Sunday, May 25, 2008


Driving to the shops last night, I felt my wheels not responding well to my steering and in fact, was jerky at times. Initially I suspected it was the wheels alignment and let go off the steering wheel, only to see the car veer sharply to the left. So I rolled down the front passenger seat window and true enough, the flipflop sound heard was as I feared, that of a flat tire. As I was on the main road, I could not stop immediately thus slowly drove the car to the shop which was just a short distance.

Soon as I brought the car to a stop, I got out and took down the spare wheel and equipment, readying myself for a heavy duty job. Alhamdulillah, I did not have to do much as the 'mamak' from the shop offered to help. However, it was not as simple as we both thought it would be.

As soon as the car was jacked up slightly, we tried with all our might to unscrew the nuts and bolts of the wheel, but they just would not budge. Then somebody handed a hollow iron bar which we inserted one end of the tire spanner as a means of leverage, and it worked! And soon I was driving back home.

Earlier this morning, I had the flat fixed and found a 6inch nail to be the culprit.

Arriving back home, I found emak tending to her garden and decided its time I give my fish tank a spring cleaning since its been more than a year I last did. Well, what prompted my action was the overgrowing roots of the waterlily plant. Several times in the recent past, I had added some new fishes, only to find them missing. After a while I figured those fishes must have gotten themselves tangled with the roots. And true enough. Soon as we dragged the plant out - emak gave me a big hand - we found the skeletal remains of few of the fishes. Poor fellas.

It took us a good part of the morning to clean the tank and trim the plant which is now less than a quarter in size of its former self, where I had to laugh quietly to myself as it reminds me of a time in the past when I visited a barber. Then, my hair was extra extra long (and curly). When I requested for the no.2 cut, the barber almost did not believe me. But soon there I was, almost botak and looking like a true homo sapien rather than a sasquatch dressed in one.

Back to the fish tank, I've taken out most of the bricks I put in and meant as a playhouse for the fishes, and rebuilt a new one of smaller size. Now, it has a spacious look, quite like when one moves into a new empty house. It looks better too!

Really glad we cleaned the tank as I can really look at my fishes now. And I find it quite a joy too, watching them play among themselves and even at times involved in a non-violent fight or two. Apart from the original species of Swordtails and Mollies, I've added some varieties of Moon Fishes (I only know the name given but not of the specie); Black Red, Green Yellow Head, and Blue. There's also 2 pairs of Loaches - Yellow, and Black. Together with the Guppies which I am thankful their population have not exploded, the tank is indeed quite a colourful sight.

There's something else I enjoy, and that is watching the fishes swim against the flow of water gushing out from the water pump. The younger fishes, perhaps lacking the strength of their adults, would constantly find themselves swept along the short width of the tank, while the adults would try to swim to almost the mouth of the outflow. Watching them do so is almost like watching salmons swim upriver to the mountains to lay their eggs. Well, almost. As I have thus far been able to watch salmons do it only in TV documentaries, and don't think I will ever be able to do so in real life. At this point, I sure would like to own a camera similar to the one Pak Zawi has just gotten himself. But perhaps, that too will remain a dream. For now, this simple man's toy and hobby will have to do.

Anyway, now that the day is over and fish tank cleaned, emak and I seem to have fallen flat. While she has long gone off to bed, I just can't as I am so used to late nights.


Snowflake said...
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Snowflake said...

C? I am the first ONE to make a comment.
WOW, now the tire and you got flat. Fine with me, but you better take emak for a good dinner for being too accomodative. Honestly, I wouldn't help anyone when it comes to cleaning fish tank especially when it has not been cleaned for almost a year!!! He he.... jes jokin'. About the latenights? I reserved my comments.

cakapaje said...

Wa'alaikumusalam snowflake,

Take emak out to dinner? lol! The only time she will go out to dinner if any of my siblings ask her. When I do want to take her, she'll whip out some special dishes.

Zawi said...

Salam Shah,
To get a flat tyre from a 6 in nail is a record of sort. I guess having driven the car even over a short distance with that nail stuck in your tyre has rendered the tyre damaged beyond repair. Can't imagine what would have happened to you if you were driving at high speed.
As to the toy that I just acquired, I prefer to enjoy playing the toy now and suffer the consequence over the next 24 months. Remember the zero interest thing some banks allow you to use? If I were to save up first and buy, it will take me 2 yrs before I can hold the toy in my hands. I'd rather have it now hehehehe. At RM150 a month it is like renting the thing from somebody at RM5 per day. I can even make money through it if I am willing to shoot pictures of couples getting married during this school holidays.

Kata Tak Nak said...

When I hear about spring cleaning I suddenly get the itch to take the bike for a spin. I hate that dusty stuff. I like to look at aquariums and the fish-filled contents but have no desire to start one of my own lest I be called a serial murderer.

zabs said...

Salam Shah,
Pernah mengalami kebocoran tayar semasa menghantar isteri ke tempat kerja. Hanya disedari setelah sampai ke tempat kerjanya.
Saya berjaya membuat demontrasi penukaran tayar di hadapan misi-misi yang ramai, baru sampai ke tempat kerjanya.

Ydiana said...

What an interesting day! From a flat tyre, to being flat at night. Then from a spring tank cleaning, to a 2 inch hair cut. heheh.. you really have a way of telling stories..I like that!

