Monday, December 01, 2008

Blogger's Meet: The Finals

As expected, the Bloggers's Meet on Nov29 was quite, shall we say, explosive? It was, like The Finals of a Championship - Makan Championship, that is. It was, after all, the final meet for the year 2008. InsyAllah, many more meets will be planned for next year. Perhaps, as Jeejah of deep thots and Doc Toakasid mentioned, the Melaka Bloggers will host it next. The pictures below were taken from different cameras, but many, off course, from our bro, Mat Salo. Download speed may be affected as I try to put in as many pictures of everyone, my apologies.

The Finals.
Continuing from the first Bloggers' Meet in Asam Pedas, the Knights and Knighties reassembled again, but this time at The Terrace, opposite their old castle Asam Pedas which has been torn down.

Then the Championship began.
Ansara and MCOBA however, seem to patch their difference here through bangkai and Mat Salo.

A Yellow T-shirt guy reporting for duty while bangkai and Jeejah notes his particulars.
Hey! Didn't this guy wore the same yellow T-shirt at the last meet?
Think, that t-shirt is his only wardrobe.

A Bookie arrives.
On being told of the Championship, how can a bookie not?
Salah is warmly greeted by

(l to r)
Mat Salo, Yellow T-shit guy, Cikgu Nazir, Doc TA, kerpie, and Razlin.
Wonder what the odds were.

One can take the profession away from a man, but not the man from the profession.
Cikgu Nazir seen here seeking volunteers to help him with the marking of his students works.
Mrs Nazir however, seem preoccupied in a conversation (left).

Champions mesti ada gaya!
Haslizam seen giving Doc TA the finer tips of wearing Bally shoes.

Million Dollar Babe!
"I'm gonna beat you to a pulp!", Elviza seem to be saying as she picks up a camera,
perhaps mistaking it for a pair of boxing gloves.
MS, her trainer echoes her sentiment while the YTG - one of the officials - looks on.

"I'm ready!"
says kerpie, in response to Elviza, and getting the support of wanshana,
who's telling her hubby-doctor to give kerpie a clean bill of health for the Final Match.

The match begins.
Saiful (hubby Queen Raden), DocTA (kerpie's trainer)
and an official watch from afar.

The spectators.
(l to r) Fauziah, Queen Raden, Nuraina, and Elina,
totally immersed watching the match.

A Free-for-all?
A tussle nearly breaks out during the match.

(l to r) kerpie and MS (partly hidden), Doc TA and son, Hafiz.

Match over.
Melvin and Galadriel, as match officials, explaining the decisions made to MS.

Jeejah stated a rumour that Melvin may soon head the Kelab Penyokong Sarkas,
due to his in-depth knowledge.

The Champion's Pose.
(l to r): Jeejah (partly hidden) and hubby, Saiful, Cikgu Nazir (match promoter, ala Don King),
Doc TA, Cikgu Ali, and the Champ, kerpie.

A Sad YB.
YB Khalid Samad feeling sad at the outcome of the match,
while the Ipoh-mali fans try to console him.
(l to r): Cikgu Ali, YB Khalid, Zainal and Azizul.

A Happier YB.
In an effort to cheer him up, he was given the honour to blow the candles on Elina's birthday cake.
However, someone forgot to bring the cake. (Elina did celebrate her birthday a week earlier).

The Dispute.
Players and officials in disagreement about the match outcome.
In the background, 2 ladies hug each other in joy. (No fair! They did not hug me).

The Appeal.
Pak Idrus, presenting his case to former High Court Judge, Dato' Syed Ahmad Idid.
Looking on is Pi Bani and MS.

The Evidence.
Pokku, as the appointed Independent Investigator, looking at the evidence MS presented,
while Dato' Syed Ahmad looks on.

The Denial.
"I'm innocent!" cries Nuraina as the former Judge listens on.
The court was adjourned and will resume at the next meet.

When the dust settled.
A brotherhood of bloggers got together the night after at Ayam Golek Halim.
(l to r) MS, Muteaudio, Doc TA, kerpie, cakapaje, and Cikgu Nazir.

To all: while the pictures are real, the accompanying text are not. Should anyone feel offended, do forgive me - the text were written in humour and nothing more.


Malaysian Tigress said... nye...

Kerp (Ph.D) said...


that bookie pic caught my attention the most. look at each and everyone's face in exception mine and cikgu's. bloody gangsters you guys are.

and true enough, pak halim's cigarette smoke is clearly visible in the last pic...hehehe...

Elviza said...

How come I wasnt invited to the after-event of ayam golek?????

I knew it, I just bloody kneeeeeewwww it!

cakapaje said...

Salam MT,

Tu lah, rugi tak datang tau ;)

cakapaje said...

Salam kerpie,

Hehe, you ought to see the other picture of us at Pak Halim's!

And yup, too right you are about the gangsters. If I'm not mistaken, the godfather is the one on the wheelchair :)

cakapaje said...

Salam Elviza,

Huh? Oh! lah! That picture was edited you know. You look at Doc in the pic - only his head can be seen ma. I think it was kerpie who edited this one lah :)

Bustaman said...

Well done!

Pak Idrus said...

Hey, That was really a great writeup of that wonderful episode of the marathon blogger lunch/hi tea.

I did had a great time. The next one in Malacca and I shall host the dinner.

Have a nice day.

cakapaje said...

Salam Pokku,

Well done, indeed - to all of us! :)

cakapaje said...

Salam Pak Idrus,

Yup! And I am really looking forward to that Melaka gathering :)

Anonymous said...

salam shah,
alhamdulillah shah and thank you. kalau jadi di melaka nanti, saya pasti mahu pergi, inshaAllah.

cakapaje said...

Wa'alaikumusalam E,

Thank you to all who came, as well those who wanted to but could not. InsyAllah, the Melaka Meet, I too will be there :)

Balik kampung! Oo-ooh balik kampung :)

Kata Tak Nak said...

I never thought at this age one could be so excited at the idea of meeting friends but I was indeed.

I should say everything surpassed my expectations and you my friend together with the Doc, Kerpov, Mat Salo and the ever quite Razlin were fantastic hosts.

I salute you all. Toiiiiinnnng!!!!! Tabik Spring.

Salt N Turmeric said...

Banyaknya gambar2 from the gathering kat sini. :)

cakapaje said...

Salam Cikgu,

Sir, I think it should be the other way round. After all, you did come all the way from Penang to meet everyone here. It is we who should tabik spring to you :) Thank you.

cakapaje said...

Salam Princess,

Hehe...banyak pasal ianya diambil dari beberapa camera :)

rerama salju said...

Salam CA,
Tahniah atas kejayaan pertemuan ini...(envy...)

cakapaje said...

Wa'alaikumusalam rs,

Terima kasih. Jangan envy envy! Lain kali, tinggalkan bos sorang kat opis dan datang je :)

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