Tuesday, December 30, 2008

For A People Far Away

Indeed, several did ask, of what great use we stood and voiced out against the mass murder in Gaza? I ask back, if not us, then who else should? Or perhaps, the poem below would make sense.

Unknown Author

First, they came for the Communists.

and I didn't speak up,
because I was not a Communists

Then, they came for the Jews,

and I didn't speak up,

because I wasn't a Jew

Then, they came for the Catholics,

and I didn't speak up

because I was not a Catholic,

Then, they came for the Protestants,

and I didn't speak up

because I wasn't a Protestants...

Then they came for the Palestinians,

and I still didn't speak up,

because I am not a Palestinian

Then they came for the Muslims,

I tried to speak up,
because I am a Muslim
But by then my voice is drowned by my own frenzy

...and there is no one else to speak for me.


The number of people who came to show their support for the Palestinians under siege in Gaza, numbered no more than one thousand. But considering the short notice given, and the year-end holiday period, it suffice. But perhaps, had it been held on a Friday and after the prayers, the numbers may equal to protest at Denmark House, as well as the US Embassy (during Israeli invasion of Lebanon). Still, it was heartening to note that several came from Ipoh specifically for this show of protest.

Cikgu Ali of AlHusseyn (brown kopiyah) came all the way from Ipoh
together with a bus load of supporters.

Just after 11.30am, the Malaysians who came from all walks of life -
muslimin, muslimat, the elderly, and the young -
and had been garthering at Bangunan Tabung Haji,
began their short march to the US Embassy some 500meters away.

Leading the people were leaders from PAS: YB Salahuddin Ayub, YB Dr Lo'Lo',
Dr Syed Azman, and Mohammad Sabu.

While the leaders handed the protest memorandum to a US Embassy representative,
the crowd displayed their flags, banners and placards.

After handing the memo, YB Salahuddin then led a short press conference right outside the gates of the embassy, and later led the crowd back to Bangunan Tabung Haji to disperse peacefully...just as many of the PAS-led protest have always been.

More pictures at Pictures-Only.

*off note:
It does seem sad, that while these group of Malaysians are tyring to stand up for justice, another was not. During the Anti-ISA campaign in Bangi last night, this other group wore T-shirts displaying the words 'Kekal kan ISA', where the ISA itself is against humanitarian grounds and affronts Islamic Laws; their very act can be construed nothing else but provocative. I will not dignify them with their pictures here, but one can always read about it here.


Water Lily said...

Salam ya akhi

What a nice poem.

Itulah yang terdaya kita lakukan. Moga-moga Allah swt. memberikan semula tanahair Palestine.

cakapaje said...

Wa'alaikumusalam WL,

InsyAllah, bila tiba masanya, maka hancurlah mereka yang engkar dan angkuh.

hegira said...

wah. abg shah kit abersajak.

tapi sangat mendalam sajak itu.

kisah dunia sangat tak pernah aman kan? dan di sini pun kita masih mencari cari aman. dan ada yang terlupa untuk mencari. dan ada yang terlupa seketika. pada hedon hedon kota. peringatan juga untuk saya. :(

afatihah untuk mereka.

jika saya ada kudrat atau sayap, ingin saya ke sana.

cakapaje said...

Salam Alina,

Lor...bukan sajak saya lah, tapi tidak diketahui penulis sebenar, dan ianya sentiasa berubah mengikut masa.

Mengenai ingin ke sana, pernah saya luahkan juga sewaktu bersua dengan Ustaz Maszlee (lihat link). Beliau dan juga beberapa sahabat Unit AMAL yang pernah ke sana hanya tertawakan sahaja. Dan betul juga kata mereka, dengan kehidupan kita yang lazim mewah dan tanpa latihan sebenar, kita hanya akan membebankan lagi para petugas :)

alhusseyn said...

He!he! you got me in action!Ha!ha! kami semua tak mandi pagi tu tau!

"jika saya ada kudrat atau sayap, ingin saya ke sana."

Kalau gitu, sampai bila tak akan tumbuh sayap melainkan simpan bulu ketiak panjang-panjang dan diayam jadikan sayap! - I'm joking only -no heart feeling to hegira!

cakapaje said...

Salam Cikgu,

Tak mandi? Lor...hehe :)

Hmm...pandai juga Cikgu berjenaka ngan hegira tu ye :)