Tuesday, May 13, 2008

If I Only Could...

As usual, I was on my late round visiting the blogs of my friends, when I came across snowflake and ydiana having the same theme for their entry tonight; both had videos of songs on piano. Being a music fan myself, I could not help butting in. And since they put up their choice of song, I too would like to follow suit.

It was originally written for piano but was made famous on guitar as the theme song for "The Deer Hunter", and then re-released on piano, this has to be my all time favourite tune, along with "Bridge Over Trouble Waters", by Simon And Garfunkel.

Happy listening.


mOEha Aziz said...

salam shah,

simon & garfunkel.. my dad's favourite.

thanks. it brings back sweet memories... :)

cakapaje said...

Wa'alaikumusalam Muha,

Bro, anytime bro, anytime :)

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

ahh...soothing, especially on the dear hunting song. for a second i thought i was in a 5-star hotel lift there. ok obviously i was being a little too over-dramatic but serious, nice stuff.

arent you a...ehem...pianist yourself, brother?

Minci said...

'the deer hunter' was an oddly interesting movie. didnt like the ending but it has to happen I suppose..

as of cavatina.. nice track.

Kata Tak Nak said...

I don't know why but its very difficult for me to watch you tube. 9 times out of 10 I would get 'SORRY VIDEO IS NOT AVAILABLE' ON THE SCREEN. That was why the video in my latest post was taken from metacafe.

cakapaje said...

Salam kerpie,

Hehe bro, don't lah go shouting to the world about me and the piano, malu ler.

Anyway, glad you like at least one of the songs :)

cakapaje said...

Salam Minci,

The funny things is, I never did get to watch the movie myself. After having read numerous comments and critics, I sort of...have watched it already, lol!

You had Cavatina on your blog quite a while ago too. But then, you had the latest vocal version which the original was by Cleo Laine with John Williams on guitar. Still, glad you like the number :)

cakapaje said...

Salam Cikgu,

Hmm...maybe it has something to do with your cache and cookies? Perhaps, you should clear your PC history. I'm no IT expert, that's what I do regularly.

Snowflake said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Snowflake said...

First, thank you for advertising me and I am sure my blogger friend would respond the same.
Nice piece though but never heard of the song. Soothing..
Merci beaucoup!

cakapaje said...

Wa'alaikumusalam snowflake,

Je t'en prie, mademoiselle :)

And am glad you like the song too.

Snowflake said...

Et vous, vous parlez français aussi. Honnêtement, je pas . Les bloggers doivent se demander dans ce qui sont nous. Inscription en français ! !

Ydiana said...

Hi Shah

Nice songs.... "Sail on Silver Girl...Sail on by..". My uncle love this song!

I think I'll try the first one, sounds a bit easier. The second pianist is mighty advanced.

Mat Salo said...

Bro.. I share Chegu's sentiments. Masa internet kat kapal ni ok dulu pon susah nak ber U-tube. Maybe my IT admin from God-knows-where block kot?

Now internet langsung tak da. Resort to ciluk client's server senyap2. Dapat sejam sehari pon cukup laa. Beggars can't be choosers. So looks like I will have to temporarily hang my blogging boots up..

Ah, about PC. He was at the height of his powers in the early 80's. Sempat tengok PC in Indiana '81 and Genesis in Chicago '83. In '81 masa kat Indiana (driving 400 miles from Iowa to see the show),Post-Show, stood outside his bus in the freezing snow. Hunters lain dah give up, semua balik. Except me, of course. Depa kesian kot? He took me in. Dapat autograph semua on the bus, Chester Thompson, Daryl Stuermer all E,W & F horn section members who backed him up. Sayang nye benda program tu daa hilang masa pindah umah duldu. If I find it baru bisa blog Pak!

cakapaje said...

Wa'alaikumusalam snowflake,

Mes ami, mademoiselle. Je suis non bonne chez français. Tant quelques peuple disons, "suffisant mangent". Peut-etre par présent, vous savent je suis emploi un dictionnaire :) Je suis navré si je égarent tu, mon cher ami.

cakapaje said...

Salam ydiana,

Aah...you even know the lyric to 'Bridge Over Trouble Water', that's nice :)

While the first one does sound easier, it may be difficult due to - if I remember it well - the many sharp keys you would need to use. But that does not mean it can't be played :). Best of luck and am glad you like it.

cakapaje said...

