Monday, September 03, 2007

On Air!

Not too long ago when I was working with a funny outfit, I had to accompany the Chairman or Vice Chairman to Press Conferences and radio interviews with various RTM as well as private radio stations. Every radio station I step into had me in awe, no matter how deadbeat look like. There's something about radio broadcast that amazes me. Perhaps I was influenced by the US comedy "WKRP In Cincinnati", or perhaps the red and green lights of the conti (studio) holds me sway like those of a traffic light. Does not matter though, don't think I'll ever be associated with any. The closest I'll ever get is with webtv8, which is more than I can hope for.

Talking of which, webtv8 has finally managed to get back on air after having its website hacked by - as some would put it - keris brandishing lilliputians. Zul and Aidy, the techno-wizards of wtv8, have managed to overcome the lilliputians by simply moving us to another site. Now, wtv8 can be viewed through any of the two links below:




With regards to my Kampung Berembang and Kampung Melayu Sentosa reporting, there will be a slight delay as currently we are very much underhand. InsyAllah, the news will be played sometime this week. Most importantly, we are back ON AIR!

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