Monday, February 11, 2008

And Now, It's Not Quite Right...

I received this news from a trusted acquaintance about a woman with 7 chronic diseases seeking financial assistance from the public. The news came via email and normally when receiving such news, I would verify it with the person in the news to ascertain facts and make sure it is a bona fide case before mass circulating it. But as it was, this was one of the rare occasions I did not.

The sender - a Mohd Monier - is one of the rare few I have come to recognise for sending genuine news, and have been doing so for more than a few years. As a member of a welfare ngo, Warga Kilang - as memberships are limited for people in the manufacturing industry - I saw no reason to doubt the above said news at all. However, people being susceptible to mistakes, it seems I too made a small blunder. Well, not exactly true, but close enough.

After circulating the news earlier in the afternoon, I received a feedback from a reader who pointed out on the supposed newspaper publication date: 14 February 2008! Today - the day I relayed the news - is only the 11th! Woe me! I felt like someone had just 'dush, dush, toing, piang, piang and kebaboom' me! [sakit tau! :) ]

Anyway, all was not lost. I called the husband of Puan Norsiah and he told me that the pulication date was actually 14th February 2006 - 2 years ago! But that does not mean everything is well and rosy for them now as the wife still suffer from her ailments, and the family could use with some financial assistance.

Should any of my friends here would like to assist or even know more, kindly visit the news here. May Allah s.w.t. bless you, thank you.

And by the way, do watch this latest video clip from webtv8 via You Tube.


Kata Tak Nak said...

When I watched that video last night, I don't know who to get angry to? Those police officers are only doing their jobs, that I know. The way one of the a*******s looked at the crowd, as if he was looking at an enemy.

Kata Tak Nak said...

Lagi satu la nak tegoq. Mana PR pak polisi ni? Nampak sangat macam dia masuk dengan geram. Dia tak nampak ka dalam dewan ada orang berbagai bangsa? Kenapa dia hanya bagi salam saja. Adakah yang lain tak wujud? Kenapa tak hormat kepada yang bukan Islam. Tak buleh ka ucap Selamat Sejahtera sama. It may look trivial but it reflects the mentality of these people. Either they are hostile or they are not adequately trained. Those who are inadequately trained are prone to commit serious errors of judgement. Those who are hostile would purposely commit serious errors in judgement.

cakapaje said...

Salam Cikgu,

I understand your feelings for I too do get riled up when ever those police officers are present at any gathering. And I've been made to understand that for many of them them, they are subjected to almost daily indoctrination by the unfair party. Perhaps, before going to perform the asking of their bosses, they were given a pep talk? Hmm...don't know. Funnily, the Indian officer on the scene had a more friendlier look.

Tang 2nd comment tu, that's difficult for me to say. But perhaps the honest truth is, as you yourself mentioned: they are not adequately trained. Rather sad, isn't it? Especially when one is supposed to seek their assistance in times of emergency and what not. Perhaps, pathetic is a better word.

tokasid said...

Salam Shah:

I wonder how could Pemuda UMNO or Pemuda BN had missed Puan Norsiah's problem.

She doesn't need an adhoc action.She needs long term help.
maybe if you can arrange for a reporter to visit Puan Norsiah and write another report on her. I am sure the next day they will come in drove to give aid and promising help,again,

As the video clip:
My many years of limited experience with police force during ceramah, the constables are the relaxed lot. They will just stand by their kereta peronda or motorcycle and sometimes breaking into conversation with you.

The SB will be there too with a sling bag over their chest and a tuck-in T-shirt into their slacks or jeans.

These cops will always use: Saya cuma menjalankan tugas.

But sometimes, when the crowd is well behaved suddenly an officer will come and stop the speaker in the middle of his ceramah and the officer will say: Perhimpunan ini tiada permit.Sila bersurai. Jika tidak tindakan akan di ambil.

Now, his action will definitely roused anger. This is what I call purposeful provocation.

Once the crowd reacted loudly, the FRU on standby will rush in to condone the area. If you are lucky enough you might get a taste of their water cannons or their belantan on to your skull.

Well, you can menjalankan tugas,but bertugas macam kumpulan gangster yang hilang akal is not in the curriculum of the Police Academy. Well, maybe it is now.fcaxwo

cakapaje said...

Wa'alaikumusalam Doc,

Hehe...especially near election time, the armno pemuda will promise the moon to her! Then soon as the election is over, they make don't know only.

As for the videoclip, memang biasanya pun the audience are well behaved, takdak untung pun nak buat kacau. Kalau nak mengamuk ke apa, lebih baik ngamuk kat opis tuduh kita buang air besar kat tempat kita makan, mana ada logic. Tapi yang sedih tu, ramai lak percaya...alahai.