Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Doc, I'm Hungry...

The first and last time I suffered gastritis was some 10 years ago, just after returning home after my first working visit to Jakarta. Since I never had such attack, I was quite engulfed with anxiety and discomfort rather than the pain itself. Anyway, after a visit to a nearby hospital and whatever necessary treatment, the pain subsided and within the next day I was running about again.

Last Monday morning, both emak and I began to have stomach disorder. Thinking it was a mild case of gastritis, we both shrugged it off and each dealt with it quietly until she told me later that the disorder has led her to have bouts of diarrhea. Emak, being emak, would never listen to me but would submit meekly only when Din ask her to go to the clinic. With a mother and son suffering almost the same problem, what else could the doctor deduce but food poisoning.

Later that night, I received a message from a Abdul Malek Othman, or pakngah as he is known within several yahoo groups circle, asking to withdraw himself as the no.2 moderator for harakahdaily@yahoogroups due to health reasons. Much later on the same night, he texted me again as he was rushed to the Teluk Intan Hospital for emergency treatment By that time I was already weakened from my own pain, there was nothing much I could do but console him with my messages.

Tuesday, the whole day and night was lost to emak and I as we both slept long hours to recover our strength. Between Monday morning and late Tuesday night, neither of us had anything but a slice of bread to eat. This morning, alhamdulillah, we felt somewhat stronger, and it suddenly dawned on me to message the Kami Perihatin club regarding Pakngah, in hope that someone from the club could visit him. InsyAllah, an Ustaz Nor Azli will try to do so personally or get his friend to do so.

Have to be honest though, I did felt somewhat awkward in sending those messages to KP as I missed an important date with them yesterday - breaking fast, prayers and meeting.

Though we are recovering well, both emak and I could not help but fall into short sleeps. In between such sleep, I managed to glimpse at "Friday Night Live", a movie about American Football and the passion about it. Can't say much about it as I keep dropping into sleep. But from what I saw, I'd say its pretty much a good story about sports people and their hunger to achieve success.

In the short space of 2 days, so much has happened including a pilot project I am working with a wireless broadband company. Alhamdulillah, after a stalled negotiation for a strategic site, it suddenly jumped back to live when the site manager gave approval, albeit a stiffer rental. Never the less, the company seem happy and insyAllah, I will begin resuming the project soon. Till then, I need to get back to my online voluntary work. Like I said to the Doctor last Monday "Doc, I'm hungry..."

ps. This is something I almost forgotten though I so much wanted to put it in the body text: Reading minci, can only leave one with more food for thought.


tokasid said...

Salam cakapaje:

Alhamdulillah hang dan mak hang dah makin sihat.

Bulan puasa ni memang senang kena gastritis, food poisoning dan batu karang.

Kalau boleh hang avoid pedas2 for several days.

Aku ni dah 3 tahun, bila sahur kena ambil ubat gastrik ,kalau tak jam 12 dah pedih perut.

Harap2 pakngah pun dah semakin sihat.

Its good to know project tu menjadi, Alhamdulillah.

cakapaje said...

Salam Doc,

SubhanAllah, alhamdulillah. Patient mesti ikut cakap Doc :)

Mengenai pakngah, dia masih belum menjawab sms terbaru saya dan saya tidak pula mahu mengganggu dia jika dia sedang berehat. Cuma...insyAllah nanti saya paparkan cerita dia dan sms dia pada saya malam itu. Do'akan kesejahteraan dia.

Kata Tak Nak said...

I had a bad attack of gastritis about 17 years ago. I get bloated after a few mouthfuls. I lost about 20lbs in a month. I had a barium meal, barium enema and a gall bladder scan and they all came negative for any complications.
I met another specialist who told me to avoid santan, curry, chillies, onions, garlic and oily food. For one month I was on rice +fried chicken or fish with kicap. I got better. Nowadays I always have magnesium trisilicate and actal plus ready.

cakapaje said...

Salam Cikgi,

Er...magnesium trisilicate tu apa? Honestly, I don't know and would like to - it may just come useful to me later.

tokasid said...


Magnesium trisilicate tu ubat gastirk yang mild. Actal tu lebih kurang sama lah. Org yg prone to kena gastrik ni elok bila bulan posa take Actal 2 biji lepas sahur. Tapi kalau yg teruk mungkin kena ambil ubat yg kuat sikit seperti tagamet atau Ranitidine atau Omeprazole( hang jgn penin baca nama2 ubat ni....)

Aku pasai dah teruk kena ambil Omeprazole setiap sahur,kalu dak pukul 12 tghri dah pedih macam kena hiris perut.

Che'gu: a ni ada pantang lagi ka? Ka ...pantang jumpak!

cakapaje said...


Jangan kata nama ubat, nak sebut pun dah penin :)

Cikgu, maaf, tertypo nama.

Kata Tak Nak said...

Saya kalau dok rasa panas saja di perut tu saya akan berhenti makan benda2 yang berempah dan bawang utk beberapa hari. Kalau rasa teruk sikit saya makan zantac 150mg. Dia potong asid kan doc? Baru 2 3 hari lepas beli 2 botol magnesium trisilicate just in case.

cakapaje said...

Cikgu, now you mentioned it, I pretty much remember, Zantac, that is.