Thursday, September 04, 2008

Broken Wing

A mynah, just like the above, hops around on the street of my house, trying to seek refuge from a group of small boys chasing it. Normally, I would raise my voice at the kids in hope of stopping them from hurting the bird. But there was something about the mynah which stopped me from doing so, and I, instead, became an observer. As I watch, it became obvious to me that the children had the correct intent; they were, trying to catch the bird and keep if safe - the mynah, was suffering from a broken wing.

The 5 kids, at one point of time, had the bird in a circle. But as they each rushed in to capture it with their bare hands, the bird, even with its right wing sagging, was too slippery for them. Soon, it hops out of my view, taking the kids along with it. At this point of writing, I can't say whether the kids were successful or not. But perhaps that is not so important as what matters more is that the kids have a noble intent, caring for a life which rarely cross their path what else touch them. But their act, touched me.

Its been raining daily here since Ramadhan began, and its not helping me at all with my flu, causing me to have cold chest which in turn, leads to incessant coughing. Perhaps due to the coughs, I have been feeling very tired these past few days, what with the energy used and the lack of sleep caused by it, having to sleep in an upright position rather than horizontal. And the jeli gamat I have been taking again recently, does not seem to help as it once did many years ago. Perhaps its the brand. Or perhaps, I am already in a state of irreparable damage. But to be honest, in all, I would rather have this cold chest than cold feet (literal meaning) which some people must be experiencing now with the approaching September 16 date. That, sort of perks me up. InsyAllah, we will be going through a most interesting time in the history of Malaysia, which makes me glad to be around. What happens next, only Allah s.w.t. in His Infinite Wisdom knows.

Reading through RPK's entry here, I pray we will be able to re-look into some strange laws which were enacted for some industry, but exempted to others. Agreed, alcohol is haram, and so is selling and serving it. But as the man asked though not verbatim "What about MAS and the many Muslims forced to serve it?" That, reminded me of a question many have been asking too regarding a certain 24hours convenience chain store.

Arriving some 20minutes early for an appointment, I stepped into one of those stores looking for something to bite. Seeing the hot servings they have I asked if the food is halal. The staff of the store, some 3 of them and all Muslims, looked at each other and replied in one voice that everything in the store is halal. Alhamdulillah, I thought. But then, I saw another staff was busy rearranging the cold drinks section and was in fact, holding a bottle of beer in each hand with more bottles on the floor and in the fridge. Halal? I think not.

Going by RPK's statement and the act of the religious department as well as RELA, how come Muslims are allowed to sell and serve liquor and beer here, but not in pubs and discotheques and whatnot? Or that there was once a law that whenever a shop wants to sell liquor, it has to put up a notice in a newspaper to inform the public of its intention. A certain lee time is then given for any member of public to object, and the objection taken into view by the authorities concerned. So how come this convenience chain store does not seem to do so? Something's amiss somewhere.

The above, and many other inconsistencies of the current regime is what makes a commoner like cakapaje feeling disgusted and helpless. I pray from the 17th onwards, the people concerned will be more mindful of such matters and not leave a commoner to be like the mynah with a broken wing and left to the mercy of the elements (if not for the boys).
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Zabs said...

Salam Shah,
Good one. May us be blessed with a better government from the 17th onwards. Selamat berpuasa dan berbuka.

Kata Tak Nak said...

What do you do to a bad government with a severed wing? Do you still treat it? Hmmm

Kerp (Ph.D) said...


me and my macha friends had a gathering in a restaurant that is known to serve halal food but at the same time they serve beer. i obliged to the invitation bcos firstly, they appreciate my company and second but most importantly, i dont drink so i couldnt see any reason to decline their invitation.

*maybe you could try this method to stop the coughing- sapu vicks vapour rub kat kedua belah tapak kaki and then pakai stokin before going to bed. according to my friends, it works effectively.

cakapaje said...

Wa'alaikumusalam Pak Zabs,

Thank you, and insyAllah, we will. Selamat berpuasa dan berbuka to you and your family too.

cakapaje said...

Salam Cikgu,

I don't know what to about a bad government with a severed wing. But if they were a horse, and according to the many western movies I've seen, they just shoot those horses with a broken leg. And according to George Orwell in Animal Farm, they send those horses to the knackers while still alive. Hmm...sort of give one ideas, doesn't it? ;)

cakapaje said...

Salam kerpie,

Hmm...according to some learned Muslims, even sitting together at a table with liquor is a no-no.

