Saturday, September 27, 2008

Calling JACHFRINS - On Behalf of Cikgu Nazir

Some people say that friendship is like a commodity which can be bought or sold. Perhaps to them it is as their friendship too can be bought and sold. But true friendship is one that is lasting. It need not be present all the time, but when it is, it warms the heart beyond imaginable words. It can be borne out of a lifetime of knowing another, or a short particular period where the spirit of comradeship takes place. In rare occasions, it can be bonded within the wink of an eye. In whichever circumstance, true friends will remain as such and cherish their moments together, sometimes passing down the relationship built to their children. This, is especially true in friendships of old.

This entry, is dedicated to Cikgu Nazir and his friends, and their quest in searching for another - a bunch of young boys (then), who called themselves JACHFRINS during their schooldays in Bukit Mertajam. The picture below, was one taken during their final days in school and the story can be read here.
Of the boys in the picture, Cikgu and his friends are searhing for Radzi, who ironically is not in the picture. Perhaps, Radzi was the photographer. Still, if any visitors recognise anyone in the picture and do know of Radzi, kindly contact Cikgu at . May Allah s.w.t. reward you for your kind assistance.

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