punya sup - bukan sapi tau - kasi satu. Ini saya kawan pompuan juga mahu makan. Kasi sedap punya, tau!

OK, mk, I dah orderkan untuk you. Tapi mamak delivery ni, service dia selalu slack. Kekadang hantau order salah, kekadang lak, hantar order orang lain ;)

cakapaje said...

Wa'alaikumusalam Accia,

Aesop, lamo bonau den tak dongar orang sobut namo tu. Hmm...tiny tiny dulu, memang gomar baco cerito dio.

But yes, daging dan tulang qurban memang bes. Lagi bes, kalau dapek kepalo kambing buat sup! OOoh! sure terangkatnya! ;)

cakapaje said...


That's a very alluring smile you have ;)