Friday, August 10, 2007

Another Purple Heart?

When the American Independence Army was suffering losses after losses, General Washington had to find a way to boost the sagging morale of the ranks. As I remember reading it, an aide suggested that soldiers wounded while in action be accorded with a medal. Since metals and its likes were scarce and that is use as an ingredient for other needs, the first Purple Heart was made from a rag and pinned to the wounded soldier's tunic. Since then, the Purple Heart has evolved with finer materials but its purpose remains the same - a show of the country's appreciation for soldiers wounded in the battlefields. Irrespective whether the war they wage is legal or not!

It is rather unfortunate then that I am a volunteer (in military terms, I would be a militia) with webtv8 and not the US Army. For as Purple Hearts go by, I figure I would have an array of them on my chest - basically a host of misfortunes(?) that afflict yours truly while on duty. But then, as far as I am concerned, the entire US military can go jump into the Marina Trench, fully dressed in battle fatigues and their 3-day rations and all the Purple Hearts they can carry, yet not one would give a hoot. Er...Sofian my nephew should be excluded for that exercise, thank you.

Now, if you're wondering where I'm heading to, wonder no more.

While covering the MTUC Picket last Wednesday, my left leg gave away again causing a sprain on the ankle. It was, bloody painful, I don't mind telling you. But as I was trying to catch hold of Tn Syed Shahir, I shook off the pain and hobbled towards him. My mind then was totally immersed with the interview and my loathe for the SBs, that I forgot my pain totally...till I got into the car. By then the pain had subsided and when I reached home, I poured a whole small bottle of 'minyak cak kapak' hoping that the pain would cease and the ointment would 'unsprain' the leg. It didn't. Thus tomorrow, I'll be following a neighbour to see a pakcik urut in Malacca in (vain?) hope that he can 'righten the wrongs' of my leg...hehe, what a way to put it.

Anyway, all this while I thought I'm having one heck of a painful experience. Then, I came across a blog where this guy is actually suffering more! If you have time, kindly visit Let's Go and put some friendly words. If anything, just to make a guy feel good. But for heaven's sake, don't ever mention about my blog!

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