Monday, May 26, 2008

Long Not Heard

I was at Halim's stall earlier this evening and thought I heard someone whistling a tune I have long not heard. And the moment I got back, I searched you tube for the song, and found only this, where the quality if far from satisfactory; I find it kind of sad that Malaysian and Indonesian songs on video are produced mainly for karaoke sessions and nothing more. But since I love the tune and most certainly used to like the singer, thought I'd put it up. Guess most of my friends are well aware of the song and the singer.


tokasid said...

Salam Shah:

Wow ! Vina Panduwinata.
I was a big fan back in the early-mid 80s. And she was the original singer for Dia which was also sung by Sheila Majid.

Late last year I saw in one of the Astro channels(Prima kot) there was a tribute for her.

That period I was a fan of Harvey Malaiholo and Utha Likumahuwa and a jazz outfit Karimata( Erwin Gutawa was the bassist).

Thank you for the clip.

ps- Hmm...are you dedicating Di dada ku ada kamu to someone?
WINK!WINK!(don't gabra with my winking)

Kata Tak Nak said...

I think both the doc and you were more taken in by swaying than the song.
My knowledge of Indonesian singers is very limited to Broery, Bob Tutopoli, D'Lyod, Eddie Silitonga, Ebiet G Ade and going back further, Ernie Johan and Titiek Puspa.

Say whatever we want, they are good singers especially those coming from some obscure islands.

At one time we were nowhere compared to them as far as composition and music arrangement but now I think we lead as far as arrangement is concerned but as for composition, they are simply just born with it.

tokasid said...

Shah,minta laluan.

Che'gu: Yes Broery is I think their most successful singer that he is a hit both in Indonesia and malaysia.
Bob tutupoly have that too but Broery was bigger.He was still recording till he got the fatal stroke.

During primary school bapak used to buy Muchsin and Titiek Sandhora. I first heard of Broery(and Emelia Contessa) from the soundtrack that blasted everyday from our neighbour from morning till midnight, if I am not mistaken from OST of Akhir Sebuah Impian.With songs like Mimpi sedih haunting us till today.And there's Benjamin S and Favourite Group too.

In secondary school I got hooked with Eddy Silitonga the Batak singer with a sweet melodious voice who sang lagu Melayu,Melayu Deli,Pop Jawa,Batak and dangdut.How can one forget Bunga Tanjung or his rendition of P.REamlee's Azizah or Bunga Pujaan.

D'Lyod is a must in those days.sapa tak tahu lagu D'Lyod kira ulu lah kan?

Then in the early 80s, I got hooked to Ebiet G.Ade after listening to my brothers keset collections.

In the mid 90s it was Katon Bagaskara who also had a band KLA Project( yang ni Mat Salo pun suka).

Now?Its GIGI and PADI.

mOEha Aziz said...

salam ya akhi..

thanks thanks thsnks...

love vina... just like docTA said, she was the original singer for Dia...

yup yup yup, D'lyod, emilia contessa, titiek puspa, hetty koes endang, bob tutupoli, broery, dewi yull, silatonga, endang s taurina.. etc .... miz those tunes...

psst doc, have u heard the english version of mimpi sedih?... :)

Kata Tak Nak said...

Minta laluan, jangan marah ya pak.
I stopped at Broery. Maybe kalau lani I would go for Dewa because they are a class act and a matured lot tapi sombong sikit la.
Yes, it was Akhirnya Sebuah Impian. Broery's numbers ni sesuai untuk dengaq malam2 dan very sesuai untuk karaoke sebab tak tinggi sangat.

Ydiana said...

Catchy tune, a bit naughty though. Siti Nurhaliza would love this song. ;)

tokasid said...

Minta laluan ye tuan rumah:

Che'gu: memang betul Ahmad Dhani Dewa tu genius. Aku dengar sejak 10 tahun lagu2 dia banyak yang best-best samada yang Dewa perform atau penyanyi lain perform.
Tapi memang Ahmad Dhani ni berlagak nak mampoih.

cakapaje said...

Salam Doc,

Wow! I did not expect this to spark a conversation, especially between you and Cikgu. But, its nice to know it did!

Vina, to me, was an accident. I was not into local music nor Indonesian with the exception of a few. I knew the bands, singers and songs from my friends, but that's about all. Then one day, a friend brought back 2 of Vina's cassettes from Jakarta and I was hooked.

cakapaje said...

