Tuesday, April 08, 2008

A Slip of Mind or....?

This kind of emails have been going around for quite sometime now; all the pictures here have been recycled time and again. Normally I would just laugh it off and then delete it for it does not serve any real purpose except maybe, to tickle one's mind. However, I could not help but put it up here simply for...well, see for yourself.


cid:image001.jpg@01C83B0A.0314DDB0Old movie. New watch? Watch it out!

cid:image002.jpg@01C83B0A.0314DDB0You need to hold the trigger to shoot someone or...?

Hmmm.... aero planes in the Trojan War?

Bows, arrows, ... and cellphones in the olden days?

Now here comes what I hope is everyone's fav....


Wow! In those days,... Adidas? Hmmm.... branded Pirate!

but not as stupid as......cid:image007.jpg@01C83B0A.0314DDB0


No comment :)


The last 2 is simply precious!


Anonymous said...

LOL! adoooi...the last two tu memang tergelak habis!!

Monster Mom said...

The last picture was stupid but then again he's still the president...

baez-kun said...

sgt kelakar ! esp the part yg dia memakai teropong sambil tertutup

yet heran gak fasal adidas nye lambang, takkan diorg tak peka kot? hurmmmm

never the less, the aeroplane looked like a bird hehehe

cakapaje said...

Salam accia,

Hehehe...I thought so myself :)

cakapaje said...

Salam monster mom,

Aye! I have to agree with you. Perhaps its for that reason he is still the president...:)

cakapaje said...

Salam baez-kun,

I wonder: waktu bush pakai teropong tu, what was he thinking of? Maybe "I don't know what the blastid General is babbling about, but I can't see a thing in this night vision!"

Er...LMAO tu apa?

Kata Tak Nak said...

Bush is not that stupid. They asked him to look at Samy Velu taking a dump so he did that la and as for the book, afterwards Bush will do a headstand to read it, he was just getting ready.

cakapaje said...

Salam Cikgu,

Hmm...(after scratching my head many times) yes, I think you are quite right there! lol! :)

baez-kun said...

dia tak nmpak pakai tropong tu tp dia tanak tanya org sekeliling sbb ego jd dia terus tgk walau tak nampak

lmao is laughing my ar** off

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

heheheheheh...glad you decided to share with us. weneed to spread around for everyone to see how stupid the american rednecks were to have chosen a hillbilly as their leader. lebih kurang mcm pemimpin yang dok tidoq time keje la.

Zawi said...

They never expect those details to stand out so well. I guess the photographers were just looking for such candid shots to make their picture saleable. Anyway they are great jokes for us hehehehehe.

cakapaje said...


That's right, ego. Malay proverb would be "not clever but ego!".

cakapaje said...

Salam kerpie,

Lol! You made the connection with the sleeping beauty, not I :)

cakapaje said...

Salam Pak Zawi,

Hehe...and to think, he's the president of...? That's a bigger joke :)

waterlily said...

LOL (bayangkan saya sedang tergelak-gelak dan tersengih-sengih :D)

Salam. Semoga ceria selalu nooo...

cakapaje said...

Wa'alaikumusalam WL,

Senang saje nak bayangkan WL tergelak
dan tersengih...saya pandang cermin, dapat bayangkan sahabat saya tu :)

Semoga ceria :)

Raden Galoh said...

Salam Shah...
Biar betul sume ni...bukan superimpose ke doctored ke? Hahahaha...whatever, the last one the best! Hahahaha

cakapaje said...

Salam Raden,

You asked me and I'll say the pictures are true and not doctored or superimposed. Tapi yelah, that is as far as I can see.

Nonetheless, they make us smile, at the very least :)

baez-kun said...

cakap aje bz ek skarang?

cakapaje said...


busy tu memang selalu, tapi la ni, otak yang busy :)

tokasid said...

Salam Shah:

There are explanations to those so called 'blunders'
1- The kungfu master with a modern watch: It happened that in 1021 Master Jang Ta Ngan( that him the picture you put up), had discovered the digital wristwatch. It was a big break through( well in those times they use water dials).He was on his way to see the Emperor JU Bah Kunin to present the digital wristwatch. Unfortunately on his way to Beijing he was attack by a band of robbers( headed by Loh Bin Hud) and during the fighting Master Jang Ta Ngan made a triple somersault among the bamboos and he dropped the digital wrist watch.
It will be another 1000 years before some japanese( actually Master Jang's descendants that migrated to Japan) rediscovered the digital wristwatch.

2-As for the handphone, it was initially a secret weapon used by the Assasin played by Jet Li. In it contained some serbuk gatal. The Assasin left it my the river after taking a break( well he went to berak) and had forgotten. Zang Ziyi found it and brought it to our hero there.The secret weaopn was made into the shape of a handphone as to not alert the enemy for it look like a toy.If asked, the person carrying it will say: Ini mainan untuk anak gua la apek!

3-The Plane in Trojan was not a plane. That was the wooden bird used in the Trojan War. We are aware of the Trojan Horse but not the Trojan Bird. Now we know the reason why. Some cowardice Trojan flew off with it. In that picture Archilles was looking for the coward.If only he look up in the sky.....

4- Cops shooting without fingers at the trigger: That shows that you can shoot someone by using tenaga dalaman. That cop, Sarjan Pa Na Ma can actually shoot without touching that gun but he knew if he did that, there will a lot of explaination during the inquiry.

5-The Adidas topi that Capt Jack Sparrow used was actually owned by an ex-pirate from Jasin( with one eye)by the name of Addidas. Addidas the one eyed pirated was notorious in Selat Melaka. In 1725 his reputation was all over the world and he specialises in looting timber from neighbouring land( Jawa and Sumatra).He had both eyes back then. In 1728 Capt Jack Sparrow paid Addidas a visit to learn about logging smuggling. As Jack was always the fumbling type,he accidentally blinded Addidas's eye while playing pistol air.Due to the incident,Addidas gave up as a sea pirate and told Jack Sparrow that he(Addidas) will go in land but will still be invilved in logging activities.He chose Jasin and change his name to some Malay name.
The Addidas hat was a present to Jack Sparrow.

As for the last 2 pictures there is nothing to explain. It is what it is.A stupid redneck.

cakapaje said...

Wa'alaikumusalam Doc,

Lol! Punya le panjang cerita, in the end, I laughed loudest at the last statement! :)

baez-kun said...

hehe i just noted the link of 2evilminds :)

am honored

cakapaje said...