Sunday, August 26, 2007

Could It Be Magic? Part 2.

I logged my last entry on the 18th August 25, 2007, regarding an unplanned trip to Malacca the week before. Since then, the days just flew by leaving little time for respite, but providing some unexpected surprises.

On the eve of 20th August 25, 2007, I attended Harakah’s 20th Year Dinner at the Grand Season’s Hotel, Kuala Lumpur. As the official tabloid for PAS, it had stood the test of time which amongst other things includes constant harassment by the Kementerian Dalam Negeri, as well as the new ruling which saw Harakah’s twice weekly editions limited to only twice a month! It was one of the methods used by KDN to reduce the tabloid’s popularity amongst politically conscious Malaysians. From a height of 350,000 copies per edition before the ruling, Harakah’s sale plummeted to only 150,000 per issue; though the effectiveness of the tabloid was curtailed, it still stands tall and defiant. Thus, the night was a celebration of not only Harakah the company, the newspaper, but also the staff who stood - rain or shine - against the adversities and injustice brought by the ruling party against the people of Malaysia.

The night events were recorded by webtv8 and I felt rather strange and left out - being a guest invited personally by Lutfi, the Chief Editor of Harakah- does have it drawback! Roslan, the wtv8 bigwig, later called me to sit with him as he too felt awkward being a mere guest and spectator while the rest of wtv8 crew was in swing.

The night may have not meant much to any one even those invited. But to me personally, it was kind of special as my birthday falls on the very next day - the 20th August! I mean, its like, gee! they're celebrating my birthday! Though in my entire life I have never given it much thought, it does make one feels warm inside. And 2 days after that, sweet and kindly Attiah gave me a birthday call! Thank you for the call, and the birthday cake you brought to the office some 7-8 years ago, thank you.

Unofficially, I am 45. Officially though, by courtesy of some mistakes made by the registration officers of the Registration Department, I will only be that on the 20th December! Hmm...I'm one of the very few people able to celebrate 2 birthdays a year. Another person sharing the same honour is Tun Dr Mahathir.

Magical was it the night of the 19th? You bet it was!

But this 2nd part is not what I had intended it to be. What I wanted to write may be something more, shall we say, magical? Sadly, I am unable to bring it out for reasons only Allah s.w.t., and perhaps I, know deep inside. It involves matter which are too confidential for other persons dearly related would inevitably be drawn into the picture. And with that, it reminds me of a silent vow I have taken years ago to keep such matters to the grave. Let Allah, in His Infinite Wisdom and Kindness be my judge. And let the pain of holding such secret absolve any and all past misdeeds I have done, insyAllah.

Suffice to say: It is to Him we came from, and it is to Him we shall return.

That is something we oft forget: the eternal world of the hereafter is many times more magical than any magics put together here: I bear witness that there is no god except Allah, and Muhammad s.a.w. is His Messenger.

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