Tuesday, September 16, 2008

A Play

The actor stood on the stage with both hand clasp at the chest. "The Day!" he said loudly as his right hand reached out to the empty seats of the amphitheater, save for several people sitting in small clusters.
"No! No! You fool! Its not The Day, its D Day!" cried another actor on the stage.
"The Day!" said the first actor again.
"No! No! How many times must I say it, it is D Day! D, as in Donkey!" again cried the 2nd actor as they rehearse for a play consisting of several small sketches. And while they were at it, 2 people sitting in front were busy talking.

"What's this to be?" asked kerpie, one of the 2 men.
"It says in the synopsis that the 2 are arguing about the proper pronunciation of the military term", replied Nazir.
"You mean as in Normandy? Man, that's like **** old, don't you think?"
"Kerpie, the date is not the issue here, but the message they are trying to get across".
"Oh! OK, I can buy that then. So, what's next?"
"Next!" Nazir shouted to the stage. "Its about a broken pipe or hydrant, I don't know."
The stage rotate slowly, bringing an end to one sketch while introducing another.

3 men in overalls looked busy working on a long pipe that stretches two-third of the stage, and another dressed casual walk towards them.
"What are you guys doing?" ask Aje in a high pitch voice. "That pipe is not broken! Its the hydrant there that needs fixing, not this pipe", and he points to a hydrant on stage where several children were playing around in a scene that is suppose to portray a very hot day in the city. But instead of water gushing out of the hydrant, the stagehands use confettis and a huge blower; it just wouldn't do to have the stage flooded with real water, not with electric cables lying around, or the thought of getting the audience wet.
"Hey! Are you listening to me," cried Aje. "That pipe is not broken, why are you fixing it instead of the hydrant?"
One of the men in overall stood up. Much to Aje's surprise, the guy stood tall in front of him. Real tall, and Aje found himself looking straight at the man's chest.
"Look here you scrawny little man. We've been working on this site more than 12hours now. Yeah, we see the hydrant. But its not broken...we simply opened it to give the people here a respite from the heat! You live around here?"
"Er...no" replied Aje as he was trying to control his fear. "Just visiting a friend".
"A visitor! You don't know what's going on and you want to act clever by showing us the obvious, is that it?"
The man continued even before Aje could reply "You see that pipe? Its been there more than 20years now and has accumulated lots of stress. See that cable? Well, we just put it there along with the beams below to arrest the stress..."

"What's this all about then? Think it will sell?" asked kerp to a blank looking Nazir.
"OK, next!"
Again the stage rotate slowly to intoduce another sketch.

The lights of entire theater was dimmed to the minimum and an eerie silence fell. After several moments of darkness, the entire theater revebrated to the sound of a song by M Nasir.

"Woi! Kau buat apa?" shouted a voice from the darkness on stage.
"Aku junjung langit! Kau siapa?" replied another.
"Aku? Aku lah langit! Yang kau junjung aku ni apahal, beb?"
"Aku wira bangsa..." before the 2nd voice could finish his reply, the first voice cuts in.
"Di mana bumi ku pijak...yada yada."
"Woi! Kau tahu tak aku ni yang kau junjung tu, dah nak roboh?"
"Ya! Aku tahu! Kerana itulah aku ada di sini...akan ku pertahankan bumi ini hingga ke titisan akhir."
"Alahai..."moaned the first voice, "wira idealis rupanya".
"Woi! Kau tahu tak engkau ini bak mencampak garam ke laut?"
"Apa pulak?"
"Woi! Aku ni dah rosak. Engkau tengok sekeliling aku...penuh dengan lubang lubang ozon. Engkau tidak terdaya menjunjung aku! Dah terlalu banyak kerosakkan berlaku pada aku disebabkan bangsa engkau sendiri!"
"Jadi...jadi apa haru aku lakukan?"
"Woooi! Engkau buang segala tunggul tunggul yang ada di tempat engkau dan gantikan dengan tiang-tiang yang kukuh. Dan engkau bisikkan kepada tiang tiang baru itu agar mereka ingat sikit pada Yang Maha Berkuasa!"

Nazir looked at Kerpie. But Kerpie was already beginning to doze off. "Next!" shouted Nazir.
"Huh? What happened? asked Kerpie, awaken by Nazir's loud voice.
"Nothing. That's why I called for the next sketch. You might like this one though."

This time, instead of the stage rotating, the curtains were dropped down and the theater was litted again. A small girl, about 5 or 6 years, stepped out from the curtain and made her way to Kerpie.
"Dey macha," but his eyes were still fixed on the girl "what gives?"
"Tengok saja lah" said Nazir.

Soon, the girl stood right in front of Kerpie and grinned to him, revealing 2 missing front teeth. In the background, Kerpie began to hear a music which sound peculiar. The girl curtsied to the 2 men, and began singing.
"All I want today is to oust Sarkas!
Oust Sarkas!
Oust Sarkas!
All I want today is to oust Sarkas!"...

Mentera Semerah Padi 04 (bersama Spider) - M Nasir


Anonymous said...

wah. encek shah juga pandai buat skrip drama ye.. :)

babak ke babak, saya suka semua! hehe. betullah kata shakespeare, dunia ini pentas, dan kita hanya pelakon di pentas itu (sort of).

tapi yang audience dua orang tu, jadi penilai atau pengkritik? :)

cakapaje said...

Salam Alina,

Kesemuanya sudah termaktub dari azali. Hanya, mungkin sama seperti di pementasan atau perfileman, skripnya boleh ditukar. DI kehidupan ini, kita empunyai kudrat untuk memperbaiki diri.

Yang 2 itu, Orang Kaya - Tuan Punya amphitheater itu. Maka terpaksalah mereka menilai terlebih dahulu kewajaran setiap persembahan yang akan diadakan di tempat mereka :)

Anonymous said...

wah. agaknya babak yang mana ye yang orang kaya akan pilih?

Kata Tak Nak said...

As co-owner of the amphitheater, I am proud to announce that there will be a new play 'The Taming of the Long-Faced Hairless Monkey'.

cakapaje said...


Alamak! Sorang dari Orang Kaya itu dah menjawab pun...nampaknya dia menolak kesemuanya dan akan mementaskan karyanya sendiri :)

cakapaje said...

Salam Cikgu,

Say, I kind of like the title already. I bet you will be bringing your own cast, one which would surely include Yu Botak Bodoh.

Eskapisminda said...

Salam Cakapaje, I like babak fire hydrant best. Kalaulah skrip2 sebegini dapat lepas ke khalayak umum melalui TV kan bagus?

Ydiana said...

Salam Shah

Aiyoo... I cannot concerntrate on the play with M.Nasir song on. Need to turn it off. Aaa...yes, I love the little girl song better! She'd rather give up her two front teeth for something more important!

cakapaje said...

Wa'alaikumusalam Intan,

Malangnya, kesemua media penyiaran terpaksa akur dengan agenda pemerintah yang bukan mahu mendidik penonton, tapi menghancurkan pemikiran mereka dengan hiburan yang tiada kesudahan.

cakapaje said...

Wa'alaikumusalam ydiana,

Yes, even a child know what is important. Unfortunately, many adults do not...sadly.

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

muahahaha...one of the scenes were almost real-like, shah. the one where that kerpie guy fell asleep towards the end...had it been a real-life situation, encik nazir would have someone else for a company to a stage play.

cakapaje said...

Salam kerpie,

Terrible fella that kerpie guy, ain't he? We ought to shoot him and leave him to the girls. Oops, I mean rats! ;)