Saturday, May 10, 2008

Komuniti Muda

It was only last night I commented on Muha's blog about about how when one have the intention to do good, Allah s.w.t. would open avenues to make it convenient for the person to do so. SubhanAllah, earlier this morning, such an avenue was shown.

Sometime last week, Encik Mohamed, one of my neighbours, invited me for supper at Halim's Ayam Golek. Having not gone out with him for sometime, I gladly accepted and soon we were enjoying the Ayam Golek, and were deep into a conversation regarding a social ailment which seem to be going out of hand. As the President of the PIBG at a nearby school, and quite active in the activities of a surau, Encik Mohamed touched on the problem of truancy amongst the schoolchildren within Kota Damansara.

It seems, one of the methods to be adopted by the PIBG is to place signboards in strategic areas declaring those designated spots as 'Zon Bebas Ponteng'. Not a bad idea, I said, but countered that such signboards are static and would not do much to deter anyone since it cannot be enforced by either the police nor the public. We then mulled different approaches when Abang Halim proposed that the schools invite various sections of the public to give a short talk about their life during and after school, which led to where they are now - both, successful and the not so successful people - the latter who in their younger days should be truant students themselves. It, Halim said, would allow the students to judge for themselves which of the2 roads would be the wiser: studying for the future, or play truant now and live the consequence later. Encik Mohamed like the idea and would propose it to his PIBG. I was not thoroughly satisfied, as I think there are more to it than just meet the eye but decided to let it go.

Late last night, I received a phone call from Doctor Lo'Lo' Political Secretary, inviting webtv8 to attend an event which would be officiated by the Doctor herself. And what a coincidence it was, as the event was organised by a new Non-Government Organisation called Komuniti Muda.

Komuniti Muda is peopled by young individuals with the intention of assisting trouble students in their studies and approach to life. Formed early March 2008, Komuniti Muda now has about 40 active members, each with a special knowledge, talent, or insight of their own. More importantly, they each have a want to contribute to the society. Currently, they are already assisting several student and are also conducting special classes for 30 students in Kuala Lumpur.

Soon as the event was over, I approached one of the Committee Member and gave him Encik Mohamed's number to contact. InsyAllah, Komuniti Muda will be calling him and that they would be able to work together for the betterment of those trouble students, especially within Kota Damansara.

Any parents interested to know about Komuniti Muda, may call its Advisor, Herman Shamsudeen at 019 216 8577.


Kata Tak Nak said...

To tackle problematic students and truancy, from my experience, if there is no active participation by parents then just say goodbye to your plans.
What have we not done? We have given talks, motivations, called in the police call the prison department call the drug people, call freedom kampung personalities, business personalities and what do you get? You only get these people participating. To tell you the truth, parents attitude towards all these efforts is simply sad and sickening.

cakapaje said...

Salam Cikgu,

True. The parents themselves MUST show interest in their children's problems. But what Komuniti Muda seem to be doing is to step in as, shall we say, alternative for these children? We know its more difficult to reach out to the parents.

Minci said...

Komuniti Muda.. do they have a website or blog?

mOEha Aziz said...


i was a teacher(GSTT) for 3 years before. as for me, parents, teachers and students are all interconnected.

what had been done such seminars, etc were good. still, what about the teachers? they must b the magnet. they must b able to draw or to lure this kids to b in their class. dakwah bil hikmah.

still, whta do i know... hehehe :)

cakapaje said...

Salam Minci,

Being rather new, I don't think they have any up yet. However, I will ask and relay the info to you if they do.

cakapaje said...

Wa'alaikumusalam Muha,

That which you mentioned, are what Komuniti Muda is aiming to do, insyAllah.

Being still a bachelor, what do I know about kids, eh? lol! :) We live, and learn, with each passing day.