Saturday, September 13, 2008

Sumbat and Sumbat Again!

Of recent, I have been feeling very guilty whenever I look at the fishes in the tank at home. The guilty feeling sunk deeper after I bought a couple of Lionhead Fish. Oh, they are still alive and even look somewhat happier swimming about in a tank which is undoubtedly larger than the ones in the fish shop. Like the Swordtails, Loaches, Tetras, and Mollies, the 2 Lionheads are like many living beings, find the need for compassion, especially from a fellow living being, especially a biped that goes by the name Human. After all, were we not appointed to be Khalifah - holding a trust to manage a just society which include, the flora and fauna, and the lands and even bodies of water on and in it? Surely if we are to hold true to this, then we must exercise an even greater care towards fellow humans, irrespective of their belief or skin colour. But sadly this has not been the case with a government that claims itself as civilised (hadhari).

Irrespective of what one may feel and think of another human, one is bound to be give him fair treatment especially in matters of conflict. When we reflect back in history, then we may be surprised to find that fair and equal treatment were already in practiced by people living in an age where education is considered a luxury rather than a need. During the times of Saidina Umar r.a., he accused a Jew of stealing his battle armour. But because he could not provide proof of ownership, the judge ruled in favour of the Jew. That, happened while Saidina Umar was reigning as the Khalifah of a growing Islamic nation. Yet, he did not use the powers of his office to overturn the verdict, nor to harm the Jew. Today however, several leaders stoop lower than a barbarian in the Dark Ages, using force and cruelty onto the people they have been sworn to serve, merely to put a stop to the truths from being revealed to the public, or to they - the leaders - themselves. Hiding behind their stooges and the cruel ISA, they swooped down on 3 people whose guilt, is very much questionable to the public: What, are their real crimes?

I may not know all 3 personally, but I have had the pleasure of being with RPK on several occasions, and even interviewed him twice whilst with webtv8. On one occasion, I even teased him as being an anarchist. But that, an anarchist, he is not. RPK, is a man strong in his convictions and can be more than a trifle loud with his words. Yes, he may have crossed the lines at one point of time or another. But haven't we all? Or do we think that we are saintly creatures who have not committed a single wrong in our life? Do bear in mind, the very act of NOT doing something for or towards the betterment of a person or persons who may be in dire need, is wrong itself. And the very act of NOT doing anything towards curtailing or prevention of a misdeed is also wrong. If we can agree with the 2 statements, then what have each of us done to expose the wrongdoings and abuses of this government? Or has the government been squeaky clean all this while? What about the BMF scandal and the murder of Allahyarham Ahmad Nordin while investigating it? What about the wanton destructions of Suraus, homes, and places of worship simply because the land that was resided were awarded to a developer who cared hoots about the people living there?

Though its been rather recent, many too seem to have forgotten about the loss of nearly a billion ringgit in the The Crooked Bridge fiasco. Or much earlier - and this is for the Malay Nationalist - that Bank Bumiputra was swallowed by a bank smaller to it in terms of assets and manpower, and that the smaller bank is related to a politician; do you remember that? Or even that BBMB was 'systematically' destroyed by members of the sarkas who saddled the bank with huge debts that may have been written off already. If RPK truly did insult Islam, why wasn't he, as adviced by a certain Mufti, brought in for counselling? Heck, why didn't they charge him in the Syariah Courts, then? Perhaps, we have forgotten that a certain leader in the 1990's clearly insulted Prophet Muhammad s.a.w. and many of us decided to keep mum about it. And that an illegal regime cricket's team was invited to Malaysia where a group of Malaysians protested and in turn, was dragged off into Kamunting Camp. There are, far too many crimes and questionable acts committed by the government itself for one to remember comprehensively. The question is, have the 'crimes' of RPK been above all stated? Let's take another glaring example then.

When Tan Hoon Cheng reported what a clown from Bukit Bendera said, it was Tan who was arrested instead of the clown. Alhamdulillah, Tan was reported to have been released already. But the question remains: Was it wrong for her, as a reporter, to jot down criminal words mentioned by another? If not then, how is it the real perpetrator is still at large?

Teresa was said to have issued a directive which supposed raised the ire of Muslims in Selangor. For that, she has been brought in with the use of the repulsive ISA. In contrast to what was reported as well as her supposed crime, I reproduce a comment found here, and then let us together ponder on what actually is the crime commited by the YB.


Adalah saya selaku nazir Masjid Kota Damansara dan jawatankuasa ingin merujuk kepada isu larangan penggunaan azan oleh orang bukan islam yang kononnya didalangi oleh Teresa Kok @ DAP seperti yang diwar oleh Melayu Net dalam laman ini dan juga kenyataan Bekas Menteri Besar Selangor (Khir Toyo) dalam Utusan Malaysia bertarikh 9.9.2008.