Yes, its such a joy to see fishes or cats play with each other, ya. i wish my cats can get along and see them playfully on top of each other, not biting and scratching each other eyes out. Sigh..

Hey Snow, mane you pegi? Dah lama I cari you.. (tumpang lalu utk Snow ya Shah)

cakapaje said...

Wa'alaikumusalam Pak Zawi,

Hehe...I think it was 6 inches, it looked that long. Alhamdulillah, the tire is quite safe. Somehow the nail entry was at an angle that did not harm as badly.

Your toy...its something I've dreamed of having for a very long time. InsyAllah when I do, I'll search you to get the finer tips.

cakapaje said...

Salam Cikgu,

lol! In an indirect way, you're saying I am a serial murderer :) Hmm...does give one some thoughts.

cakapaje said...

Wa'alaikumusalam Pak Zabs,

Wah! Kalau Pak Zabs kebocoran tayar sekali lagi di hadapan misi misi yang ramai itu, call lah saya untuk membantu...pasti bersemangat saya datang, lol! :)

cakapaje said...

Salam ydiana,

Interesting day? Hmm...more like tiring, but worth the energy. cats, they've got their own apartments! How lucky they are. Can I, like, rent one of the apartments for myself?

Snow, she went flying somewhere as a lovely snowflake often do...jangan marah ye snowflake :)

mOEha Aziz said...

salam ya akhi,

i'm so done with fishes... nizam la dok keja je... we used to have 5 really fat goldies...

since i'm always flat... hehehe... it was up to nizam.. poor boi... n one day i smelt sumthing fishy (literally)my 5 goldies r gone...:(

cakapaje said...

Wa'alaikumusalam Muha,

5 Gold fishes went missing, and fat ones at that? Wow! Nizam ni kucing ke orang? lol!

Ydiana said...

I said interesting coz for me, every happenings has a 'hikmah' and every cloud has a silver lining(?) or gold buckets whatever. And actually, its the way you write is interesting.

The cat's apartment, Minty has to give up his to a smaller one storey, but is free to check in and out any time. Oreo's is a three story walk up apartment. You can stay there for free provided Oreo doesn't mind or doesn't scratch your eyes out. :p

And beautiful snow...come back...!

Minci said... cute. the fishes have playhouses.. :)

tokasid said...

Salam Shah:

Flat tyres! Had several before and Alhamdulillah there's a tyre service near my office.So doesn't have to do the hard work.But I do remember about 5 years ago I was driving at 160/hr along PLUS, almost near the Ayer keroh toll, suddenly there was a loud bang! But I didn't feel any swaying( that time was using a good car) but you can feel the bumpy ride.I remember a friend told me : let go off the pedal and don't apply any brakes.I was on the fast lane,so a left signal and slowly I steered the machine to the left lane and onto the emergency lane.
The Right hind tyre was flat.I had such difficulty to changed it and it was almost dark(7pm). After about 45 minutes finally I manage to change into a spare.That was the first time I changed tyres on my own.
Now with a smaller car, I rarely get a flat.
But it is always a nail.And most often its by the road side when you park or stop for a cendol.

Now,cleaning the tank. That reminds me to clean the small pond at home with only 2 fishes left( the rest decide to commit suicide) agoldie and a (?)koi. And last night I saw a frog too!
Its been 3 months since I last clean it.But the 2 tanks in my office is well maintained and the small kolam at the waiting area is a bit murky after one of my filter pump kong-ed recently.

I think I'll let the pond at home gather more those green slimmy growth before I clean them( read a month from now...kalau rajin lah)If you need some exercise you can come to Melaka and help me clean.LOL!

Snowflake said...

Tumpang lalu, tumpang lalu
My two loyal bloggers

I won't go far. Even if I do, hey guys, I'm Malaysian. I still have to come back.
TQ for the sweet thought of me Ydiana. Meanwhile, you two, Bgooood.

cakapaje said...


Oh yes! As a Muslim, I too believe there is a hikmah in everything. But between the silver and the gold, my preference would certainly be gold ;)
And thank you for liking my story telling.

About the cats' apartment, can't I have Minty's?

cakapaje said...

Salam Minci,

Oh yes, definitely! After all, they're creatures of God too, and certainly deserve to be treated kindly.

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

the flat tyre is nothing boss. you want a nightmare, here's one; a flat wheelchair tyre without any spare just as long festive holiday about to start. it was as good as patah kaki for one week for me, bro.

cakapaje said...

Wa'alaikumusalam Doc,

Wah! What expensive car were you driving then? Bet it was an Audi A4 Quatro.

And lol, no thank you. I was already flat after cleaning my fish tank, what else having to drive to Melaka. Unless, off course, a trip to Serkam can be arranged. But still...:)

cakapaje said...

Wa'alaikumusalam snowflake,

Silakan...lalu. Takde bayaran tol kerana kerajaan Pakatan Rakyat dah hapuskan semua tol dan toyol...mengusik ye :)

Anyway, about being bgoood...yes, Ma'am! ;)

cakapaje said...

Salam kerpie,

Wow! Don't you keep a spare at home? But it must be bad, huh? Well, like ydiana mentioned, there's always a silver lining bro. You can take it from someone who carted the gold away :)

Good to have you back online, bro.