Friday, December 12, 2008

News Bits

Due to time constrain, this is a hasty entry and some parts may jumbled up.

The Lajnah Kebajikan dan Kemasyarakatan PAS Pusat held their monthly meeting last night which your truly was able to attend. One of the meeting agendas was the landslide in Bukit Antarabangsa which certain quarters are trying to hijack the media attention and portray themselves as heroes. The truth is however, uglier than the scene of the tragedy.

When I first heard then read about the tragedy, my heart cried for the victims. Then, when the media began displaying charitable acts (of courage?) by namely the Sarkas, I turn my back and refuse to read anymore. However, an account by Athirah Aliman, one of the leaders of PAS Muslimat in Harakahdaily made me think twice. Then in the meeting last we were presented with first hand report of the situation there which I think is best for me to put in point form.

* One of the first person to come to the rescue is a certain Nik, a well-off youngster who seem to dedicate his time to welfare works. It was he who went up the hill and began assisting the victims there. Doctor Lo'Lo' gave this account as she is close to Nik.

* The so called 'Pesta Makanan' may have been exaggerated slightly. True, many people have come forward with all sorts of food and what not, but they remain at the bottom of the hill and seem for the rescue parties, volunteers and 'volunteers'. Precious little of the food prepared from this place made it to the victims.

* Many PAS volunteers were there from the early stages of post tragedy. But since many of them do not wear identification such as vests, hats or badges, the media either did not know or were told not to report. PKR volunteers were also at hand to assist the victims.

* YB Azmin Ali is there daily in his bid to provide assistance but have to 'fight' his way in as Sarkas and certain people in uniform tries to hamper his every move. YB Zuraidah is currently in Mekah performing her Haj. Many PR YBs are also giving what assistance they can from behind the scene. YB Khalid Samad of Shah Alam is in the midst of preparing further assistance and volunteers from PAS Shah Alam.

* Unit AMAL and many other organisations from PAS are there daily to provide food and assistance to the victims directly instead of through parties there. Some 'Volunteers' from Sarkas do try to prepare food for the victims, but get their materials from Jabatan Kebajikan Masyarakat, which is then packed in Sarkas bags - how so very kind of them.

* Without electricity, one 8month pregnant lady walked down from her 11storey apartment and was met halfway by Doc Lo'lo'. The Doc helped her down and took her to a helicopter nearby. The crew initially refused but the backed down due to the Doc's persistence.

* YB Iskandar suffered a mild stroke due to media's lie - it was reported that the relief centers were packed to the hilt! When he went to the center, there were actually only 2 families seeking shelter there.

* Hj Zainal of LKKPP cooks and pack about 300 rations twice a day which is sent directly to the victims. Several other organisations under PAS are doing likewise as there are still a sizeable number trapped. This is in contrast to Sarkas food which a media report was thrown away - food meant for the victims with raw materials from Jabatan Kebajikan Masyarakat.

* Soon after the either the pontoon or bailey bridge and temporary road was built by the army, a long queue of vehicles was formed in a bid to move out. At one point of time, a vehicle veered off the bridge and into the small ravine. It was very soon after that a Sarkas Aman vehicle tried to jump the queue but was forced back AMAL volunteers under the orders of Doc Lo'lo'. The Doc mentioned that the PGA (auxilary unit) had only 3 personnel there to mainain order.

InsyAllah, I will try to write more as and when I receive the news. Wak Kasiran and I will try to give coverage through webtv8 so that Malaysians can get a truer picture instead of the distorted news from mainstream media which is mainly for the benefit of the Sarkas and not the victims.

On behalf of Doc Lo'Lo and Lajnah Kebajikan dan Kemasyarakatan PAS Pusat, I invite Malaysians to give their small contribution to the victims; it may not be in monetary form as many times has proven your time and energy may prove to be more valuable. Should one wish to give monetary assistance, the account number for LKKPP is as below:

Bank Islam 12113010026150

If you do, please do inform the Treasurer, Puan Raja Rozita at 019 357 5857


rerama salju said...

Salam CA,
Tq for sharing the actual cronology.I pun ada feel something fishy dengan lapuran arus media perdana about that incident...

cakapaje said...

Wa'alaikumusalam rs,

You are most welcome. From now on, please be wary and suspicious of anything you read in the mainstream media.

Kata Tak Nak said...

They are real scums, bloody stinking scums.

cakapaje said...

Salam Cikgu,

That, they are.