Thursday, April 17, 2008

The Continuing Saga of P.O.B: The Return of the King

It has been a very long time since I laid down my sword. I had thought then, I would never touch nor even look at it again. But circumstances has forced me to do otherwise. And as I stand facing it, my mind race back to the time I laid the sword down, and now; it has been almost an eternity!

Time, its very meaning is never certain, varying from one plane to another. In this plane we mortals live, its measurement is restricted to our orbit of the Sun, which itself is a mere dwarf of a star in this ever expanding universe. Out there in the darkness of space, this measure is of no value and meaning, but for the measurement of our physical lives, which itself is of no consequence to the vastness of the universe - we are, mere quarks, smaller than even the atom! In the bigger sense of the picture, we are nothing! Even as that may be, no, we are not hopeless!

Small as it is, this universe is filled with atomic particles from one end, to the other. Like planktons in the ocean which is the start of marine food chain, so are the atoms to the universe. Except, it is not a food to be gobble up by a hungry predator. Rather, its fusions make up for the movements of lives in this very universe. Quarks and atoms, are part of Allah Almighty gift! And we - the quarks that make up the atoms - are part of the gift, the gift of this life we live.

We live this land, a land as rich as it is beautiful, and a land whose very beauty has spawned ugly and greedy predators, who care not the scars and sores they wreak in pursuit of that very beauty which they ironically will destroy in the end. And when that is done, the end result will force us to be exactly like them! The lovely people of this land, will then no longer be the lovely people we know now. But this will only be if we allow those ugly and greedy predators to have their way.

It is with that thought in mind, I have come to accept my loyal comrades' plea to return and help turn back the tidings in our favour. As I have aged, so have I become wiser. And together with my comrades, we will fight those predators to the end, and bring back sanity to this beautiful land we live.

Even as I write this memoir, my comrades have begun the assault on the crumbling fortresses of those predators. Through our assistance, 4 of those fortresses have been laid to ruins, and God Willing, so will a few more within this blink of time. At the same time with each passing minute, scores are joining our ranks compared to the seasons for them. The end is inevitable! We, the P.O.B, will stand tall on the tower of triumph and show no mercy to those who have none.

I have no words for my loyal comrades, but a deep gratitude that will manifest accordingly once the banners of P.O.B stand high. And I ask of others to join our struggle. Come! Let us join our hands so that together, we will taste the sweetness of victory! Come! Be the man you have always dreamed of...come, and join Partai Orang-orang Bujang!

1st Part of P.O.B. saga can be read here.

Oh! This video I took from Chong Zhemin gives an exciting touch to POB! :)


baez-kun said...

cool! P.O.B will soon be dominating the nation heheh :)

btw quoting a not-so-old saying (da lupe sape kata)

"the forgiving warriors will enjoy divine victory in the battlefield"


Kata Tak Nak said...

I knew it, I just knew it, you are one mean writer I tell you. I love that piece. Very high quality piece of writing which I always dreamed of being able to do but could never ever.

One complaint though, why OBs only? Orang bujang 3 like me tak buleh ka? If PAS has Kelab Penyokong PAS, do you intend to have a Kelab Penyokong POB?

muteaudio said...

Saya rasa....Kelab Penyokong POB hanya boleh dianggotai oleh ibubapa yang mempunyai anak bujang yg berumur 28 tahun ke atas. Slogan Kelab Penyokong POB ialah "Bila hangpa nak kawin?"

Kata Tak Nak said...

Tompang lalu ya pak shah,
Mute, Buleh tak di tambah satu lagi perkataan pada slogan itu? Sapa buleh teka perkataan apa itu yang perlu ditambah? Rasa2nya Doc, tahu.

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

hehehhe...nice one. but i wonder who are 'our' predators? i've got my own 'enemies' to battle with.

*eh boss, can we change the name to Barisan Orang-Orang Bujang or BOOB instead?

Kata Tak Nak said...

Barisan Orang Orang Bujang Saja or BOOBS

cakapaje said...

Salam baez-kun,

Yeah! Real cool! :)

About the quote, I honestly do not know. But it does reflect on an actual story of Saidina Umar AlKhatab.

Coming back from a battlefield with a prisoner, they halted for a rest in a gully. There the prisoner suddenly spat on Saidina Umar. Enraged, Saidina Umar raised his sword to strike the prisoner, but was stopped suddenly by something the prisoner said.

Saidina Umar then sheathed his sword and said: "If I kill you, then it is because of Allah s.w.t. and not because of my rage."

On hearing this, the prisoner submitted willfully and embraced Islam.

cakapaje said...

Salam Cikgu,

OBs only? Well, for the men, their membership cease to exist on their 4th vow (mampuih den kalau feminist baca ni!).

And the missing word of Mute's slogan you wanted Doc TA to add, could it be 'lagi?' :)

cakapaje said...

Salam muteaudio,

Hang ni, kang ada femnist baca, den tak bertanggungjawab kek hang tau! lol! :)

cakapaje said...

Salam kerp,

To know who our predators are, well, you have to ask those men who are already married...I'm as innocent as they come :)

Bro, BOB has a single gender connotation to it. BOOB, as Cikgu suggest, is too sexual! Hmm...we may to call for a War Council Meeting soon to discuss this serious issue :)

cakapaje said...


Whoever you are, I'm deleting your comments after this as it is not in the agenda. Say, have they defrosted you completely? :)

baez-kun said...

owh yea
true true :)
penah dengar dan terima kasih kerana berkongsi

to err is human getting even that's divine eheheh (pride and prejudice)

vesewe cam spam je?

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

hehehehhehehehe...shah, lets vote cikgu as our de facto president. ok technically, he's not qualified but his sharpness would benefit our cause. you know la, i've had it with leader who sleeps on his job.

BOOBS to the fore!

Kata Tak Nak said...

Sharp thinking, yeah it is lagi. Common guys, I am bujang 3, I have 3 vacancies more. Let me describe the state of the country. Things have changed. people vote beyond racial line, malays for DAP Chinese for PAS so it would not be unthinkable that the feminists would be calling to help their fellow unattached gender. Heck they may ask the government to give tax-deductions to men with more than 1 wife. This is the true meaning of REFORMASI. I am sure UMNO people are with me on this.

Anonymous said...

Having fun? Tapi having fun anda semua tidak ada beza dengan UMNO - belum apa lagi dah nak berebut jawatan. Sedih.


Mek Na said...

no matter POB or BOOB...count me in okay. ladies are welcome jugak kan? the more the merrier maa.. :)

cakapaje said...


vesewe tu, entah, bukan spam kut, tapi silap topik dia beri. Mungkin dia juga seorang pejuang, tapi pejuang sebelah pagar lah :)

vesewe, hang jangan marah no :)

cakapaje said...

kerpie and Cikgu, seems we will have to wait for the council to be formed first before an election can even take place. And even before that, we have to have sufficient members which rightly, should not be a problem :)

cakapaje said...

Salam Anon Zatana,

Janganlah hang cakap camtu, cek turut bersedih - kita cuma berseluruh saja, takdak lebih dari itu. Entry cek ni, satu satire keadaan politik di Malaysia ni. Ianya satu lawak saja no :)

cakapaje said...

Salam mek na, just made my day, ma'am :)

Off course, ladies are welcome to the party as well! are still single aren't you? :)