Pihak jawatankuasa masjid melihat isu yang sengaja ditimbulkan oleh pihak yang kecewa ini berniat jahat, fitnah dan cuba menimbulkan suasana tidak harmonis dan prajudis dikalangan pelbagai bangsa di Kota Damansara.

Adalah amat malang lagi dangkal seorang bekas Menteri Besar (Khir Toyo) boleh mengutip khabar angin (berita sampah) lalu bersedia untuk menjadi jaguh mempertahankan islam. Walhal sejarah telah terpahat tentang isu menutup surau, menangkap penceramah, mengadakan pelbagai sekatan terhadap perkembangan syiar islam, zakat dijadikan senjata mengugut pelajar Al-azhar yang tidak sehaluan (banyak lagi) sewaktu beliau berkuasa di Selangor dulu.

Sebenarnya apa yang berlaku bukan atas tekanan dan bantahan oleh orang bukan islam, tetapi sistem pembesar suara masjid dalam proses ujian oleh pihak kontraktor. Untuk makluman semua Masjid Kota Damansara baru 2 minggu digunakan. Sudah pasti terdapat kekurangan dan kelemahan disana sini. Masih dalam jaminan pihak kontraktor selama setahun. Disamping itu, berlaku masalah elektrikal pada pembesar suara ekoran masalah cuaca baru-baru ini.

Bagi mengatasi untuk tujuan kuliah, tarawikh, tazkirah dsbnya, pihak masjid berterima kasih kepada Pengurusan Sekolah Menengah Seksyen 10 Kota Damansara yang bersedia meminjamkan PA Sistemnya. dan telah digunakan dengan sempurna. Insya-Allah sistem pembesar suara masjid dalam proses pembaikan dan dijangka siap pada hari ini (9.9.2008) mengikut janji kontraktor. Namun untuk mengatakan azan tidak kedengaran langsung adalah satu pembohongan kerana pihak masjid menyambug sistem tersebut ke menara.

Justeri itu, pihak masjid meminta Melayu net dan pihak berkenaan memohon maaf diatas fitnah jahat tersebut yang menyebabkan timbul sipa prajudis dikalangan umat islam KOta Damansara.

Sekian, wassalam.


Reading through the comment, it does beg one to wonder the true criminal of it all.

My only wish now is that Pakatan Rakyat will make their move sooner before Kamunting becomes like the Black Hole of Calcutta.


Eskapisminda said...

What a despicable act of desperation. It's really sad when 'those people' underestimate the rakyat as if we are one stupid lot. Funny thing is, the more they try to cover the more they are uncovered!

cakapaje said...

Salam Intan,

Despicable, yes. Desperate, a thousand time more yes. A whole bunch of baloney is what they are, all those people in the Sarkas and around them.

Better in Time said...

Salam shah...saya copy statement Nazir ek? To put on my blog...see you in ISA!

cakapaje said...

Wa'alaikumusalam Tehsin,

Boleh saja...copy tu, maksud saya. About seeing each other in ISA, takut depa letak kita lain blok nanti kut ;) Na'uzubillah.

Kata Tak Nak said...

It was all pre-planned. Despicable think of nothing doing such things. Lying and sinning is the air the breathe.

J.T. said...

All I can say is this is the act of a desperate government. Desperate to salvage whatever they can get. They will trample on anyone who gets in their way. The ones who speak up for others are punished while others who bully go unpunished. They will use whatever means possible and conjure up allegations that is really not the real issue just to get some people to shut up.

Anonymous said...

saya rasa exMB selangor itu ialah seorang yang tidak kenal malu, gila kuasa, tak sedar diri, tak pandai muhasabah diri dan sangat kaki sebok! (harap statement nih tak kena ISA eh.. :))

tak faham betul. seorang yang rasa dia masih ada kuasa dan popular dan rasa dirinya selalu betul. habis tercemar shah alam yang saya sayangi ini dengan onar2 nya. ceh.

sori encek shah. saya sangat geram pada pemimpin yang seorang ini.

cakapaje said...

Salam Cikgu,

True, true. These people are worse than dragons who breathe out fire or serpents who spit out venom, as these two only do what is natural to them and each, only one thing - either fire, or venom. But Palah, Najis, Toyol and Sarkas, they lie, sin, and put up an innocent face to the public. All 4 are worse than any dangerous animals around.

cakapaje said...

Hi JT,

Yes, they are...desperate, that is. For each passing day, they feel the noose tighten around their fat necks and bellies.

cakapaje said...

Salam Alina,

Tak mengapa, saya faham perasaan Alina kerana saya turut membenci si Toyol itu. Tapikan, bab geram tu...

Biasanya, bila sahabat tertutamanya wanita kata geram kat saya, saya suruh dia peluk saya untuk melepasan geram itu. Takkan Alina nak peluk Toyol kan? :) (Mengusik je ye).

Anonymous said...

haha. :). pandai juga ye encek shah ni bergurau..

cakapaje said...


Sssshhhh...jangan beritahu blogger lain yang saya boleh bergurau ye :)