Friday, May 09, 2008


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At times, and I admit there are many of those at that, I really wish I am a good political writer, able to write about the problems plaguing people not in Malaysia, but the world over. But I am not and I accept that rather grudgingly as there are many issues which needs to be highlighted Even with the availability of the Internet, far too many people are still blinded by the pains that trouble their brothers and sisters.

As Muslims, we are taught that a simple act of kindness in lightening the burden of another human or creature are acts which are looked upon favourably by Allah s.w.t. These simple acts which would include the removal of a nail or potentially harmful objects from a street, or helping the elderly or the unfortunate crossing, were taught to us when we were small. And there is another, a hadith, if I am not mistaken, which says though not verbatim "Amongst the act of kindness would be the building of a road for the convenience of the people". There are many more quotes from the Hadith and the Noble Alquran, which taught and encourage human to be kind to one another as well as all the creatures of this world. Though never a religious student nor person, I was fascinated by those many reads. Unfortunately as I age, I became lost in the temporary splendour of this world. Now, events of these past few days leave me wishing that I had been true to my path.

A glance at the events still unfolding in Bandar Mahkota Cheras caused me to remember of similar events in Kajang and Jalan Klang Lama area, where the resident of the area are being robbed daily by highway bandits legalised by the present Federal Government.

In BMC as was in Kajang (though on a smaller scale for the latter), residents are up in arms over having to continuously pay the toll even for a short trip to a neighbouring residential area. In BMC, a road built years ago to connect 2 residential areas, were barricaded by the authorities on the grounds that the toll operators would lose out on their collection. For the past few days, the residents - backed by the new Selangor State Government - has been seesawing with the toll operators - backed by the Federal Government - in allowing free passage between the 2 residential areas. While the Pakatan Rakyat State Government are thinking about the people, the Sarkas led Feds are thinking about the profit or loss to the toll operator! Perhaps, the Hadhari Feds - like me, previously - have forgotten about the Hadiths and the teachings of Islam, that one of their main roles is to provide and protect the people.

Looking at the situation above, would it be too naive for me to ask "What happened to the voices of the people?". We may not be living there in BMC, but our fellow countrymen does! Let us all join the people there in upholding their rights! If we can't be there physically, then let us assist them by adding more voice and condemnation the injustice, trivial as some may think of it. But all things began small, including the little speck of blackness in our heart. And this too, include the looming food crisis here in Malaysia.

Last night towards the tail-end of KP meeting, someone mooted an idea for KP to be proactive regarding the rising cost and shortage of rice. The idea mooted was for each member to keep tabs on the price and availability of rice within each member's area of residence. Collectively then, we would be able to anticipate for the future. Though this is not withing the scope of KP, it may well be should the people of Malaysia suddenly find rice in acute shortage or with prohibitive cost! Thus, I would like to propose the same to my fellow bloggers and friends to do the same. And one does not even have to go out of one's way to do it.

Each time we step into a sundry shop or hypermarket, just glance at the price of rice and the stock available. Make a mental note of it and later put it as a note when you blog. And if you pass it to me, insyAllah, it will be tabulated by KP - my email address is at my profile page. Let's try to make this a real people's effort to assist, not the nation per se, but people within. What say you, my friends?


tokasid said...

Salam Shah:

1-You don't need to be a political writer to write about politics or whatever thats happening here or all over the world.Just write about whats happening around us and what thats bothering you or what abuses the people are subjected to.We write to highlight certain issues or to comment certian issues through our perspective.

2-There are actually lots and lots of opportunities for us to do good everyday.And the Al-Quran and hadith encouraged us to do so. Certain trivial matters that ppl might ignore can actually land us into ALLAH's Grace. Things that doesn't get publicised in TV or MSM.

3-What is happening in BCM just showed that who the Sarkas ppl favour most: the toll operators.
The residents should be given a choice.If you use the highway you pay.If you use the old link road its FOC.But no. They are forced to use the operators' highway.
This is plain dzalim.

4- Will try to recce for the fluctuating rice price and inform you.

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

i concur with doc. politics play a big role in determining the welfare of the people. anyone, not necessary political writers, has the responsibility to highlight rakyat's grouses.

in this case, the question is not about what happened to people's voices but shold instead be 'what happened to the supposedly gomen that cares for the people?'. bloody leaches they are, sucking in every drop they possibly could.

see? even for someone inexperience like me can write something as political as that. its about being a concern citizen.

spinning stories, now thats what professional political writers are good at.

Kata Tak Nak said...

I am not a political writer. I write about politics the way I see it the way I want to write it. Just write with your heart, it beats all those stupid studious way of writing. I simply hate convention.

mOEha Aziz said...

salam shah,

as long as u are writing, u have already supporting the first ayat of the Holy Quran. doesn't matter whether u r a political, fictions, obituaries or any genre of writings.

u r absolutely rite, we have to stand together for our own survival... :)

cakapaje said...

alaikumusalam Doc,

Hmm...thanks Doc.

ps. You sure you're not going to change your picture? :)

cakapaje said...

Salam kerpie,

Well, at least, the spin it with facts, whether doctored or not, hehe. Thanks bro :)

cakapaje said...

Sala Cikgu,

You know, I do envy you lots of times; your creative juice just keep oozing. Me, I think I have clot somewhere. Thanks Cikgu :)

cakapaje said...

Wa'alaikumusalam Muha,

Yes, we do have to stand together. But not in a Sarkas tent :)

Thanks bro.

Snowflake said...


As you can see from my blog, I am a zero whatsoever political writer.

It was just yesterday, me and few friends realized that those from unaffordable income groups are actually suffering from unrealisitics wage hikes especially rice. The government is truly truly hopeless.

Anyway, I'll take note of what are the prices like whenever I frequent the sundry or hypermark.

cakapaje said...

Wa'alaikumusalam snowflake,

But your blog's a sight much better than mine is now, or will ever be :)

Anyway, let us all do our part for our people.

Thank you :)

shirzad lifeboat said...

salam brother shahrir

i think, no matter what kind of a writer we think we are, the truth is we are still a political writer, one way or another. "The Grapes of Wrath" (j steibeck) should be viewed as a purely literary, but is it? the same can be said about "Farewell To Arms (e hemingway). not many of us can be b woodward or a solzhenitsyn. But as long as we write with some political awareness (no matter what the subject might be), we are indeed the same as any of them.
So dont worry bro, just keep on writing. I think what uve been doing is simply wonderful.

cakapaje said...

Wa'alaikumusalam Shirzad,

Hmm...hope you don't mind me calling you that for you may want to keep your real name away from prying eyes.

Anyway, you are right, we are all political writers in one sense or another. "Grapes of Wrath", eh? Will certainly look into that as I am not a Hemmingway fan at all.

Thanks bro.