Salam Cikgu,

Oooh Cikgu. She is still pretty alright. But she was certainly much better looking before.

As for Dewa, I thought I saw them in one of Jin Shamsuddin's movies. Hehe...but, that's a different kind of dewa I guess ;)

cakapaje said...

Wa'alaikumusalam Muha,

Mimpi Sedih in English? Now, that's new to me; what's the English name then?

And bro, I'm impressed that you even know of Titek Pushpa! She, and Evon Nalakrishna, was like Divas back then in the 1960s and early '70s. Wow! You are really amazing! SubhanAllah! I mean it!

cakapaje said...

Salam ydiana,

Naughty? lol! I think I know what you're getting at, but honestly, I don't that was intended by the composer. One thing about Indonesian language is that while they can be specific in meaning, they may not necessarily carry the same connotation as in Bahasa Melayu. Hehe...but now that you mentioned it... ;)

Simple Boy said...

A Jewish tycoon and a fraudster was asked why he is working with Mahathir who supposedly hates Jews, ha ha ha, the gambling tycoon was simple: "They (Mahathir/Malaysian govt) pay their bills on time."

cakapaje said...

Hi Simple Boy,

Well, when you read the news and realise that the money used to pay is actually the people's money, it somehow does not seem funny. But thanks for the news. Do drop in often.

Snowflake said...

Em...., now.... who is 'She?'

cakapaje said...

Wa'alaikumusalam snowflake,

"she"? Er...she who?

cakapaje said...


Oh! You mean the singer, that's Vina Panduwinata. I thought you knew.

Anonymous said...

salam shah,
Vina's 'surat cinta' used to be my favourite masa tu. Dan juga Grace Simon.

tumpang lalu shah:
doc, mas tu kan doc, kita sini tak dak jazz singers nyanyi in malay kan doc. harap sheila majid, dia tu macam baru belajaq masa tu.

chegu, baru ni terdengaq balik ernie johan dalam radio, alamak memang pure betoi lah chegu.

Snowflake said...

The lyrics. You didn't catch what I meant? Then it's a Okay.

cakapaje said...

Wa'alaikumusalam Accia,

Oooh...Grace Simon! Lama benar tak dengar nama tu! Kalau time kecil dulu, boleh jatuh cinta tengok dia nyanyi kat TV.

Ernie Johan, bukan ke dia yang nyanyi Seribu Janji?

cakapaje said...

Wa'alaikumusalam snowflake,

The lyrics! OK. Mmmm...entah. Just my syok syok je kut. But if you listen to it closely, lyrics such as this can be a - rather controversial - form of zikir. For so long as you do, say or think something, and within that same moment you think about Allah s.w.t., it is a form of zikir. But, not while doing something bad lah! Hmm...if I am wrong here, please correct me.

tokasid said...

Tumpang lalu tuan tanak kedawung:

E: Yes masa tu Malaysia tak dapt penyanyi yang ke arah jazz/R&B.
Lepas Sheila muncul sekejap Fairuz Hussain.
Amil Mustapha ada keluar satu album produced by Adnan Abu Hassan(masa tu dia baru balik dari Berklee) the songs were good tapi Azmil was not a good singer.

Mukhriz Noor came out with an album but flopped.malaysians were not ready yet.Mazlan Hamzah also had 2 albums the 2nd one was good,covering many Indonesian songs by Utha and written by Imran Majid aka Odie Agam.

But at the club level kita ada banyak good jazz singers( Zain Azman not included) and bands.

cakapaje said...


Zain Azman...I still remember his 'The Zain Azman Show' where he and Pakcik Jamal Pendek were paired together.

Ydiana said...

He he.. I said naughty, but not in any 'deep' sense. Like snow said, the lyrics, and to me is quite provocative, the tune and even her singing style...kumis mu, kuping mu...heheh. Macam ada Dato' K plak kat situ ya.. But then again, maybe he was there, should be in the twenties or thirthy something, then?

cakapaje said...


Oops! Hehe...malu den ;)

Minci said...

ah yes. I know this song. thats vine and then the duo RATU did a cover. but I loved Gea's version on Indonesian Idol.

cakapaje said...

Salam Minci,

Ah yes, I remember you mentioning you like Vina too, didn't you? But RATU? I'm lost there; I only know one ;)

Anonymous said...
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