Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Who GuardsThe Guards?

Late this afternoon, Wak and I made our way to the MTUC Picket in Shah Alam. We arrived at 5 at an empty scene. As I got out of the car, I noticed 4 plainclothes police personnel hanging around at the motorcycle parking bays; in all probability, they are the local-beat based Special Branch officers. I couldn't give a s**t about them.

A few moments later, 2 guys rode in on their respective motorcycles and dressed in overalls. We exchanged kind greetings and got into a small conversation while waiting Tn Syed Shahir, the MTUC President. It was a short wait as not 5 minutes later, Tn Syed came and suddenly out of nowhere, a large group of people appeared, making their way to the corner of the section 15 roundabout in Shah Alam. In a matter of a few minutes, banners and placards were either held high or tied to the young trees on the roadside. Then, it begins...

As more and more workers congregate, so did the police personnel - uniformed and plainclothes! The plainclothes police personnel I spotted earlier, I was wrong about them, they were from Bukit Aman and were later joined by their colleagues equipped with still and video cameras! Perhaps, apart from wanting to use the pictures and videos as incriminating evidents, they would be used as intelligence gathering as well, especially for their masters - the BN. And I guess Wak and yours truly mugs are already in their books by now.

After Wak had begun taking shots from angles he fancies, we decided to get several workers on tape, in hope that viewers of wtv8 could judge from it the plight of the low-income workers. While moving from one end to the other, we noticed that the SBs were following us. True enough. As soon as we manged to pull Tn Syed aside for a short interview, the SBs homed in on us: one stood directly behind Tn Syed, taking notes of his words; one took still shots and another had us on tape; yet another one was not doing anything but just hanging around like a vulture.

Soon as Tn Syed had finished, Wak and I moved on. But I noticed those SBs were acting like secondary schoolchildren - they were exchanging notes of what Tn Syed had said in the open! Goodness! How bloody crude and unprofessional they were. Yuk!

It was then Wak and I decided to play a prank on them. We pretended to interview more workers while at the same crept closer to the other SBs mingling in the crowd. Then while I held the microphone to the SBs, Wak began taping. Hehe! You should see the surprised looks on their faces! We hounded several and each time they stepped further away from us. I mean, too can play the game. But we decided not to pursue too much. Still, we sort of promised one another to do the same thing at every event we cover.

By the way, pictures are courtesy of Harakah. Oops! Did not get their permission beforehand; hope Lutfi does not mind :)

Who guards the guards? We will, insyAllah.

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