Salam MS,

Lor...bro, you unable to come online is NOT a good news at all! Hmm...demand sikit kat boss kapal tu le!

Eh, you were from Iowa? Please don't tell me from Des Moine. Otherwise, our world is really small and shrinking smaller! :)

Take care bro. Come back this end of month for another bloggers round with Cikgu KTN around.

Snowflake said...

Il est correct. J'aussi. Obtenons de nouveau à l'anglais. Vous faites attention. Je ne pense pas que les bloggers savent ce que je dis à vous. Hahahah

tokasid said...

Salam Shah:

Wow! Nice songs. And when it comes to Simon and Garfunkel ,you just cannot ignore them.

I still collect Paul Simon's songs sampai la ni.

Unfortunately I am tangan bangku(tak leh main musical instruments) kalau tak asyik petik gitar and won't be a blogger la.

Ydiana said...

Salam Shah

Yes, its trickier than I thought. A lot of F#, G#, C# ad D#s. The chords are E, A,and D's etc. I need to implant the song in my mind so I get familiar with the unique tunes. InsyaAllah..

acciaccatura said...

salam shah,
you and mat salo pernah dok kat des moines ka????? what year masa tu??

cakapaje said...

Wa'alaikumusalam snowflake,

Je avez aucun idée quoi tu sont disant, pardon moi; seule setta attention, lol!

cakapaje said...

Wa'alaikumusalam Doc,

Lol! Tangan bangku better than kaki bangku :)

You ada ke the album baru where Simon reunite ngan Garfunkel tu? I hear its very good.

cakapaje said...

Wa'alaikumusalam ydiana,

Hehe, told you so. But, with practice, insyAllah you will be able to :)

cakapaje said...

Wa'alaikumusala Accia,

Tak, I tak pernah ke sana but have several friends from Des Moines. The furthest east US I sampai kat Mississippi. Er...you pun dari Des Moines ke?

Shirzad Lifeboat said...

heya shah

Laudate omnes gentes laudate
Magnificat en secula
Et anima mea laudate
Magnificat en secuala

Sail on silvergirl,
Sail on by.
Your time has come to shine.
All your dreams are on their way.


Kata Tak Nak said...

First, MS sound like a groupie waiting outside the bus. Did he tell everything that really happened. Jangan mare.

Next, Wah cakap francais, (betul ka tu) ya? Dasat la you shah and snowflake.

Last, I tak pernah ke Des Moines tapi pernah lalu kat Lahaq Yoi di Kepala Bataih.

Sorry ya menyampok sikit.

cakapaje said...

Salam shirzad,

Por fabor, monsiuer. Non-latin/Greek speaki :)

Aaah, so you too are into music especially Simon And Garfunkel. Should have told me earlier at the dinner :)

Honeytar said...

Hello cakapaje, sorry this Qn has got nothing to do with this piano entry tho I like listening to piano, I just wanna ask you how can I get in touch with ustaz Abu Bakar of masjid Bkt Aman ? Do you still keep his no ?


cakapaje said...


MS kita ada 'dark history' yang kita boleh blackmail dia? lol! Kalau jadi meet hujung bulan ni, kita mesti korek rahsia tu :) Unfortunately, I don't think he will be able to read your comment as he is now truly 'wireless'!

Takdaklah Cikgu. What I wrote to her is: saya tak faham sangat french, dan cukup cukup makan je. Lain, berpandukan dictionary, lol!

Hehe...and I pun tak pernah sampai ke Des Moines gak! :)

cakapaje said...

Salam honeytar,

I'm afraid I don't now. I had to stop going to the classes as my mum was unable to continue...not so long story. Anyway, I an try and get it for you, but think its best you contact my friend and student of Ustaz Abu Bakar, by the name of Halim (012-3668041).

Ydiana said...

Des Moines? Passed through it twice. Nice scenery apart from the corn fields and dead flies on your windscreen.

cakapaje said...


You must have passed it during summer for there to be flies all around :)

Ydiana said...

You can say summer, or maybe between spring and fall. Actually not flies, but smashed and splashed bugs (eeewwww..)on the windscreen when they were crossing (or rather, flying) the road. Poor creatures.

cakapaje said...


Lol! I gather they must be locust, bees and grasshoppers then. Hmm, certain communities in some part of the world would have loved to be there during that time as they relish having such bugs as part of their menu.