Sunday, December 28, 2008

Seeking Justice From Afar

To all kind visitors of my blog, kindly pass this message from Harakahdaily around. I know many of my friends and visitors do read Harakahdaily, but I just want to repeat it for the sake of justice against oppression and aggression -


The report at Harakah can be read here. There are also fresh articles at Windows Into Palestine here, and an analysis on the masacre here.

Do note that this attack was planned, and not a retaliatory strike as suggested by international media (and Malaysia too!). Read the 3 excerpts from Harakahdaily below and digest it. As we enter the new Hijrah year 1430 with joy, think, and weep for our fellow human brothers in Gaza.

1. "diucapkan oleh seorang pegawai pertahanan awam entiti haram Israel bernama Ofer Shmerling: Saya akan bermain muzik hari ini dan merayakan apa yang dilakukan oleh tentera udara Israel".

2. Dalam keganasan terbaru itu, lebih dari 100 tan bom dihunjam oleh pengganas-pengganas Israel ke atas orang-orang awam, kanak-kanak, wanita dan orang-orang tua di Gaza dan angka kematian kini menghampiri 250 manakala lebih 400 cedera.

3. Dakwaan Amerika itu bertentangan dengan pendedahan akhbar Haaretz Israel yang menyatakan, keganasan terbaru Israel di Gaza itu telah dirancang sejak enam bulan lalu dan bukan disebabkan sebarang provokasi.

Then read and weep at this email:

Zionists continued shelling Palestinian houses in Gaza strip
For the second day, the Zionist massive air strikes continued in Gaza strip a lot of martyrs and injuries reached to more 271 martyrs and 900 injuries, between them about 180 man, women and children in serious conditions.

The last Zionist raids were in what was so called "Kfar Darom", the Zionist war jets targeted two police quarters, in previous time, the Zionist targeting hit Palestinian farms, another raid was in the central of Al Shoja'eya neighborhood ten Palestinians were injured, the last raid was at a building in Rafah city.

Early at this morning, the war planes targeted a medicine storage in Al Jenainah neighborhood Rafah city and targeted in the same time a house, Palestinian medical sources reported that three Palestinians were martyred in the raid.

The number of the Palestinian martyrs according to Dr. Muawya Hassanien, the head of the emergency, reach to 271 and 180 of them are in serious conditions.

The war planes targeted a room for security men in Al Shifaa hospital in Gaza city, in addition to a mosque near the hospital, the raid results was martyring Palestinian man and injuring seven. Medical sources in the hospitals reported that the hospitals received some damages.

Dr. Muawya Hassanien added that last night three Palestinians were martyred in when the Zionist war planes targeted Palestinians east of Gaza city in Al Shoja'eya neighborhood. Earlier three Palestinians were killed and four were injured in two air raids, one of them was on Al Zaytoon neighborhood killed a Palestinian, and the second was in Jabaliya, two Palestinians were killed.

Hasanin added that there 15 victims who could not be identified because their bodies were badly mutilated, adding that at 80 of the victims were mutilated.

He said that the rapid rise in the death toll was due to the recovery of new victims from under the rubbles and the continuing Zionist air strikes which have not stopped until the early hours of Sunday.

Hasanin also said that hospitals are lacking medicines and medical materials necessary for treating the wounded calling on Arab countries to provide the essential medical supplies urgently.

Our presence at the US Embassy - you, me, and as many Malaysians possible - may not make a difference, and may not even assist in abating the grieve in Gaza. But, would you rather sit quietly in the comfort of your homes, and go for a stroll with your loved ones, while pretending that this world is all nice and rosy, and the events outside your immediate sphere affect you not? If so - and I have never uttered such remarks in this blog - you are a cold heartless human not deserving of any respect. My apologies to the rest if I sound harsh. But if this is harsh, then think again about the people in Gaza now.

US Embassy KL

If there is any change, insyAllah I will notify through this blog.

Salam Ma'al Hijrah 1430!


arsaili said...

Salam Maal Hijrah, May Allah crown us with the best of iman, health, wealth and peace of mind in the New Year.

cakapaje said...

Salam Ma'al Hijrah arsaili bro,

InsyAllah. Semoga saudara mara kita di down under ceria dan beriman sentiasa.


salam sdra
du'a saya dari jauh untuk usaha-usaha murni itu. semoga allah swt merestuinya.

cakapaje said...

Wa'alaikumusalam AFRAR,

InsyAllah. Tiada niat lain kita hanya kerana Allah, dalam usaha sekecil ini. Adakalanya, terasa malu dan amat rendah sekali dengan pejuang sebenar di sana.