Wednesday, June 25, 2008


For the past 2 weeks and more, the piped water in my house have been low on pressure. No, there's nothing wrong with the supply, just that we've turned the tap at the main near to the minimum due to some backflow from the water filter we use. After failing to get in touch with the servicing agent to change or wash the filter, I finally found one on a website. And earlier this afternoon, a technician came over to clean the was filthy brownish-red!

Anyone reading the above might well ask "Why the hell can't he be doing the cleaning himself?" Good point, actually. Problem is, the water filter we use is locked in a metal cylinder, and the key looks very much like a tennis racquet. Then, once the casing is taken off and the sponge filter removed, one would need to use a jet-hose to wash off the dirt. Both apparatus, I do not have and don't think I will in this near future. After purchasing the filter for RM2,400 some 4 years ago, it comes with a 3year maintenance agreement where the agent would provide cleaning service every 6 months at RM50 per visit. I think its a fair deal and do not want to change it. Besides, a handyman I am not, unless in absolute emergency.

Looking at the dirt running off the filter during the cleaning process, makes me wonder how other houses, those not using any, cope with the dirty water. Makes one wonder too, who should we be responsible for the condition of the supply. There were talks about the setting up of a Water Supply Commission (SPAN) quite similar to those for electricity, and communications. Personally, I think for a country of our size, we have far too many Commissions already, each supposedly for a specific industry, but nothing concrete coming out of it in the end. Supposedly, its all in the name of Self-Regulatory.

I ask myself time and again 'If Singapore can provide good clean water which comes from our soil, why can't our authorities do so?' And if water is really becoming scarce now, why don't the government invest in double piping system where water meant for industrial use (cooling, cleaning and maintenance) use recycle water? After all, we already have a company who is supposedly treating used water. Now, instead of throwing the treated used water back to the drains, they should just pipe it for industrial use. I believe several countries are already doing this, namely Singapore.

Shoot! When I began writing this entry, I thought I would not be critical on such matters. For the past few months, I find myself drifting towards issues and matters which I loathe to write about. After reading Raden Galoh, I realised I must have taken a wrong turning somewhere and decide to track back. Don't get me wrong though, for I will still be politically active elsewhere. Speaking of which...

Yesterday, I braved myself to reopen all my working email boxes and had a small shock when one, had more than 23,000 emails! Hullo! I know I only have myself to blame for leaving them unattended for a while. But then, I was like going insane already handling so many news and groups! Or perhaps, I already am. Nah. Then again, denial syndrome is a sign for an ailment! Alamak! Oklah, I am insane. But when I look out my window, the world is already an asylum. Well, at least, Malaysia is. Oops! OK, filtering begins.

ps. This was Cikgu's song, and now its mine.


Kerp (Ph.D) said...

dont know about you bro, but the last thing i want is to drink my own pee, like the singaporeans. people can tell me all the tales about how surprisingly clean the water can be after all the purification process but am not buying it. its a psychological thing bro.

Ydiana said...

Salam Shah

Talking about filtered water, even with the filter outside, and the drinking water treament inside, when its time to either clean or change the filter, it still looks like some red, brown and black icky one... What a sad reality.

Raden Galoh said...

Salam Shah...

Even with the claerly can be seen dirty water, I remembered someone in the water company said it is safe to drink straight from the tap...eerrrr...hello...hello!!!!

Filtered or not, in this country better to boil it first.

you take care bro.

cakapaje said...

Salam kerpie,

Bro, I don't really care what the Sings does with their water, but I do care what we do with ours. After all, I'm not suggesting we drink the recycled water, only using it for the industry plants and what not.

Anyway, sometime back in the '70s or so, a former PM of India tried to promote what was later called Moraji Cola, but failed to get response when he died of kidney problems later. You see, Moraji Desai advocates the drinking of one's own urine every morning, which he claimed as good for health. His death, proved it otherwise.

cakapaje said...

Wa'alaikumusalam ydiana,

Good point you mentioned there - I wonder if the exercise to change the entire nation's piping system is still going on. Several years back, the gomen acted on publics' complaint about the rusty water - our steel pipes, after 30years of use, have begun corroding! Don't hear much about the exercise now, whether it has been completed or shelved halfway through.

cakapaje said...

Wa'alaikumusalam Queen Raden,

Too true, we boil our drinking water, alright. But if the pipe does not have filter, just watch the sediments builds up either in the kettle or the water bottle. Sad.

Kata Tak Nak said...

I am with Kerp here. Pee water? hey thats for Singaporeans and Putrajayans only.

raina said...

pee water for the 4th floor guys only ahhh...
putragiants pon tak mau taw!!
i seksitif ngan chegu ni..

ayaq kt putrajaya mahal taw seliter
caj x sama cam tempat lein
tapi lebih yellowish
:( ramai larr yg bakal jadi pesakit kanser kt cn..

sori shah
nak marah ku nan sat.

Hei, Ku Nan!!!
Mana hang ilang ahhh??
wakil rakyat @#$%^&*
bengong!!!mentedarah doit jerr..

thx, shah.

cakapaje said...

Salam Cikgu,

lol! As Raina mentioned, for the 4th flr boys je kut!

But seriously, we don't have to drink it, keeping its use for the industry only.

cakapaje said...

Salam raina,

Aiks? You marah ku nan, but you thanked me? Wow! Ini macam niaga kasi orang marah lagi untung wo!

Kata Tak Nak said...

To all Putrajayans, I humbly begs for forgiveness. Forgot to specify that its for 4th floor boys in Putrajaya. Please don't sue me, sue Ku nan

cakapaje said...

Oh Cikgu,

Maybe you forgot about the King of The Putrajaya Hill?