As for the tips, thanks bro. But if it does not work out, then I'm coming over to your place :)

Kerp (Ph.D) said...


who am i to dispute with the learned muslims, let alone the scholars but my conscience is clear- i do not drink.

Ydiana said...

Salam Shah

The story of the bird reminds me of a 7 year old girl. She was crossing a field and saw an injured bird, maybe a baby mynah, pick it up trying to save it and maybe keep it as a pet. Then she went on her destination, met some friends and forgot about the bird. After having the time of her life in the fields, while on her way back, she felt something heavy in her pocket. Wondering what it was, she reached inside to find something hairy and cold in her pocket....

alinaabdullah said...

salam shah. kalau saya batuk dan selesema, saya selalu minum air kelapa muda. berkesan untuk batuk. untuk selesema, saya cuba madu. sejak akhirakhir ini, saya cuba untuk mengelak dari ubat klinikal.

itu di kedai kedai. macamana pula di kilang arak di shah alam dan pj? saya dengar, manager di sana ialah muslim. erm..

jaflam said...

Salam Shah,
There nothing wrong with Islam nor the Malays. For those who do not follow the true teaching of Islam or the fine culture of the Malays should not be considered as one.

For those who preach that going to court is better then to Friday prayer or he is the smartest Malay(?) does not deserve to be applauded.

Preaching has always been easier then practicing

alinaabdullah said...

salam shah. saya terdengar dari teman. syarikatnya ada kontrak dengan sebuah kementerian. ada ura ura daripada bos dia, kemungkinan syarikat mereka akan dihentikan projek nya. kerana, ada peralihan kuasa dalam kementerian (baca: kerajaan). huhu. maka, kroni pun tengah berpeluh juga.

cakapaje said...


I do not judge you, even if you do, but merely passing the information I learn.

cakapaje said...

Wa'alaikumusalam ydiana,

Sad. But the little girl was only 7 and was still in semi-conscious state of mind; she should not be blamed. Her intention though, is still noble :)

cakapaje said...

Wa'alaikumusalam Alina,

InsyAllah, saya cuba amalkan kerana saya juga cuba menjauhi ubat klinik seberapa yang boleh.

Mengenai kilang kilang arak itu, ianya lebih ketara kan? Namun, tidak pula Jabatan Agama mengambil tindakan. Inilah yang dimaksudkan sebagai 'inconsistency' perundangan kita - bukan perundangan Islam, tapi perundangan manusia.

Dan menegenai syarikat kroni kroni, memang, ramai yang sedang menggigil kepala lutut mereka. InsyAllah, akan saya muatkan sedikit cerita seorang kroni yang saya kenal dalam satu entri nanti.

cakapaje said...

Wa'alaikumusalam Jaflam,

I know where you are coming from, and I wholeheartedly agree with you that there is nothing wrong with Islam. But the application of an extension to Islamic laws are not consistently observed by the lawmakers and authorities concerned. That, was my point. And I believe, that was what RPK was trying to get across too.

Me... Only Better said...

salam Shah...

I posted on Jakim semlm, with regards to Ambrin's findings and their gross dereliction of duty to Muslims and their deviating from their purpose by acting as running dogs for the gomen again by persecuting RPK (not that i have a lot of love for this man and his writings sometimes).

I see, with all due respect, that people think after the 16th, there will be a miraculous new order and evrything will be hunky dory. On the contrary, we might be facing a very unstable and chaotic period for the long haul.

I hope people will not be blinded by their unbridled hopes fanned (irresponsibly) by Anwar.

The ruling party will not let go without a fight.

But I'm such a negative person.

As they say, masa bercinta, kentut pun wangi...maybe I'm smelling too much stinking farts nowadays...makes me real bitchy

cakapaje said...

Wa'alaikumusalam Tehsin,

Lovely comment by you. To be honest, I an being neither an optimist nor a pessimist, just putting my prayers here and hoping for the best.

Yes, we may be in for a very long haul. But that is because corruption and abuse of power has been entrenched in our society for too long a period that it may take a generation before we can weed out the bulk of it. Perhaps, one of the best weapon we have against such vile matters is daily Tazkirah; education, afterall, is a lifelong process.

For your information, I am not a fan of DSAI, though I respect him and Datin Wan Azizah a great deal. But he is, as I see it, our 'Cromwell' against the tyranny of a regime which refuses to go away.

Me... Only Better said...

which one was lovely..the kentut wangi part? haha

cakapaje said...


Lol! That too :)